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One of the biggest focuses of Marketing: Loyalty
By loyalty we mean achieving a long-lasting and stable relationship with the client to maximize its value . Today, the volume of competition is brutal, and we are also faced with a prepared consumer, with exaggerated volumes of information at their fingertips. This is why we are pressured to achieve this loyalty from our users, and many times, desperate, we jump to devise expensive and sophisticated loyalty plans, and with a brutal focus on the pure profit of the Ivory-Coast Phone Number List and sales, losing focus on the customer.

But the truth is that we should never ignore the basic question. What is my consumer looking for when purchasing a product or service?

The reality is that as humans, we don’t buy products or services, we buy experiences and we buy emotions. Before devising loyalty plans and actions, it is extremely important to return to our buyer persona , analyze it, and understand it from head to toe. What does my client think and feel? Who are you communicating with and where are you going? What brings you satisfaction, and what are your ideals of happiness? All these questions can help us answer the type of emotions you are looking for, and from there start to devise a strategy to provoke them in some way when you buy me.

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It is important to note that selling experiences is not purely about an impeccable service, of course it is indisputably relevant for the loyalty and satisfaction of our user , but if the formalities of customer service are neglected or not refreshed, it can easily fall into the monotony. The user may come to feel that the atmosphere of kindness and disposition is false, and that their satisfaction is a matter of Betting Email List protocol. They may stop feeling special quickly.

This is why, in addition to good service, sensory activators must be added for our client, they can be aromas, lights, colors, sounds, etc; any activator capable of awakening an emotion. One of the most notable examples is the movie business, you don’t pay for the movie, you pay for the experience , that is, the company, the food, the technology, and a story. The accessories and sensory activators that accompany the film.

What sensory complements can we offer our clients that fit with our product or service, and also with what they are particularly looking for? We must constantly ask ourselves what would my customer like to feel, what would their visit or purchase make special? And after analyzing it, asking ourselves, how can I give it to you? That’s when we jump into strategy.

It is easier for the customer to memorize your product or service if they relate it to the emotions they felt when interacting with your business. If you managed to provoke them, and also in a positive way, it is sure that he will want to return.

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