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Smart technology to stay “frozen”


Smart technology to stay “frozen”

Can you imagine that the refrigerator warned you of the expiration date of the food it contains?
Probably, that box of fresh Panama Phone Number List that you have in a little corner, that you barely see, would not go unnoticed and you would thus avoid ending up throwing it away because it has already expired.

Spaniards throw 3.7 million kilos of food into the trash every day. This amount is distributed in 42% by households, 39% by food industry, 14% by food services and 5% by shops and distribution.

Let’s focus on the first group, households, the most representative group in terms of volume today. In general, Spanish consumers end up throwing away their food because they do not have good control of the products they have in pantries or refrigerators.

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A study by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment ,tells us that eight out of ten households throw away food that is not processed, because it is not considered in good condition. But are they?

We are in a moment of change, of digitization , and little by little we see how the most basic elements that we find in homes are modernized and connected . Let’s talk about refrigerators, this appliance that we all have at home and that is evolving so much.

Samsung has already hit the market with its smart refrigerator . With this new proposal, the apparently normal refrigerator becomes a new source of information. Something that allows us to be connected and can Betting Email List us with important information such as the expiration date of the food . So is the food throwaway over?

This is not the “commit this” device, it is the “hey this is going to expire” device. It is obvious that in the end, it will be the individual who decides what to eat, but, I have no doubt that such a reminder can have an important impact on the decision of the person.

Not enough, Siemens, goes a step further and in its research proposes a refrigerator model that incorporates chambers. Through them, the device sends a photo of its interior to the user’s mobile, so that he can see what is missing, and thus avoid “buying too much”.


At the same time, LG is also looking for its niche in the smart refrigerator market, and it does so by testing a communication system between household appliances. Home chat, will be the tool proposed by the company, which will allow the owner to ask the refrigerator through a chat any question related to the content of the appliance (Is there juice? Is there no milk? …)


This is the future, a connected world , the well-known internet of things . It is clear that the advances presented by these smart refrigerators can mean a great change in our reality, a fight for 0-waste and sustainability .

As weird as it sounds, in this case no matter how much technology evolves , it will not be enough , we need participation and human will.

Join the change!

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