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Social Media Investment Trends Late 2020


Social Media Investment Trends Late 2020

Investment recovers but engagement drops

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Social Media Investment Trends Late 2020
General Overview of Social Networks in Mexico
Distribution of Total Brand Profile Interactions
Cost per click (CPC) is recovered
Advertising spending in Mexico
Interactions decrease
News and NGO’s register an important growth in interactions.
Better formats
The pandemic came to transform the landscape in all businesses. It is no secret that as brands we have had to advance a lot in digital transformation and even learn through trial and error; For this reason, it is convenient to be looking at the data continuously, to know what is happening and where we are going. In that sense … What are the trends in investment in social networks at the end of 2020?

Social Media Investment Trends Late 2020
Socialbakers , the leading social media Malta Phone Number List platform, released a report on Trends in Social Media during the Third Quarter of 2020. The report states that – despite the dramatic changes that have occurred during the first three quarters of 2020 Due to COVID- advertising spending increased dramatically during the third quarter of the year, reaching levels similar to the pre-pandemic, mainly due to the increase in advertising spending in the e-commerce segment .The data presented by Socialbakers indicates healthy confidence by advertisers in the effectiveness of digital channels, and includes information on the regions and industries that have the highest payback in ad spend, the significant growth worldwide in cost per click. (CPC), the migration of audience focus to digital media, and the rise of both Facebook Live and longer-duration videos as the best performing formats.Malta Phone Number List

Now, more than ever, consumers are digitally connected. With this rapid shift towards the online world, brands are not only facing new challenges, but also new business opportunities. The information provided by the Socialbakers report on advertising investment during Q3 2020 shows us that smart brands are investing twice as much in advertising on Facebook and Instagram ”.Yuval Ben-Itzhak, President of Socialbakers.You can see the study globally or take a look at the data for Mexico specifically below. General Overview of Social Networks in Mexico In reference to audience size in Mexico, the number of followers of the top 50 Instagram brands is much lower than the number of followers of the top 50 brands on Facebook. This information differs from the data observed globally, when analyzing the profiles of the 50 main brands of each platform, where the audience is 35% greater than that of Facebook.

Instagram vs Facebook 2020
The volume of activity on Facebook is also higher; However, engagement on Instagram continues to increase from the second quarter of 2020; Currently, interactions on Instagram are higher than on Facebook. This analysis indicates that in Mexico, Facebook is still the favorite platform, but interactions on Instagram are growing daily. Distribution of Total Brand Profile Interactions In our country, e-commerce brands obtain the highest percentage of interactions on both Facebook and Instagram. During the third quarter of 2020, e-commerce interactions rose 18.6% on Facebook, while the increase on Instagram was 19.6%. This is the second time that the Fashion industry has been weaker than e-commerce.

Interactions by niche on Facebook
Cost per click (CPC) is recovered
In other regions of the planet, a recovery in cost per click can be observed, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, the cost per click in Mexico rose during the second quarter of 2020, but at the end of the third quarter the increase was significant. However, the CPC has not recovered to its pre-pandemic levels. Cost per click in Mexico. Investment trends in social networks.
Advertising spending in Mexico Advertising investment in Mexico was reduced by the pandemic and its recovery has been slow. However, during Q3 2020, brands invested more in advertising space in all Facebook applications, compared to the second quarter of 2020. Investment trends in social networks in Mexico Interactions decrease When analyzing the evolution of the median interactions of posts on Instagram and Facebook, it was observed that in Mexico, this evolution replicated the global trend: during the first quarter, it was observed that the relative interactions on Facebook were higher than on Instagram, but they declined once again in the second quarter.

The decline in relative interactions on Facebook continued through the third quarter of 2020. The same decline in the median interactions per post on Instagram was observed at the end of September.
Interactions in social networks in Mexico News and NGO’s register an important growth in interactions.
As expected during the pandemic and election season, the News and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) sectors saw a strong increase in interactions during the third quarter. The News segment interactions rose 103.3% on Instagram and 57.8% on Facebook, while the increase in NGO’s interactions was 112.9% on Facebook and 31.2% on Instagram. It is striking that interactions in the Tourism industry increased 60.9% on Facebook, but decreased 31.2% on Instagram.

When reviewing the year vs. year, it was found that, globally, third-quarter interactions on Instagram posts increased 5.4%, while Facebook’s were nearly identical. The United States was an outlier, as Facebook posts increased 30.7%, but a 2.5% decline was observed on Instagram. Better formats
Regarding the formats with the highest performance in reach and interactions on Facebook, the winners were videos of long duration (more than 65,194 seconds, but less than 5 minutes) and very long duration (more than 5 minutes). The greatest reach was for very long-duration videos, which had a reach 70.4% higher than long-duration videos, which occupy the second position in reach. However, the performance of full-length videos has decreased in the last 7 months; during the third quarter, they presented a performance index (23.2%).

“If there’s one thing to learn from the Q3 data, it’s that brands need to move fast to follow consumer trends toward digital,” says Ben-Itzhak .”The brands that react faster and focus on delivering exceptional online experiences to their customers will be the brands that will go the furthest tomorrow.”The Socialbakers Q3 2020 Global Social Media Investing Trends Report can be downloaded here . In this other link you will find a specific report on Mexico , and a summary of it.If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections, you can receive the content delivered to your email door .And if you need training in digital Betting Email List or one in reputation , or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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