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Smash Tech Seminar Barcelona


Smash Tech Seminar Barcelona

The Smash Tech Seminar Barcelona will be held on March 21 and 22 at the Mobile World Center in Barcelona , and will have Digital Marketing as its central theme . The event will feature professionals from leading Digital Marketing companies , such as Hootsuite, Zyncro, Elogia, Social Win, SEOCOM, The Plan Company, IEBS, KSom, among others. In the presentations and Master Classes given at the Smash Tech Seminar Barcelona , topics on SEO, SEM, Social Media, Inbound how can i buy a phone number and metrics will be discussed to carry out successful campaigns and increase the Return on Investment ( ROI ) of the company. In addition, unlike other editions, this version consists of two intensive days of classes, conferences and an alternative networking activity called “ Dis-Connect ”, an opportunity in which it will be possible to share with other marketing professionals in a more relaxed atmosphere. and enjoy a Gin Tonics tasting: an ideal space to make new professional contact networks.


If the answer is no, before turning towards “Big data”, shouldn’t we have more influence on how to make the most of our own data and the useful Betting Email List that is treasured in them? On the other hand, do we know how to fit the new knowledge that “Big data” would provide me with my profitable customer development model? Who will we target (segmentation)? What will we offer (value proposition)? How will we offer it (channel relationship model)? When will we offer it (contact plan)? Many questions, purely business, that we have to solve before facing the implementation of new technologies that, without neglecting them and in parallel, need time to mature and consolidate. Let us remember that only under the approach of “what am I going to do profitably” will it make sense to seek more and better useful knowledge, be it in “Big data” or “Owned data”. Because the objective for companies, even if only as a hygienic guarantee of their future survival, has not changed either: “it is not about being wiser, but about being richer”. And you, do you already know what are the main customer knowledge models through “Owned data”? Do you know how to use them to improve customer acquisition, loyalty and retention results?

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