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Review Instagram 2016, find out the highlights of the year


Review Instagram 2016, find out the highlights of the year

What happened in the last year of Instagram?
2016 was quite an unusual year for Instagram. In this note we will see some key moments that explain its growth . Let’s do a little memory and bring to this beginning of the year everything that has happened.

Who dominates on Instagram?
Selena Gomez was crowned in 2016 as the commander and queen of the vast empire of this social network. He pulled his BFF Taylor Swift out of the way and became the most followed person on Instagram. In addition, the publication that he promoted for Coca-Cola broke the record for the photo with the most hearts. That really is a true influencer: 9 of the 10 photos with the most likes are from Selena . She is #untouchable.

Selena Queen of Instagram

What is the strategy?
Selena was also the first person on Instagram to surpass 100 million followers. Creating my own messages, she says, is my Germany Phone Number List secret. He insists that no social media manager manages his account and that makes everything that happens more natural.

” I try to find a good balance of just being 100 percent myself and knowing when to post a really good selfie with good lighting ”

Or, in Spanish:

” I try to find a balance, to be 100 percent myself and without forgetting that the publication has a good photo and good light”

Selena recounted this in a note from The Hollywood Reporter. In 2016 alone, Selena achieved more than 50 million followers, 10 million more than Taylor Swift, who is followed by more than 95 million people.

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Some of the great influencers
In addition to these great stars, there are many characters who owe their fame to Instagram.

Hudabeuty InstagramHuda Kattan, a Hollywood makeup artist who shares tutorials and product reviews. Her beauty collection is one of Sephora’s best-selling globally.

Zach InstagramZach King became famous through the social network Vine (RIP), he is a modern filmmaker expert in “magic videos”. He lives in Los Angeles and is sponsored by brands such as Buick, Ford and Red Bull.Josh InstagramJosh Ostrovsky gained his popularity on Instagram by posting Betting Email List memes and making hilarious comments. In this way, he got brands such as Burger King, Bud light and Virgin Mobile to seek him out to promote their products.

And what place do brands occupy?
As in 2015, the brands that lead Instagram are:

Nike : The sports brand of the pipe has strengthened its strategy by developing more audiovisual content and promoting the desire to play sports; invites his followers with empowering phrases to achieve their goals.

National Geographic : The media specialized in nature focused, as always, on showing reality in the best possible way; that is to say: with some photos of excellent quality.

Victoria’s Secret : The top brand in lingerie shows models but the protagonist of its photos are the products. As always, bet on sensuality and beauty.

Top Brands on Instagram

Instagram Vs Facebook
social media graphicEngagment comparison

What are you waiting for to put your brand in the best places?

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