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Scrapebox and how to automate tasks


Scrapebox and how to automate tasks

Scrapebox is a tool that generates diversity of opinions.
In general, Scrapebox is the same as SEO Black Hat. Some SEO experts believe that these types of techniques and tools should be avoided at all costs. Others like me believe that they should be used and practiced, always with caution and taking action. In fact, carried out responsibly and consciously, it can mean an extraordinary saving of time without posing any risk to our website.

Below I list some possibilities and how to carry them out as safely as possible. Needless to say, Egypt Phone Number List most tools for automating tasks are paid. I recommend using Scrapebox , although we will also use free APIs to obtain additional data.

Some actions that have to be carried out on a regular basis or with certain periodicity if you dedicate yourself to this sector, and that you can automate with Scrapebox are:

1. Measurement of the evolution of your keywords in the SERPS. It is an essential activity because it allows us to know the results of the SEO actions we carry out, seeing what works and what does not. To automate this action, you must download the free Rank Tracker addon .

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Regarding the use of proxies, I have to say that I have never used them and that working with caution there is no problem. I always recommend setting a 1 minute time interval between each search that Scrapebox does.

2. Get a list of blogs with similar themes to ours. This can give us numerous opportunities.

– Write a blog post as a guest author, thus making our own blog known.
– Consider those pages as Betting Email List competitors and see what keywords they are working for through Semrush.
– Automatically find those blogs that have open comments and write comments, always in a context so as not to be considered spammers. Although comments can also be posted through Scrapebox, I recommend doing it manually so as not to run any risk.

3. Obtain a list of all the urls of a certain domain. This is very useful when we want to know, for example, which pages of our website have been indexed. Once you have all the urls on your website, you can use the free Greenlane SEO tool to automatically check the indexing status of your urls.

4. Get a list with suggestions of keywords of different levels with which to rank our page, just give a keyword and it will give us a list with similar keywords used by the competition.

5. Analyze the level of interaction of your target with the social networks of your company or of the competition. For this you can use the Social Checker addon .

I have only listed some of the uses that can be made of Scrapping tools. However, the good thing about tools like Scrapebox is that the limit is in the imagination of each webmaster. Countless very useful actions can be carried out, the tool itself offers free and paid addons for a wide variety of actions.

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