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Social Proof as a marketing strategy


Social Proof as a marketing strategy

Has this situation ever happened to you: You are looking for a restaurant while you walk and in front of two, with similar characteristics, you opt for the one with the most people, you think “if there are so many people, it will be something”. In these types of situations where the Luxembourg Phone Number List has little information about the product , they consider that the group’s information may be more valuable than their own and they usually base their purchase decision on what others do. This example roughly summarizes what Social Proof is ; It is a psychological phenomenon where people assume that the action of other people reflects correct behavior in a specific situation.

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If we take this concept to the business world, this phenomenon can be a more very valuable ingredient when planning the digital marketing strategy. Below I will detail a series of tips to get the most out of and encourage consumers to buy thanks to Social Proof:

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Ratings: Ratings are a very influential factor when a person prefers a product, the more people we see who are satisfied with a product or service, the more trust we place in it. In the digital world, thanks to evaluations and scores, this effect grows exponentially, both positively and negatively. If you use Google Adwords to advertise, it may be interesting to use these extensions to reinforce the product.

Testimonials and success stories if a person explains their reasons why a product has been useful or why the experience of a service has been disastrous, it will undoubtedly help to create our own idea of ​​it without having Betting Email List it. Including an opinion section on your website or referring them to Social Networks (preferably Facebook) can generate conversation between your brand and the user. You can also be immediately aware of the judgments of consumers, that yes you must assume that you are going to have to manage some complaints but that can help you to locate the weaknesses of your service.

Top 5: exhibiting on the home page of your page the 5 best-selling products (or the number you consider) can help the consumer to consider other products of your brand that they did not know. The consumer may consider that if these products are so popular it will be for something, it is a very effective way of combining Social Proof and crosselling and keeping your page updated.

Monitor internet and social networks – Tracking opinions on platforms other than yours should be one more checklist to review. You can also benefit from someone publishing a positive comment about your brand on a blog or on social networks, it all adds up and it is done spontaneously. If you find positive comments on blogs or social networks about your brand or a product, ask that person if you can include it on your website and you will increase the social evidence that helps other people trust your brand.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to include Social Proof in your marketing strategy especially in two areas: the first to highlight the four points explained above and push the customer to buy and the second to listen to the negative evaluations, analyze them and try to improve them.

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