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SEO on Amazon. How to position your products well to sell more in 2021?


SEO on Amazon. How to position your products well to sell more in 2021?

Do you want to reach more customers but the sale of your products in the most popular marketplace in the world has not just taken off? Do you have questions about how to raise SEO on Amazon?If you have an online store, you will know that there are actions that can help you reach your target audience and generate more sales. Among them, improving the visibility of your company or brand in search engines like South Korea Phone Number List is important. If, in addition, you position them well on Amazon , the advantages will be even more. I’ll tell you about them in this post!list_altIndex of contents
Why should you be on Amazon if you want to sell more online?
How does Amazon work?
Good SEO practices on Amazon to apply to appear well positioned
How to choose keywords on Amazon?
How to get good opinions and reviews?
SEO on Amazon: relearning is the key
Working on SEO on Amazon to position your brand in this increasingly crowded marketplace should be one of the urgent tasks on your agenda. You still don’t have your products listed in the most popular ecommerce in the world?

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Why should you be on Amazon if you want to sell more online?
Despite the hegemony of Google, today there are specific search engines according to our needs. There are alternatives depending on how to find videos, music, clothes, etc. Precisely if you want to sell your products online outside of your website, a good option would be to opt for Amazon.t it has evolved into a great ecommerce platform that puts Betting Email List 
of products at our fingertips.The success of this company that is now a giant in the industry is due in large part to the fact that it has made efforts to increase the level of customer trust , taking into account the fear of fraud and disappointment.Another aspect that plays in Amazon’s favor is the constant increase in the number of searches for products online. If you think about it, the why is quite evident and is deeply linked to our behavior as consumers.For example, what do you do before buying a product? Surely, very often, before making a purchase, you consult information online about that item.This is one of the reasons why Amazon has opted for the development of SEO actions that have allowed it to position itself among the first results in search engines such as Google and Bing. Did you know that 6 out of 4 Internet users use Amazon as a reference to search for their products?Having our products on Amazon, therefore, can bring many benefits.

Thanks to the great visibility and market potential it offers, Amazon allows us to better position our offer and for it to reach a much larger audience. With this, new challenges are generated, considering that within this marketplace we will have to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the products.That is why it is important to work on positioning with SEO Amazon just as we do to stand out in Google and other search engines . Also in this case it is a matter of launching various actions to improve visibility.However, Amazon has its own criteria and I recommend spending some time understanding how it works before moving on to practice. Thus, you can take into account, for example, issues such as:Designing a tailored differentiation strategy for this platform is essential. Positioning on Amazon responds to different patterns than Google and search engines. You have to master the medium.
The goal is to gain visibility. Think like a shopper to find the best way for your products to meet.
The importance of SEO to be found in this giant ecommerce. In fact, Amazon makes its own recommendations and you should pay attention to it.
Let’s go for it! Next, I will tell you everything you have to take into account to position your products well and sell more.mazonHow does Amazon work?The first thing to keep in mind is that Amazon works differently than Google. Google is dedicated to organizing information and Amazon is selling products. Therefore, what prevails in Amazon to position well is the conversion of the product (number of transactions, average value of each visit / purchase and the total of euros that you earn).

The ranking criteria on Amazon is based on the A9 algorithm , developed to find the “best” products. That is, those that, according to Amazon, are capable of generating more benefits for the platform. This means that it all comes down to a question of price, which, in some cases, is tricky. Did you know that research suggests that shipping costs are sometimes hidden to make your own brand product look more attractive?

This is revealed by a recent study by the MIT Technology Review that sheds light on the true criteria behind the Amazon ranking.

In effect, as many suspected, the algorithm favors the products that make the marketplace more money, either by percentage of profits or by volume of sales. Luckily for the consumer, this is of interest to them on many occasions, as A9 often promotes the items with the best value for money.

You have to take this into account in your marketing and sales strategy on Amazon , but do not forget that conversion history or recent sales also count, and a lot.

If you are selling your products through Amazon or planning to do so, read on. Now comes the practical advice!

Good SEO practices on Amazon to apply to appear well positioned
Fill in all the fields that Amazon asks you (including the seller’s information). Like Google, Amazon also recognizes those who correctly structure the information and keep its pages as complete as possible.

Images. Amazon strongly encourages the use of images . In fact, it is important to upload them as large as possible (1,000 x 1,000 px), as the platform then takes care of optimizing the sizes for each type of view.
Product title. As optimized as possible and containing: brand, size, color, material …
Description. The more detailed, the better , and that it provides the maximum amount of data that is of value to your users. This is where your keywords should be.
Choose your search terms well. Amazon gives us only 5 fields to fill in, we must take that into account to choose the best options and not repeat. We will see how to choose the best keywords in the next section of this article.
Good reviews, opinions, comments, etc. It is the most valued by Amazon , since it knows that the more stars and positive comments a product has, the easier it will be to sell it.
Clarity when choosing category. It benefits your products and also Amazon. When listing your articles, you should choose well in which category you want them to appear.
Account on Amazon Fullfillment . If you think it can make your life easier, do not hesitate to hire this service, which frees you from the complications of management associated with logistics. Doing so means that Amazon takes care of warehousing, packaging, order picking, transportation, and customer service. You are still imagining yourself since, as this implies an extra benefit for the platform, it gives you the advantage of positioning. Exactly. Perhaps your margin is reduced, but in return you achieve greater visibility, or what is the same, more sales. When opting for the fullfillment service you will see that there are different options, some with greater involvement of the platform and others with less.
Offers and discounts. They are well valued by Amazon and, in fact, when they are included, the article is considered more relevant, therefore, you gain positioning.
how to sell on amazon – buy box

It is true that this compilation of best practices seems quite unaffordable at first, but it is not. If you focus on designing a good SEO strategy on Amazon and let yourself be guided by the recommendations of the marketplace, you will see that your results do not stop improving .

How to choose keywords on Amazon?
Keywords are as important to Amazon as they are to Google , although each interprets them in their own way. If you want to gain positioning, you are interested in knowing the criteria best valued by the platform and applying them.

When making your choice of keywords, whether you have just started selling through this channel, or if you want to polish your strategy, you should take into account that:

The clarity is important. The platform is translated into multiple languages ​​and, for this reason, the more concrete, concise and specific are the words with which you define and describe your product, the better.
The customer at the center . Put yourself in their shoes and think about what kind of search you would do to come up with an item like the one you want to sell.
Statistics. The chances that your products will appear in good positions have to do with the number of times a search is repeated in the corresponding box on the Amazon website. See what the suggestions are and stick to them. Use specific keyword tools to identify the secondary keywords that interest you the most.
Don’t forget the long tails. Sometimes, you will see that it is easier to position them than to try with highly competitive keywords.
If you find it difficult to meet all these requirements in the search for keywords or you do not know how to find answers to your questions, let yourself be guided by professionals. Have you thought about seeking the support of a digital marketing agency ?

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