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SoLoMo: Three key elements


SoLoMo: Three key elements

What is the SoLoMo concept?
As the years have passed since the incorporation of the Internet into our lives, in general we can say that we have become consumers who ask for proximity, Namibia Phone Number List  attention and collaboration. In addition, thanks to the mobile, we also demand immediacy. From all these characteristics the SoLoMo concept was born.


Its acronyms, as you can see in the photo, refer to Social, Local and Mobile , and large brands are creating SoLoMo applications , so that they offer users the possibility of interacting with people, in a specific geographical area and from the device they always carry in their pocket.


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As shown by some data from Google, 89% of Smartphone users have searched for local information ; 32% have started the search with their mobile phone and ended up visiting the establishment to make the purchase. Next, we leave an infographic with more data:


In general, then, all these data show that a business can be boosted if it adapts to the needs and lifestyles of consumers , regardless of whether the Betting Email List is large or small (and local). What users are looking for is to find a restaurant near where they are from their mobile phone, to contrast opinions with other customers, to share their experience, etc.

One of the brands that makes good use of SoLoMo is Groupon . With its mobile application, it sends offers to users based on their location, but these offers are only activated when there are a minimum of people signed up.

Other examples could be Zara, since with its application users have the possibility of finding in which store closest to them is the product they are looking for. Nike Plus, the brand’s running app, also combines social, local and mobile components.

It seems clear, then, that brands must pay special attention to these three key elements (SoLoMo), although, as you already know, technology does not stop evolving and, perhaps, shortly, this mix will be joined by the werable technologies. Who knows! We, just in case, will stay on our toes and be here to experience it and tell you about it.

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