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SEM or SEO: The Great Search Engine Optimization Debate


SEM or SEO: The Great Search Engine Optimization Debate

The 2 options can have important advantages depending on the objective of your company and the money and time that you are willing to invest. It is common in work meetings or conversations between professionals in the sector to debate the effectiveness of organic positioning ( SEO ) versus paid positioning ( SEM ) for your business web portal. Some see SEO as the goal to achieve, but they settle for SEM since they do not know Google’s algorithms and it can be very expensive to invest in someone to achieve it. So SEM or SEO ?, which is better? The advantages of investing in SEM campaigns are: I. SPEED : you can quickly design a campaign with the appropriate where to buy phone numbers , limit them geographically, depending on the schedule and appear on Google. It won’t take you more than an hour. II. YOU PAY ONLY FOR THE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEB : the cost is related to the clicks that your ad receives (CPC). You pay for each user that comes to your website. If you also have an e-commerce, it will be easy for you to calculate the profitability of your campaigns (although it does not have to be an online store, you can set other types of conversions).


III. INSTANT CHANGES: just as starting it is fast, stopping it is even faster. You control the daily budget, you evaluate it at all times and you finish it when you consider it appropriate. But it is logical to think that investing in Betting Email List is a great long-term strategy , since it is synonymous with appearing in the top positions of the search engine without relating the click to a cost for the company. Especially useful for all keywords with a lot of competition, which means a high CPC . But SEO is not free , since there is a great job behind it (it can be internal or outsourced) and many months of breaking stone. At the beginning of a company in the entire digital world, without a doubt betting on SEM is the fastest option to generate traffic to your website. In the long term, betting on an SEO strategy for those more expensive keywords would be the best alternative, although without stopping the SEM. Why? Because Google can modify the algorithm at any time and the company may not work, nor can it, position all its keywords . In these cases, an SEM campaign would allow your website not to fall into oblivion. Also, even if you are organically ranked very well in search engines, two of the paid ads appear at the top above the organic results.Would you allow your competition to be above you?

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