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Step-by-step Digital Marketing Plan


Step-by-step Digital Marketing Plan

Venturing into the digital world seems easy, but doing so without a digital marketing plan can be reckless. And trusting a digital marketing professional will help you with the task.Every step we take in the digital world leaves a trace of our brand and company.

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We will try to explain in the article what it is and how to do it to get it started. In advance, we invite you to listen to the podcast episode . In it, I explain how to make a digital China Business Phone List plan step by step in case you prefer to listen, before reading on.

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Table of Contents
What is the digital marketing plan?
The digital marketing plan is the document that guides our steps in a digital marketing strategy .

It is part of the general marketing plan of the business or company. The digital and non-digital world must be coordinated and valued in our plan.

Developing a plan and carrying it out helps us to assess the stages of the process.

The marketing plan helps us to have a vision of the goals and objectives that we want to achieve.

With this, we can set the actions to be carried out. We can also estimate the time it will take to advance in each of them. And budget for the human and financial resources that we will need.


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It must be a document that is easy to consult, therefore, with a maximum of 2 pages and flexible to adapt it to possible changes. It has to be very specific to highlight what is really important.

How to make a digital marketing plan step by step
Making a digital marketing plan requires a series of steps. It is important to carry them out in an orderly manner to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

At the beginning, we usually prepare a briefing with the client.

A brief or briefing is a communication document with the essential information to start studying a Betting Email List . It contains the initial needs and objectives that we want to achieve with the plan.

We are going to see the steps that we have to carry out in our plan.

# 1 Analysis
The first step is to analyze the current digital situation of our company or business. To do this, we have to do an analysis of the internal and external factors that affect us and a SWOT analysis.

Let’s see how they are done:

Internal analisis
In the internal analysis, we have to know the digital situation of the company or business today. We have to analyze at least these 7 points:

Web : What CMS do we work on? Is it WordPress? Is it Joomla? Does it meet our needs? Is it designed for mobile?
SEO : Have we done a keyword study? Are the urls friendly? Is the architecture correct? In what position does google place us?
Blog : Do we have a publication calendar? How often do we publish? Do we have updated the content? Suitable content type?
Web analytics : How many visits do we have? Bounce rate? What page do they arrive at? Where do they come from? Are there conversions?
Social Networks : Which are we in? Are they the ones we need? Frequency of publication? Is there interaction with our content? Customer service?
Advertising Ads : Have we carried out any campaigns? Have we been successful with them? Were the results as expected? Google adwords? Facebook Ads?
Email marketing : Do we have it contemplated? Do we know how to program it? Do we have an acceptable email open rate?
There may be some more depending on our company or business and our ideal client, which of course, we add to the analysis.

External analysis
In the external analysis, we have to analyze the competition and the environment that surrounds us. Identifying our competitors is essential to know with whom we have to measure ourselves.

A common problem in this phase is trying to measure ourselves against the wrong or out-of-reach competitors.

Another point of external analysis is that of the market or sector in which we are or want to be. What phase of the cycle are we in? Do we have to compete by product, price or service?

Actually, we have to consider all the external factors that affect our business or company.

Our target audience is also important to define. Segmentation will help us in our subsequent digital marketing actions.

Do we know and know our buyer persona? It is about defining our best client with everything that surrounds him. It is as if we were in a crime TV series studying profiles.

The better we have it defined and detailed, the easier it will be to contact your tastes and needs.

Based on the latest marketing trends combined with artificial intelligence, we can anticipate the consumer’s decision.

Some factors to consider to define the ideal client or buyer person :

Search : how do I search for my business? what keywords do you use
Content : what format do you like the most
Behavior : what you usually do with our brand and what you want
Buy : which product or service you buy the most
Demographic : age, sex, relationships and work
Need : what does your brand need?
SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is one of the best tools to analyze the time of each company or business.

It is a very visual way of analyzing our weaknesses and threats on a negative level and our strengths and opportunities on a positive level.

The analysis consists of:

D) Weaknesses:

What is it that we do not do well and even worse than others?
Reasons for existing problems?
Insufficient or misallocated resources?
A) Threats:

What do competitors do better than us?
Barriers to our business: legal, financial or regulatory?
Technical news or fashions that affect our products?
F) Strengths :

What do we do best and what sets us apart from others?
Do we have a product or service to compete?
Are our employees engaged?
O) Opportunities :

Growing market?
Does our product adapt or can it be adapted to the needs?
What advantages can our company take over the others?
It is important to take the time to fill in the SWOT matrix with our data. The more objectives we are, the better analysis we have and the better objectives, strategies and actions we can carry out.

