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Selling with Linkedin: is it possible to get clients for your business?


Selling with Linkedin: is it possible to get clients for your business?

LinkedIn is today like Facebook in the middle of 2008: a boiling pot where (almost) every day you find news that helps you connect with the right people for your Cayman Islands Phone Number List and that brings you closer to the goal that every business wants: to sell.If you are one of those who has a LinkedIn profile in a zombie state, keep reading because I will tell you step by step how you should do to be able to sell with LinkedIn . Start today!list_altIndex of contents
What is not selling with LinkedIn: examples of bad practice
What does it mean to sell with LinkedIn
3 fundamental keys to get clients through LinkedIn
How do I start to put this into practice today? My 4 minute rule
Main conclusionsAlthough many still think that Instagram is the social network par excellence to get quality leads and sales, LinkedIn does not stop creating new functionalities to simplify and be a fundamental part of our sales funnel. In this way, selling with LinkedIn is a reality in 2021 .

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LinkedIn was born in 2002 with Reid Hoffman and other Paypal executives at the helm with a clear objective: to create a platform that would allow companies to reach talent in a more efficient, fast and secure way. We must remember that back in 2002, companies invested a lot of money and time in finding quality talent through recruitment companies. Now those recruiting companies use LinkedIn as a job tool.Although initially the goal was to create a platform to connect Betting Email List and talent, LinkedIn has evolved into a platform with many more options.More than 700 million users, more than half of the active population in Spain, an average of 2 new users per second and considered the # 1 social network for lead generation. Do you still have doubts that LinkedIn is the social network for your business?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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What is not selling with LinkedIn: examples of bad practice
Selling with LinkedIn sounds great, right? To avoid misunderstanding, before seeing how, I want to tell you what it means to sell with LinkedIn.Let’s play together, let’s travel back in time and imagine Antonio Romero with me.In 1998, Antonio, a commercial profession for a laoratory equipment company, began his commercial route with 5 visits to different companies.It was a cold call, but he already had a “foolproof” sales strategy:

He spent 10 minutes finding something in the company , in the room, in the environment, some detail that would help him “connect” with his interlocutor. For example: Antonio mentioned the awards that the company he visited at the reception had or mentioned the article in the press where it had just appeared.
After this initial wink, he would go on to “listen” to the needs of the company for another 10 minutes. He did like the one who listened because he was already clear about what he was going to sell him. Listening to needs was an unimportant phase of the process.
After those awkward 10 minutes, Antonio moved into action. He would take out all his arsenal and begin to comment on all the products he has in his portfolio and why you should buy from him. In this phase, the 10 minutes were too short, this took more than half of the meeting. Antonio spent 30 minutes explaining his services.
And Antonio ended his meeting with the closing of sales , about 30% of the time was for the closing.
This that we have just told is the typical sales model that was used and that many companies continue to use.

Trust generation – 10%
Listening to needs – 5%
Presentation of our services – 60%
Closing – 25%
Selling with LinkedIn does not mean following this old model aimed at the masses and where a client is one more number that you must reach to meet objectives with your commercial director. The new sales model is a model that is built on building trust, and almost 90% of it comes down to that .

Can you imagine why? Very simple and record this in your memory: who does not know you, does not buy from you, and who does not trust you, either.

And what is not selling with LinkedIn, then?

Selling with LinkedIn is not accumulating contacts as if they were trading cards just in case in the future we need it
We are all tired of the typical LinkedIn messages like: “Hello, Cristina, I want to have you in my professional network.” Why don’t you explain to me why you want to have me in your network?

María José was not clear with her message. If you don’t know the person and if you don’t know what they want from you, don’t accept the connection. Be clear about your intentions on LinkedIn and don’t waste time.

sell on linkedin message not personalizedSelling with LinkedIn is not sending copy-paste messages that have nothing to do with you
I hate automated messages that are not segmented and do not carry a shred of love, because they are noticeable, they smell and they classify you as a salesperson of the old model.

If you are one of those who still think that selling is getting a sale, you should change the chip now. Selling is helping the person, and for that you must know if what you offer is what they need.

sell on linkedin automated message

Selling with LinkedIn does not mean selling on the first comment
Ricardo sent me his contact request, 5 minutes after accepting him, he sent me a PDF of his company. He didn’t show up or say “hello” to me! This translates into real life like when you go to a street market where the shopkeepers shout their products: “watermelons”, “melons” …

What do you think I did? What would you have done? It took me seconds to delete the contact because I don’t want spam.

I’m not your target, I don’t have that need, and I don’t like hard-selling on or off LinkedIn.

sell on linkedin direct comment

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