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Social Selling Index: what it is and why it matters to your brand


Social Selling Index: what it is and why it matters to your brand

Have you heard of the Social Selling Index but are not clear about the concept? A good understanding of the term will help us improve the presence of our company or brand on LinkedIn to achieve our goals.If you want to know what the Social Selling Index is, what factors are taken into account to calculate it and how you can improve it, in this post I explain all the actions you have to take. It is easier than you list of free phone numbers uk !list_altIndex of contents
What is the Social Selling Index on Linkedin?
Why is the Social Selling Index so important?
What factors are taken into account to calculate the Social Selling Index?Conclution
What is the Social Selling Index on Linkedin?
The Social Selling Index is a LinkedIn functionality to measure our competition in this social network, also known as “Social Selling”.LinkedIn values ​​from 0 to 100 all professional profiles, and, with this value, it tells us how well or badly we are doing. This numerical figure that LinkedIn offers us will be our Social Selling index or SSI.To measure our effectiveness in this social network, LinkedIn establishes four factors (which we will analyze later), and each of them is valued from 0 to 25.


Here is an example of the Social Selling Index of a LinkedIn profile so that the concept is understood visually and clearly. This is the graphic image that the platform returns to us so that we can evaluate our presence and results in this social network.social selling index Betting Email List addition to our score, the platform also offers us the possibility of comparing ourselves with other professionals. It tells us if we are doing better or worse than the professionals who are on LinkedIn and who are from our area or professional sector.It is considered that we are doing good management on LinkedIn, and therefore our Social Selling Index is high, when we manage to be the chosen option in front of our potential client.The objective of a good Social Selling Index must be aimed at achieving the objectives that we have set for ourselves in our strategy. For this reason, having a social media marketing plan will help us in choosing these objectives. Remember it!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Why is the Social Selling Index so important?
The Social Selling Index is important because it helps us measure our effectiveness on the LinkedIn social network.In the value it offers us, it specifies what we are doing well, but we can also know what we have to improve.Knowing our weak points will help us to know what aspects we have to strengthen to achieve our objectives.Having a good Social Selling Index value on LinkedIn will help us to:Improve our digital reputation and that of our company, be recognized people in our professional area.
Improve our personal brand .
Earn respect in our market .
Become a benchmark in your area, an expert in your sector
Gain visibility in front of potential clients or companies to make collaborations.
Gain confidence .
Generate business and influence sales processes.
Achieve market objectives .
It should be clarified that the criteria for evaluating the Social Selling Index refer to personal profiles and not to LinkedIn company pages .Now that you know the importance of the Soial Selling Index, you will ask yourself: and how do I calculate my Social Selling Index or SSI?Calculating it is very simple:
To explain it visually, in this video tutorial I explain how to get your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn and how you can improve it.What factors are taken into account to calculate the Social Selling Index?
To calculate our Social Selling Index Linkedin attends to 4 clear variables:Establish your personal brand.
Find the right people.
Interact by offering information.
Build relationships.
In each of the points you can obtain a score from 0 to 25. The sum of each variable will give us the numerical figure that indicates our Social Selling Index value.

Before going into detail to analyze each factor, here is a guide that will help you understand these variables in a graphic way:Guide: How to get your Social Selling Index on Linkedin from Nagore García Sanz
But let’s now analyze each variable: what factors are valued at each point and how we can improve each of them. Let us begin!
1. Establish your personal brand
The basis will be to have a complete profile. When we talk about having a complete profile, we mean the following:Professional photography
A LinkedIn profile without a photo creates mistrust, as does having an inappropriate photo.Avoid poor quality photos, selfies, travel photos or photos with our family. That is, we have to bet on photographs in which we show professionalism and closeness.Do not neglect this point. A good photograph in which you convey professionalism will be very important . The first 7 seconds are essential, therefore, do not forget that photography is also part of our business card.With an inappropriate LinkedIn photograph we can go unnoticed or, what is worse, it can close doors.Therefore, my recommendation, if you are on LinkedIn as a business opportunity, is that you bet on professional photographers who achieve that image in which you convey confidence.Background or header
In addition to our profile picture, LinkedIn offers us the ability to include a background or header. It is advisable to take advantage of this image to offer relevant and complementary information to our owner .This space is an opportunity that you do not have to miss with a photo that does not add anything to your profile. Tell what your value proposition is, add a call to action if you are interested, or choose an image that represents your main professional activity.There are different formulas, depending on our objective. The key will be to take advantage of this image so that in the first 7 seconds our potential client knows what our value proposition is, it is attractive to them and we get them to be interested in our profile.social selling index linkedinHeadline
Pass on what you really bring to your potential client. This is an important analysis. We have to explain in this headline what our value proposition is.The key will be to expose what we offer, to whom and through what. A good headline will be, along with the photograph, the business card with which we can get elected or go unnoticed.Thus, it must be clear to whom we are addressing, who is our potential client. It is not about saying what our degree or position is, but what we contribute and to whom.social selling index linkedin headline