# 2 Objectives
To make a trip, we have to know how far we must go.

In the digital marketing plan we have to set medium-term objectives. The ideal is to work a minimum of 6 months.

It is important to have them well defined to guide all tactical strategies and digital marketing actions.

The objectives must be SMART : specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and within a period of time.

They can be quantitative, for example:

Increase followers on my social networks
Increase sales by a percentage through the digital channel
Upload subscriptions on our website
Or qualitative:

Improve awareness of our brand in our city
Speed ​​in customer service through social networks
Create a new specific product for the online channel
What allows us this correct definition of objectives is:

Branding or brand : make our brand known
SEO positioning : increase our website traffic
Sales : increase income from the sale of products or services
Leads or followers : database of interested parties in our product
Loyalty : retain and serve customers who have decided to consume our product or service
In short, we should set between 3 and 5 objectives per review of the digital marketing plan:

Increase customer interaction on social networks by 30% in 12 months
Increase sales by 10% through the digital channel in 6 months
Improve customer response time to 30 minutes on average in 6 months
Reaching the objectives we will have fulfilled the proposed marketing plan.

# 3 Strategies and tactics
The strategies and tactics will depend on the defined objectives and the resources allocated, both human and financial.

It is about determining what we are going to do to achieve the objectives. They must be flexible because they must always be oriented to the defined objectives.

For example:

Objective : Double Instagram followers in 6 months


Generate agreements with influencers
Create advertising campaign
Enhance posts in stories
Take care of the content strategy

Send product test to influencers
Define campaign in instagram ads
Generate 10 story posts a week
# 4 Actions
The actions materialize the digital marketing plan in practice. They help us define how we are going to implement the chosen strategies and tactics. We will always have the limitation of available resources so we must meet the budget.

In the planning of actions we have to answer all the related questions that occur to us:

What to communicate?
In what schedule?
How often?
How do we communicate it?
By what means or means is it better to communicate it?
And therefore, in the actions part of the plan, we must have a response to:

To who
Medium or channel
Everything must be included in the digital marketing plan document.

# 5 Measure and correct
It is perhaps the most tedious part of the plan. But it is vital to do it to check the success rate of the online marketing plan carried out.

To measure we have to define what and for that we achieve it by defining the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) suitable for our business or company. The KPIs are defined by the objectives that we have set ourselves.

For example, if we return to the objective of increasing interactions in social networks that KPIs would make sense to measure:

Retweets or Shares / Followers
Customer Responses / Comments
Clicks links / Followers
Incidents satisfied / Number of incidents
KPIs are metrics that allow us to assess the success rate of any strategy or action we are taking. The periodicity of the measurement helps to correct deviations and adjust strategies and tactics to achieve our objectives.

Benefits of making a digital marketing plan
You have, from the beginning, a travel sheet to travel the road
By doing so, it gives you a global vision of your current position, the market that surrounds you and your competition.
It helps you clarify who you are addressing and why.
Helps you quickly select the actions and strategies that work and those that don’t
We have data from the initial moment. Their study helps us quickly to detect deviations and allows us to correct on the fly.
Its flexibility allows us to do it on the global business or on a specific product or service.
Meeting the needs of our potential clients is one of the main objectives of any company or business. The better we know the ideal customer, the easier it is to design the product they may need. For this reason, today, digital marketing allows us to quickly test a product or service. And depending on the responses of potential customers, we can redesign and adapt the final product to needs.

From our point of view, making a digital marketing plan is necessary. Whether you want to carry out a digital marketing strategy or if you are a professional or a local business or a small or medium-sized company.

The plan provides you with a travel route. Include a complete analysis of your global business or specific product.

Add clear goals.

Define the strategies and tactics you want to propose to achieve them. Define the actions to be carried out.

It allows you to measure from the first moment and correct deviations quickly.

And add a contingency plan in case something doesn’t go right.

In short, a document that we must have in our hand before launching our next product or service. A document that helps you focus the objective. And, above all, not to mix conclusions between the real world and the digital one.

What do you think? Do you think it is necessary? Do you think we should include some more factor?

We would like to know your opinion.

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