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Should you invest time in a prospect who will never be your client? Know your negative buyer persona


Should you invest time in a prospect who will never be your client? Know your negative buyer persona

The buyer persona is a key concept in an inbound marketing strategy, since it is the ideal type or archetype profile of our brand or of our products or services.Considering that the vital and fundamental aspect of an inbound marketing project is the creation of valuable content to attract traffic to our website / blog, it is evident that we need to previously define the potential client of our product . In this way we can develop the content that may interest you the most. I’ll tell you more about it!list_altIndex of contents
Negative person buyer: definition and importance
What do I have to do to meet my negative buyer persona?
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The better we define our buyer persona, the more possibilities we will have of generating the most appropriate content , the one that is capable of satisfying their concerns and needs.The buyer persona takes into account a wide variety of information : sociodemographic, personal and professional data, online behavior (where and how do you look for information), hobbies, etc., as well as a particularly important question: your needs or concerns (what is known as ‘pain’) .To get more information about the buyer persona and how to define it, I recommend that you read our article Buyer persona: the key factor in your marketing and sales strategy .



In general, marketers are quite clear about the value of the buyer persona and the need to define it and know it very well. However, many have not considered the other side of the coin: the importance of also knowing our negative buyer persona , in order to identify and discard them. Have you ever thought about it?Negative person buyer: definition and importance
Should we spend time and resources in knowing who could not be our client? If we study our ideal client to find out how and where to find him, why not do it with the negative buyer persona as well?The negative buyer persona would be the one who, due to their characteristics or needs, is not the ideal client that matches our target audience. It would Betting Email List those characteristics, behaviors and contexts that do not fit with our potential customers and that, therefore, they will not be comfortable or satisfied with the purchase of our products or services.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The advantages of defining our negative buyer persona
The main reason why it is of utmost importance to understand who our negative buyer persona is is to be able to identify and discard these people as potential customers, saving us a lot of effort, time and maybe also money .But there are more reasons why we are interested in defining the antithesis of our buyer persona , as detailed in this article :It helps us better understand our ideal clients . Especially in the early stages, it can be difficult for us to know who our ideal customer really is. Interestingly, knowing the people who will never buy our products can be very useful for us, by contrast and discard, to better define the type profile to which we must address.
It serves to identify customers who do not quite fit in with our company . Defining our buyer person will also help us to detect those users who, despite having bought from us at some time, perhaps we are not interested in keeping as customers. The reasons may be several: that we are not able to cover all their needs, that they are people with too high expectations, that the points of view between the company or the client are different or that they require a lot of support or advice from us, among others.
Avoid spending part of your marketing budget on the wrong people . In addition to wasted work, dedicating efforts to the negative buyer persona can mean wasting money uselessly and diverting funds that should be directed to the real potential customers, with whom there are greater possibilities of achieving sales.
Help optimize your marketing and advertising strategy . Knowing who you do not want to address can help you implement more refined and precise actions and messages. Ultimately, it can help you optimize your marketing and sales strategy.
Examples of negative buyer persona
Sometimes, the negative buyer persona is based on previous , totally real experiences that the sales team has faced on occasion. Some of these scenarios are:

Negative warning signs from problem customers that were not caught early during the sales process.
Users who reached advanced stages of the sales process or funnel but did not close the acquisition , or they did, but with a high cost of work or investment.
Behaviors of some users that have caused the marketing and sales team to invest more time and money than originally planned.
Clients that are not profitable for the company for various reasons: they do not have sufficient financial resources, their knowledge of the product or service is too high or, on the contrary, they require a lot of advice.
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Some concrete examples of these situations would be:

A language academy for beginners that is attracting profiles of people with a higher level, that it cannot attend.
Companies, whatever the sector they are, that only offer distribution of products or services in a specific country or geographical area. In that case, potential customers from other regions cannot be taken into account.
Students are not considered good customers for certain products or services, mainly because they tend to have low purchasing power and do not hold an important position in companies.
Customer profiles have been identified that are especially complicated or problematic due to issues of character or attitude : distrustful, excessively demanding, irreverent, susceptible, impatient, etc.

negative buyer persona

What do I have to do to meet my negative buyer persona?
Now that you are clear about what the negative buyer persona is and the benefits that knowing it can bring you , we propose a checklist with 3 steps to define it:

Be clear about who your buyer persona is.

Research and create your negative profile.

Implement mechanisms in your marketing strategy to identify and treat them differently.

Be clear about who your buyer persona is
The buyer persona is created through a process of research, interviews and surveys of your target audience . The more we work on this part, the better defined we will have the typical profile, and our content and messages will be more refined.

The creation process could be divided into 5 main steps:




Results presentation.

Definition of strategy.

The HubSpot platform has created a very visual and useful specific tool that can be of great help in this process: the buyer persona generator .

negative buyer persona

negative person buyer make my persona

It consists of filling in the different data that make up a buyer persona until you configure a complete puzzle that allows you to define in detail this ideal consumer of your products .

Research and create your negative persona profile
We can identify and define our negative buyer persona in two different ways :

Creating a profile with the opposite characteristics , that is, those that do not fit with those of the buyer persona defined above.
Based on previous negative experiences with other clients or users : unsatisfied, unprofitable or problematic clients.
The 5 essential questions to define a negative buyer person are:

Which are the users that have the most different characteristics with the ideal client profile that we have defined?
What kind of clients are taking me too much effort or time?

What types of clients are not profitable for me and why?

What types of customers generate negative opinions of the company, brand, product or service?

What type of customers are the most complaining or dissatisfied?

Mechanisms to identify your negative buyer persona
It is also important to be able to implement mechanisms in your marketing strategy that allow you to detect your negative buyer persona and thus be able to treat them differently. Among these mechanisms, I suggest the following:

1. Form: how to detect them
The main thing is to capture the information necessary to identify and discard those profiles that interest us and those that do not . In this sense, we can use the questions in the conversion forms to records or leads to try to detect negative profiles.

Let’s think about the example of the language academy of basic levels: a question on your form could be what is the level of English, in this way, it will help us to segment users and discard those of high or native level.

Know your negative buyer persona
The country of origin is often a key factor when doing business. For this we can ask the country or use the IP to filter the database.

If we are not interested in students as clients, it is best not to ask directly on the form, as they could lie. The best thing is to ask the user about his position in the company and include in the answers a “student” option.

2. S egment your database
Counting on the data that you have captured thanks to the questions on your form, segmentation is essential to identify the profiles that do not interest you and mark them in your database in order to avoid wasting time and resources. We can also exclude them from automation and nutrition flows aimed at generating business opportunities.

3. Automation process
It is advisable not to completely forget about these users, even if we have identified them as negative buyer persona. It is better to continue introducing them in automatic communications for brand enhancement (branding) or interest in the subject. With the automatic processes, it costs us nothing to have a good non-commercial relationship with these contacts, since in the future this negative buyer persona could become your buyer persona.

One way to improve your return on investment
It is worth investing time in knowing our ideal and negative buyer persona to avoid wasting resources of all kinds: hours of work, investment in marketing, work of the sales team, etc.

The definition of the buyer persona can be achieved in two ways: developing a profile with the characteristics contrary to our ideal client archetype or based on negative experiences with previous clients .

Defining the negative buyer persona is also a good way to finish defining our real customer, optimizing our marketing campaigns and fine-tuning advertising messages.

The result of all this is the improvement of the efficiency and profitability of our inbound marketing and marketing projects in general.

I hope you liked this article, and if you have any questions about the definition of the buyer persona, I will be happy to answer you in the comments section. I’ll wait for you!

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