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Social Media… what for?


Social Media… what for?

Posting on social media isn’t free, and it’s time for businesses to know it.
Today it seems essential to be on social media. Ukraine Phone Number List are allocating more and more resources for this and, pending the demand, thousands of professionals in Spain have decided to train as Social Media professionals .

But is all this essential? Are we approaching it in the right way?

My answer is yes, it is necessary, but not as we are doing. Social Media is not publishing content every day and waiting for customers to drop, or making the website a channel of offers.

Posting on social media is not free. When we dedicate resources – even if they are only hours of work of a team member – we are bearing an opportunity cost that if not well managed could play against our business efforts.

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Do we have a strategy?
The first thing to ask yourself when starting to publish content on social networks is what we want to achieve. Without being clear about the objective, we will not be able to define the steps to follow.

If we want to have a presence according to our values ​​and personality, we can settle for making publications and transferring the tone of communication with the client according to our brand personality.

On the other hand, if what we want is to get a network of contacts or sales, we have to go looking and create strategies so that they feel attracted to our social space ( Inbound Betting Email List
), always thinking about what we can offer our potential client that is useful (in this category there are prizes, useful contents and discount codes, to give just a few examples).

In addition to this, it is important to bear in mind that in most cases the base will always be the website, so if we do not have a usable website that encourages the purchase , even if we have made a good strategy of Social Media , as soon as we send them to the web space, we will have lost them!

At this time it is vital to dedicate a budget (with internal work hours or hiring an external company) to digitally transform your company, so depending on the money allocated, a more or less ambitious strategy can be designed.

So… when do we have to invest in social media?
The question is not when but how … If we have a very powerful website and a large budget, we can create a strategy focused directly on generating contacts (leads) to send them to become the website through Social Media .

On the other hand, if we are a company that has just started or with a very little budget, we will have to focus on whoever seeks us comes out with a good idea and image of us. If we are going to look for contacts, it is very likely that we will lose the budget and end up damaging the image of the company.

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