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Social Networks and SEO: The importance of G +


Social Networks and SEO: The importance of G +

Last Updated August 26th, 2019 at 03:34 pm

When planning a digital strategy there are several points to take into account. For this reason, we must define and choose our goals well, and use the correct tools to obtain the desired results in a short term.

As a community manager of MD Poland Phone Number List Digital I recommend, I insist, I demand! For those who are in this planning process, create a Google Places for Business profile. Why so much emphasis !? Because the relationship between Social Networks and SEO is closer than you think.

The reasons?

Social media

1st in Google search results

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It is no secret that G + dominates the results in Google searches over the rest of the social networks .

Google has access to your published information

It goes without saying that other social networks with more “fame” in the digital world are essential when communicating with the public and the image of the Betting Email List company, but platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have restricted Google’s access to many of your information, limiting the effectiveness of SEO . That does NOT happen in the case of Google+

Links, links, links!

The social media platform not only allows the user to link their other profiles, but also offers the possibility of sharing embedded links directly from your biography with an anchor text of your choice. Simply by inserting the URL, Google automatically converts it into a link. Remember that the value of these links is directly proportional to the interaction it receives. The more shares, comments and + 1’s, the higher the value of the link.

Social media

The importance of keywords

The first sentence of your posts adds great value to your ranking since Google+ makes it part of a small tag. Choose your first words carefully! A shared post with a good title has a better chance of ranking depending on the keywords.

(photo post g +)

Other benefits

The social network gives us the possibility of infinite editions, something that does not happen with Twitter and Facebook.
Content indexed almost instantly.
Advanced traffic measurement tool.

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