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Social networks – The 5 main trends for 2019 | Part 2


Social networks – The 5 main trends for 2019 | Part 2


1 Trend 3 | More competitors in the game
2 Trend 4 | Cracking the commercial code
3 Trend 5 | Messaging eats the world Source | 2018 Q3 Global Digital Statshot
4 More resources
What will be the biggest social media trends in 2019 for brands and businesses?

We share the second part of the annual report and the conclusions that Hootsuite made analyzing 2018 for the new year.

Trend 3 | More competitors in the game
social media trends

By now, everyone knows that we are in the age of pay to play on social media.

As a result, agencies are increasing their ad budgets (up 32 percent in 2018 alone) and producing more ads than ever before.

One in four Facebook pages now uses paid media. And Facebook already accounts for 23 percent of total US digital ad spend.

But rising costs and fleeting attention are limiting ROI for advertisers.

To counter this, agencies are matching advertising money with their investment of time, creativity, and targeting. And they’re paying to upgrade their top-performing organic content.

Spotify and Netflix are at the forefront with creative social ads that are both personalized and entertaining, rather than simple banner ads posted to a news feed.

The ultimate goal is to generate discussion and user engagement, rather than simply “broadcasting” an ad to an audience.

We’re seeing brands develop their social teams (both internal and agency) with expert cross-platform content creators well versed in video, motion graphics, design, and more. Enhanced third-party ad targeting tools, which allow for easy A / B testing (in some cases with hundreds of variants), are also becoming the norm.


social media trends


Recommendations | P rincipiantes

Understand and target the right audience. Each ad campaign should target a focused group based on interests, jobs, relevant competitors, and prior interaction with your brand.
Define your goals and metrics. The metrics will depend on the type of campaign you are running and the audience you are targeting. Awareness campaigns, for example, could focus on impressions, while conversion campaigns should give more value to clicks.
Invest in high-quality content. Not all brands will have the budget for expensive equipment or professional equipment. But learning a few video basics or even hiring a freelancer can make a big difference.
Recommendations | Advanced

Reuse concepts from high performance organic content. This strategy will improve ROI because you are investing resources in something that has already been tested.
Use what you have learned from previous campaigns to improve performance. The right analytics tools can help you keep track of the results and revenue generated by your social media efforts. Incorporate these insights into your future endeavors.
Try new ad formats. In digital volatility, newer formats have the advantage of tapping into consumer curiosity, while avoiding ad fatigue.
Trend 4 | Cracking the commercial code
social media trends

In Asia, the adoption of social commerce has been rapid. 70 percent of China’s Gen Zers now buy directly from social . But social commerce hasn’t kept pace in North America despite the promising promise to buy buttons.

But new and evolving technologies are changing that. Especially for young buyers.

Customizable Instagram posts now allow users to go from discovery to payment without leaving the app. And the platform has even added a Purchases tab to its Explore page.

The Facebook marketplace is now used in 70 countries by more than 800 million people. And on Pinterest, 55 percent of customers use the site to find and buy products.

Video, in particular, is proving to be a critical bridge for social commerce . In a study of 5,500 consumers by video USA Phone Number List company BrightCove, 74% of viewers made a connection between watching a social video and making a purchase.

And beyond the well-known YouTube, new formats have emerged. From in-stream shopping plugins for Instagram to livestream shopping on WeChat, to integrate social video more deeply into the buyer’s journey.

USA Phone Number List

So how do you start incorporating social commerce into your Betting Email List strategy? It is important to remember that what distinguishes social commerce from other channels is the social aspect. Finding ways to shop live, interactive, and seamless, even on mobile devices, is key.


Configure Instagram shopping posts. (One tip: tag multiple items in a photo so people can see what your products look like together.)
Share your products in action. It is convenient to display your products in different settings to add variety and keep your audience engaged.
Promote your products with contests. Make sure you outline the contest rules and use an easy-to-remember hashtag so that people can find and share your promotion.
Trend 5 | Messaging eats the world
Customers demand better 1: 1 social experiences

social media trends

The major messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, and Skype) have nearly 5 billion monthly active users. They have more users than traditional social networks around the world.

social media trends

Source | 2018 Q3 Global Digital Statshot
In general, users spend more time sending messages than sharing news on social networks. This shift from public to private spaces is changing consumer expectations.

According to a survey of 6,000 people around the world, nine out of 10 consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

In the US, messaging is the customer’s preferred service channel. In a 2018 survey of 8,000 people conducted by Facebook, 69 percent of respondents said that direct messages with a business help them feel more confident about the brand.

What is clear, however, is that consumers do not want more advertising channels. Smart brands are using messaging apps for more valuable conversations.

So how do you get started with messaging?

Recommendations | P rincipiantes

Enable Facebook Messenger for your Facebook business page. Here is an extremely comprehensive guide (in English) .
Add plugins to your website that lead customers to messaging applications.
Use DMs and / or messaging applications to streamline customer service inquiries on social networks. When customers reach your brand on social media, it’s important to move the conversation from a public space to a private one. That way, you can request personal information like phone numbers and address details to solve the problem faster.
Recommendations | Advanced

Configure bots and / or assistants in the application for the most frequently asked questions. While they cannot replace an in-person experience, they are extremely effective at answering simple questions and helping with transactions.
Run campaigns that incorporate messaging applications. Messaging campaigns often work best on mobile formats, so keep that in mind when creating your campaign. (A tip: always check the latest promotion guidelines for each network before planning your strategy).
Experiment with Facebook Messenger ads. Be aware of when and how you use these ads, as communicating with a potential customer by private message is much more personal and intimate than running a banner ad or news ad. Make sure your ads are useful, immediate, and practical. For example, you can share a discount or coupon after someone has made a purchase.

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Source : Hootsuite

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