LinkedIn gives us 2,000 characters so that we can tell the world more widely what benefit we bring, who we help, etc. We can take advantage of this extract to also explain the projects we have in hand and the type of client we work with and who has trusted us.If we have free products / services so that they know our work, the extract can be a good opportunity to offer them and make ourselves known, and we can always end with a call to action (Visit X, Call me, Contact …).If our objective is for them to call us or contact us, we have to facilitate the ways for our potential client to carry out this action . The more facilities we put in, the more possibilities we will have of them visiting our sales page, calling us or sending us a message to be able to get in touch.The extract also offers us the possibility of inserting elements that make this presentation more attractive (emoticons, photographs, documents or videos). Videos are very interesting elements because they help us to offer a closer presentation of our work and allow us to become better known.xperience
You must show your professional experience clearly, but it is not about making a resume . Take the opportunity to include keywords for which you would like to be found and focus on the benefit you provide, on the solutions you offer.Skills and validations
The skills on LinkedIn are intended to be a tool for other professionals to assess our abilities , ways of working or knowledge.We have the option of choosing a total of 50 skills and we can order them, placing in the first place the ones that we are most interested in highlighting.It is not necessary to specify so many skills, a total of 15 would be enough , placing in the first place the most relevant and specific for our sector.The first three skills will be key , those for which we want to position ourselves and achieve visibility. The most generalists may be among the last positions on the list, I recommend eliminating those that do not add value to your profile or do not interest you.In addition to specifying and ordering our skills, to get validations from other professionals we must validate the skills of other profiles from our own. The more validations we have of the skills for which we want to be recognized, the more visibility we will achieve.social selling index linkedin skills

The recommendations will be the social proof of our profile on LinkedIn . They offer trust and build a good reputation. What other professionals say about us has more value than what we ourselves say about the way we work.For our potential clients or people who want to collaborate with us on a project, the recommendations will be a brand recognition. They will be a guarantee before hiring, collaborating or making a purchase of our services or products.It is important that we request recommendations from work colleagues, project colleagues, clients satisfied with our services, etc. But it will also be important that we make recommendations to people with whom we have collaborated or of whom we have been clients or colleagues.social selling index recommendationsCustomize the URLWhen you create your profile, LinkedIn automatically generates a URL with your first name, last name, and a series of numbers.Customizing the URL of your LinkedIn profile helps you rank better in search engines and your profile will appear more professional and easy to remember.This simple action helps to improve your profile much more than you can imagine, therefore, if you have not done it yet, I recommend you customize the URL of your LinkedIn profile.linkedin_Nagore Garcia_url custom

In short, the keys to completing the first section that LinkedIn values ​​us in the Social Selling Index will be: choose a good professional photograph and a good background, a good headline and extract, use keywords, add multimedia content, get at least three recommendations, add and sort your skills and endorsements, and customize your URL .

2. Find the right people
If we have a very wide network of contacts, but these people are not the right ones to hire us or choose us to collaborate on a project or for an interesting professional opportunity, this network will not be of much use.

We are not in a social network of friends, family and acquaintances, but, as you well know, it is a professional network, and, as such, the contacts must be those that interest us to generate business opportunities.

Finding the right people will be a point that LinkedIn values ​​in the Social Selling Index from 0 to 25.

One option can be to control who has seen your profile and, if it fits your goals, invite them to connect.

LinkedIn is a great search engine for professionals: take advantage of its advanced search to find those people who best suit your interests. Using the filters you can find those professionals who can help you grow.

It is convenient to personalize the invitation to connect to contact those professionals who may be interesting for our purposes. Personalize the message with the name, tell what unites you and why you think it might be interesting to be in contact. End with a positive message.

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In addition to searching, you will also receive invitations that you can accept or decline.
Therefore, your network of contacts will be made up of those contacts who request an invitation (attraction technique) and those contacts that you seek because you consider that they may be interesting for your professional development (prospecting technique).

It is important to choose well who we want to contact. Ideally, they should be strategic contacts, that is, they help us achieve the objectives we have (visibility, positioning, networking …). Remember that more important than quantity is the quality of these contacts.

Linkedin helps us to contact many more people than we know. The more strategic contacts for our first grade business we have, the better results we will obtain.

3. Interact by offering information
The content that you contribute to your network of contacts will be a factor that LinkedIn will also value. Publishing relevant content for your community and that you do it regularly will be important for this social network to value your Social Selling Index.

You can contribute valuable content in different ways:

Post on your wall
It is convenient that you carry out a good content strategy according to your objectives. Think about what content can be interesting, valuable and that helps your potential customers solve a problem: success stories, comparison of products and services, testimonials from satisfied customers, questions for your community to interact, etc.

You can also share your professional experiences ; In addition to being human and close, you generate trust. On the other hand, if you say you have experience in giving training, it is a good idea to share it when you give that training, meetings with collaborators, conferences or events you attend, etc.

This type of content also helps your potential clients get an idea of ​​your work, how you do it, if you continue to recycle and grow professionally.

Your own content will be a gift for your potential clients. This helps them to notice us, we are recognized and, finally, that conversion can take place (a sale, a collaboration, a hiring …).

social selling index linkedin post on your wall

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