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SEO news and future trends for your web positioning


SEO news and future trends for your web positioning

When conducting an internet search, we always end up focusing on the first results that appear in search engines. And you are no exception, are you?Some may find it lucky to appear in them, but the truth is that for this to happen you have to do a lot of work. This is, roughly, what is known as web positioning . Let’s know its ins and outs!list_altIndex of contents
The importance of SEO and its context today
How to adapt to all paid vs organic changes
Since the first search engines appeared in the 90s, the way of advertising on the internet has changed a lot. The web pages that at that time were something new, are now part of our day to day. So much so, that we even distrust those companies that do not show themselves in the us phone database  world.At first it was not very difficult for our website to appear in the first search results without making great efforts. Now … rather the opposite!The amount of web pages hosted in the online world has made necessary the appearance of SEO professionals . SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to the web positioning that I have been talking about.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email
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The people who carry out this task are in charge of optimizing the web page, of working it internally and externally in order to climb positions and place themselves on the long-awaited first page of Google. But as much as it may seem easy, it is not, since not everyone has the ability to position a web page so that users find it easily.


Rand Fishkin, Brian McDowell, Sico de Andrés, Carolyn Lyden or Esther Checa are just some of the great professionals who stand out notably in the SEO world . Would you also like to start positioning yourself better? So I encourage you to keep reading.The importance of SEO and its context today
Today it is difficult not to talk about SEO and think directly about how to position in Google . Well, this has not always been the case.As I have told you, search engines began to appear in the 90s, and Google arrived, Betting Email List , in 1996. From that moment, the largest and most powerful search engine in history has been growing gradually, yes, without having the supremacy that it has Today.For example, in 2005 its market share was 40%, so not even half of the users made it their default search engine.Little by little they were innovating and offering more possibilities to companies and users; so much so that in 2018 Google’s market share rose to 70%. It is just at that moment that it begins to monopolize the market and include new ways to retain the public on its platform. Take a look at the chart below!SEO news 1When it began to accumulate more quota, Google realized that it could optimize its resources, leading to the division between organic traffic and paid traffic, a division that has also changed over time.Before you could always find organic positioning in the first results, but now many of the spaces reserved for organic traffic have been exchanged for paid clicks. A clear example of the change can be seen in the following image:paid vs organicAnd all this, why is it changing? Basically because of the user’s search intent and the monopoly that Google has set up .In its desire to continue improving, Google wants to adapt more and more to answering the questions of its users as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, for the search engine , the UX part takes more and more weight , that is, improving the user experience, in such a way that he is satisfied with the value that is being provided and thus can interact and trust more in the results obtained. .All this is causing Google to be constantly evolving and adopting new changes. But there is more!SEO Optimization Checklists Pack
How Google is adapting to satisfy the user
Google has evolved and is no longer just a search engine to become the starting and ending point for all kinds of queries.This is so insofar as its multiple updates have added ne features that make the user experience as easy as possible. Surely many of them sound familiar to you and others you have pending to discover, but some of these new features are:Maps
Google weather

Famous & Notable People
Brands and Companies
Dictionary & Thesaurus
Film & TV
Concerts & Events
“Best …” lists, such as “best movies 2018”
As you can see, these are new applications that are intended to facilitate the user’s search and improve their experience without having to leave Google or even without having to click and enter any site.In addition to these new features, a change that users and even companies have liked a lot are the featured snippets . This term refers to an extract of text that Google shows directly in its search engine on the topic we are looking for. This means that the user can resolve their questions, at a glance, without having to enter another web page. Of course, always giving the option to extract more information by entering the web page that has published it.featured snippet Googlefeatured snippet Google 2
Another novelty that Google has been including is the ability to search by voice . Users are looking for convenience, and if the use of audio messages has spread easily, it could not be otherwise with voice searches.According to data from a recent study, 20% of Google searches are already by voice. In addition, 41% of adults in the United States and 55% of young people say that this is how they carry out their searches in search engines.Google voice searchesPlatforms that follow in Google’s footsteps
While it is true that Google is the king of search engines, there are many other platforms that we use in our day to day to keep in touch with other users and even be informed.All these platforms have also changed over time and, how could it be otherwise, have followed the trail set by Google to become more profitable. How? Limiting organic reach and urging companies to invest in them.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube and Amazon are a clear example of platforms that have been progressively implementing the possibility of improving their reach with paid ads, while the organic reach of publications has been decreasing.New Call-to-Action
How to adapt to all paid vs organic changes
With all these changes in which paid results seem to dominate over organic, what should we do? From my point of view, there are several options to adapt and win the new updates.Use CTR% (click through rate) . The CTR is a metric that tells you the opportunities you have when ranking in the first position to get clicks on your site. To make it clearer, I am going to give you an example: if a keyword has 90% organic CTR, it means that if this keyword has 1000 monthly searches, you will have a chance to get 90% of the clicks from these searches if you have the first one position, that is, 900 clicks.CTR Google
Look for opportunities for long tail keywords , since they have less competition and fewer snippets and other features.
Pay attention to brand content . The generation of branded content is taking on more and more weight, since Google not only wants you to obtain traffic from the creation of quality content, but also wants you to work with other digital and offline marketing media, to ensure that you position a well-developed and reputable brand.
Invest in organic traffic now , otherwise there will be no option in the future, as most of the traffic will be paid and there will be very little space for organic players. Make sure you are one of them now!
Invest in On-SERP SEO . Improve your On-SERP SEO descriptions. Do you wonder how? On the one hand, Rich Snippets work well and, on the other, create profiles of different social networks and pages that may appear in search engines.
Make sure that if Google offers listings, you are in them.
Incentivize the click in case of having featured snippets , so that they do not remain only on the Google home page. For example: if you have a featured snippet with “the 3 healthiest ingredients in Spain”, be sure to change it to “the 20 healthiest ingredients in Spain”, since in this way, to know them all, they will have to enter your content.
Branding works not only in terms of the online part, but also in terms of the rest of the strategies , so that a good presence of the brand can be acquired, since Google is also benefiting those brands / companies / users that have a good global marketing reputation.
As you can see, Google is evolving by leaps and bounds, and if you don’t want to get stuck, you’re going to have to do it too. Organic opportunities will always exist, but we have to invest to earn a position in search engines now, since, in the long term, paid will be gaining more and more ground.

And is that SEO will be crucial at least for 10 years, but probably a few more, so do not sleep, invest in SEO now if you do not want to be left out of the organic results market!

Finally, I recommend that you invest consistently and do not want to be smarter than Google, but go hand in hand by aligning yourself with what it has studied which is what the user needs.

Do you already take into account the search engine changes in your strategy? I encourage you to share it with me in the comment section.

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