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Smarketing to break the barriers between sales and marketing


Smarketing to break the barriers between sales and marketing

Sometimes there are confrontations between the marketing department and the sales department. In this article I will give you the keys to unify them into one and carry out a winning strategy with the SMarketing concept . You can put it into practice now!list_altIndex of contents
The new concept: SMarketing
We discover inbound marketing
How do we carry out this union between departments?
Result of joining sales and marketing
Are you in marketing or sales? For someone who is not within one of these two mobile phone number search canada it may seem that they are the same, but if we ask them they will tell us that they are different. What we must look for is that, in the end, both parties feel that they form a single team. And although they may have different responsibilities, they fight for the same goal and are all moving in the same direction. So, we hope that soon the question will be: are you from SMarketing?Complaints from one department to the other are common, even saying things like the records sent by marketing are not of quality or that nothing is done in sales … Be that as it may, the truth is that these two departments are very important within the company, each with its own characteristics, and must go hand in hand.


Working together will be of great benefit to the company and to both departments. According to the 2017 State of Inbound report in Latin America , only 21% of the marketing and sales teams work in alignment. But for those who do, their trading strategy is 3 times more effective.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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In order to understand the importance of these two departmets, I am going to explain what each one does in the company:The sales department has a clear objective: to increase sales. The great investment of time and effort in calls and meetings with potential clients means that if they do not convert, they complain about the quality of the Betting Email List sent by the marketing department.
On the other hand, the marketing department has objectives such as brand awareness, generation of records, events, database increase, etc. His concern is to attract the registries so that, with the right strategy, they end up becoming clients, closing sales with the corresponding department.
The new concept: SMarketing
We remain confident that these two departments can and should work together to achieve better results . The advantages of collaboration between the two departments are very clear:Better know the target audience : between the two of them they can more specifically outline the ideal client or buyer persona.
Adapt the content : taking into account the buyer person, we can adapt the message to the receiver and thus know which content works best.
Record feedback : the marketing department creates the actions and sends the content to generate interest, and the sales department recognizes if this is the buyer person and if they can get to know them better.
The union of these two departments has created a new concept, but before discovering it we must know what inbound marketing is. I tell you!smarketing marketing and sales collaborationWe discover inbound marketing
Inbound marketing is a methodology that combines non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques with the aim of accompanying the user throughout the purchase process. This support is done by offering interesting content to the user in each phase of their process. If you want to read more about inbound marketing, you can consult the article Inbound Marketing: what it is, origin, methodology and philosophy.

Relationship between inbound marketing and SMarketing
The characteristics of today’s buyers make us rethink our strategy. Users are more and more informed, they specialize in their future purchases and share opinions with their friends, acquaintances and also strangers through social networks.This means that companies must adapt to a new purchasing process : actions must be focused on putting the user at the center , understanding them and helping them meet their needs at all times, both in the marketing and sales departments.Smarketing to break the barriers between sales and marketingThat is why the two departments must be in tune in order to reach a common goal: the growth of the company. Logical, don’t you think?What is SMarketing?The concept comes from the combination of Sales and Marketing.smarketing marketing and salesThe goal is to unite these two forces within the company and create a lasting synergy through constant and direct communication between the two departments .To achieve this we need more than defining objectivesand holding a meeting to explain how the strategy we are carrying out is going. In this article I am going to give you the keys so that you can carry it out in your company, and I will show you a case of success as well as the advantages of working with SMarketing. Keep reading!How do we carry out this union between departments?
The key is to share the same goal . It is very clear: in all areas of our life, if two people or a group of people share the same goal, although the strategy and actions we carry out are different, our goal is the same and it will make us fight to achieve it.To apply SMarketing, apart from establishing the same objective, we must share the same data . To know if we will meet the objective, it is important that the data and the KPIs are the same to be able to make a joint evaluation. The reports that we get from our actions must have the same data. To achieve this in an agile way, it is essential to use software that automatically integrates with CRM systems, such as HubSpot .

New Call-to-actionCommunication between departments is vital for the proper functioning of SMarketing. The conception of the two departments as separate must change to become a team in which tasks are divided to achieve the same objective, each with its potential and characteristics.It will also be key to implement an SLA (Service Level Agreement). This is a sales and marketing agreement in which marketing commits to delivering a number of contacts to the sales department for follow-up, and sales will make mandatory sales attempts.The meetings between departments will be planned and duration, frequency and objectives of each meeting will be set.The empathy between departments is an indispensable quality for members of each of them, as it will make their relationship more fluid and generous.The marketing department and the sales department should be seen as allies in which each one plays a role to achieve sales. Marketing makes efforts to make sales stand out to potential customers. But it is not a competition, but a union of departments so that everyone can win.Sales people are usually very busy and need to optimize time, and we can do this with different tools such as HubSpot. With this, for example, we can use the “Contact Record” function, which helps us to collect information from a potential client (pages they have visited, downloaded ebooks …) so that afterwards the sales person can make a first call empathizing with the customer. customer, transmitting confidence or even proposing an adapted offer.section 3.2.1Do you want another example of the possibilities that tools like HubSpot give us? Here it is!Thanks to the HubSpot CRM you can schedule a meeting directly knowing the availability in the calendar. This saves a lot of time with email exchanges.

section 3.2.2

An interesting proposal would be to introduce sales to social networks such as LinkedIn, as this helps to connect with potential customers, be closer to them and also with leaders and experts in the sector. An interesting example of one of our clients is the automation of the sales process carried out by marketing: creating lists segmented by geographical area that allow the receipt of an automated email according to the areas:section 3.2.3Result of joining sales and marketingThe example I’m going to tell you about is from Laboratoires Quinton , a company that offers marine therapy products. They also have a foundation that seeks to research and study seawater for therapeutic purposes. Thanks to the inbound methodology, they have achieved the results that we show you below in one year:section 4.2The content they use is focused on their target audience, profiles of the health sector who, thanks to the content they offer, already know the company and have heard about its foundation.Thus, when they receive a call from one of your sales representatives, everything is more fluid and pleasant, in addition to saving effort from sales. In addition, its automated system favors the management of the sales department, since it receives an email with the data of the person interested in obtaining more information. The registries are more qualified thanks to the joint work of the marketing and sales department.pulled apartsection 4.5

Saving time and facilitating access to information can be done by centralizing management in a single tool. For example, anyone in the company can know where the SQL is: the history of emails sent, calls, user responses, who has contacted him, what they have commented, is recorded.paragraph 44With the above and the example of Laboratoires Quinton, we have been able to verify that inbound marketing is an essential strategy for new users and their purchase process, and that, to achieve better results, SMarketing will establish a link between sales and important marketing for the company.If you want to discover more success stories with the inbound methodology , I recommend you consult our section Inbound marketing success stories . Do not miss them!

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