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SEO on YouTube: how to position your videos in 2019


SEO on YouTube: how to position your videos in 2019

If you are in the world of digital marketing you will already know that Google constantly changes its algorithm . Therefore, it is essential to always be up to date and know how to focus your SEO actions and optimize content based on what Google reveals about its changes. Do you agree?Well, in the case of SEO on YouTube we are facing exactly the same situation. Video is one of the most consumed content on the free phone directory england , and creating strategies from a YouTube channel is more than a good idea.In this article I propose to analyze the importance of this medium and I provide you with some tips to better position your videos this year. Will you accompany me?list_altIndex of contents
Video, the internet’s favorite content
10 tips to improve your SEO on YouTube
Video, the internet’s favorite content
Analyzing and organizing strategies to improve SEO on YouTube is practically an obligation, since the video format has definitely become the preferred one for users.And in the very near future it will be even more so: according to HubSpot “82% of global internet traffic will be video in 2021” . In addition, he adds that “70% of YouTube viewers watch videos asking for” help with a problem “that they have during their leisure, study or work time”. This means a huge number of opportunities for your business that you must take advantage of. Keep it in mind! graph hubspot videosThus, in this graph we see that more than 54% of users prefer to obtain a brand’s content through video. Does this figure tell you something?


Checklist + Video tutorial on YouTube optimization
10 tips to improve your SEO on YouTube
After verifying that, indeed, video is the most popular type of content on the internet, the next question is where these videos are viewed. The answer is clear: on Betting Email List .Over 1.9 billion users log into the world’s most popular video platform every month. But it does not finish here:More than 90% of social media users watch videos on YouTube.
It is available in more than 80 languages.
Users spend an average of more than 8 and a half minutes on YouTube.
70% of video views on YouTube are from mobile phones.
Millennials, specifically 70% of them, used YouTube last year to learn something new.
After knowing these figures, you will agree that keeping a YouTube channel active and creating a strategy that improves positioning can be key to the success of a business, right?To do this, below I give you 10 tips analyzing the news that SEO has brought on YouTube in 2019. Do not miss them!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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1. Create longer videos
YouTube values ​​the Total Watch Time of our videos for positioning: it considers it audience retention. The recommended Watch Time of your videos must be above 50%: that is, if your video is 10 minutes, the total recommended Watch Time would be 5 minutes.2. Follow the rule of the first 15 seconds
The rule of the first 15 seconds is based on creating a very clear introduction for your videos, in which you comment on what that video is going to be about in, effectively, the first 15 seconds.To increase user retention we can use formulas such as:Highlight something specific about the video that differs from the other videos available in that search.
Comment that you are going to share something new.
Note that it is a video with “tips” about that search.
3. Name the keyword in the video
Previously, YouTube was not able to “understand” the content of the video, but now they can “listen” to the videos, even without having the transcript. Therefore, if we want to improve SEO on YouTube and optimize an existing video with a new keyword that we have not discussed in the video, it is difficult for YouTube to position us.

Thus, it is important to match the metadata information with the video information . Remember, therefore, to say and pronounce your keyword in the video.SEO Optimization Checklists Pack
4. Analyze search intent
It is known that search intent is a factor increasingly important for Google. And it should be for you too, because, think about it: in an article it is very easy to browse and see that something interests you more or less. In a video, on the other hand, a user expects to find exactly what he wants: if you waste his time without answering what he is looking for, he will leave and take a bad memory of your video and your channel.In this way, analyzing the keywords and the most precise searches are the keys to anticipating this search intention on the part of users.5. Encourage interactionIt is important to encourage the user to make some interaction in the video or the channel : likes, comments, subscription … And it is important not only to add it in the text but also to mention it in the video. Specifically in the first half: if we incorporate it at the end, we lose the possibility of capturing users who stop watching the video. Remember it!YouTube also looks at the number of likes and dislikes : a video with many likes is telling YouTube that it is a video that users like. With good metrics of your video you give it engagement and the user responds with attention. You capture people’s attention and YouTube gives you visibility as a “prize”.Therefore, if you have a video with many dislikes, YouTube understands that it is not quality content and that users will not invest their time in that video: it is mainly for this reason that YouTube will not be interested in positioning this content.New Call-to-action
6. Optimize CTR
How can you optimize the CTR with a video? The answer is to customize the thumbnail with the keyword or a short text that makes you understand what the video is about:An image that differs from the rest of the results for the same keyword on YouTube.
Create a contrast of colors between the foreground and the background.
According to psychology studies, the photos in which people’s faces are seen work better because they allow us to identify from the outset whether or not we can trust the content we are seeing.
7. Add the video to a playlist
To improve SEO on YouTube, you should consider incorporating the video into a playlist, and, if the user has automatic playback activated, at the end of the video we can refer that user to other content of interest. Of course, the lists must be created by themes that are coherent and add value to the user.

8. Add subtitles and transcription
Having a written text helps YouTube to obtain information about the content of the video and to position it according to the keywords repeated in it. In this case, these are .srt files.9. Make sure the video is properly optimized
There are certain steps that you must go through to properly optimize the video. One of them is to check that the meta description is correct. For this you must have:The keyword in the first 25 words.
2 or 3 related secondary keywords.
Links to your website and provide links to your social profiles.
A minimum length of 400 characters.
The CTA embedded in the first 100 characters of the meta description
In addition, it is key that the keyword is optimized according to searches. As in an article, it is very important that in a video the main keyword appears in the title, in the meta description and in the tags.Checklist + Video tutorial on YouTube optimization
10. Use specific tools for keywords on YouTube
The search and optimization of keywords for YouTube can be done in several ways. Choosing the correct keywords is the basic pillar of any content strategy, whether it is articles or if we are talking about more dynamic formats, such as videos, podcasts, etc.Therefore, before recording your video you will have to choose keywords with optimal metrics, that is, ideally they have a high search volume and are not very competitive.To carry out the keyword search for your YouTube videos, I recommend these 3 tools:YouTube Analytics for your own channel: YouTube is increasingly improving its Analytics section, also giving it a more user-friendly aspect when it comes to the user experience. In YouTube Analytics, among other things, you can check with which searches or keywords users have reached a specific video and from there obtain interesting data that can help you in the creation of new content or in the optimization of the videos that you already have in the channel.
Ahrefs : for a few months, Ahrefs has incorporated a section dedicated to the search of keywords focused on YouTube. This also gives us a clue about what we mentioned at the beginning of the article about the increasing relevance of content in video format.

Keyword tool.io : although in its free version it does not allow us to see the metrics of the keywords, it is a very useful tool when looking for longtail keywords for YouTube, since it provides us with many ideas.
keyword tool

To summarize all these tips, I leave you the following infographic:

Infographic_Ceci-01I hope these tips help you to optimize and work on the SEO on YouTube of the videos on your channel, but remember: you should always be up to date with good practices and algorithm changes from YouTube and Google to get the first positions on the platforms of interest. for your business.

For your part, what are the SEO tricks that give you good results to position your videos on YouTube? Do you share them in the comments for the InboundCycle community?


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