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Recruitment Process: How to Automate It with HubSpot


Recruitment Process: How to Automate It with HubSpot

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Recruitment Process: How to Automate It with HubSpotMireia Reixach
December 21, 2020
CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
The process of selecting candidates , especially if they are complex and are divided into several phases, can be a great effort and many hours of work for the human resources department as well as for the teams involved . In addition, there is a risk that they will take a long time , which is negative for both candidates and the company that seeks to rapidly increase its workforce with the most suitable professionals.In this article I am going to explain the enefits of automating a selection process and the use of HubSpot, the software used by inbound Uruguay Phone Number List projects, as the main tool to achieve this automation. Do not miss it!A concrete example: the InboundCycle selection process
So that you can easily understand the basics of how to automate a recruitment process with HubSpot , I am going to explain, step by step, our experience in this matter in the talent recruitment department of InboundCycle.Why automate the process?
At InboundCycle we have made an effort to automate as much as possible our candidate selection system for the different profiles of our company for several reasons:


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Reduce the management time of the large number of applications that we continuously have in the different phases of the selection processes.Use the time gained to dedicate it in the final phases of the selection processes, with the most qualified candidates, as well as in other important tasks of the department.
Ensure an agile process with quick response for all candidates, both those who advance and those who do not pass any of the phases. An automated process allows you not to leave anyone without an answer, and always respond with the timings that you choose. Undoubtedly, this helps to attack the classic problems of human resources departments, which are saturated with work and with a lack of time for all these important issues for the good experience of the candidates.Reduce human errors.
Improve the experience of the candidates and, consequently, the branding and reputation of the company.
Now that we have our complex and demanding recruitment system largely automated, we can conclude that the effort has been worth it. We have managed to speed up the process enormously , in addition to having personal data and the results of the different tests controlled at all times, which are associated with the profile of each candidate.Now I am going to explain in more detail how we have worked on each of the phases that make up our selection processes.New Call-to-Action
Candidate attraction
Before going to see each of the phases of the InboundCycle selection process, it is important to address the attraction of candidates, which will allow us to have a sufficient volume of candidates to be able to find, among them, those that best adapt to the company and vacancies.There are different ways to attract candidates, I mention a few below:Create a blog about the talent of the company, whih will allow us to create a branding and reputation as employers, as well as to be able to work our content with SEO strategies, gaining positions in search engines and getting visits from our buyer person, that is, our ideal candidate . This would be, par excellence, the first phase of an inbound recruiting strategy . In the corresponding articles, we can put CTAs, calls to action , with links to our vacancies.
Create a page “Work with us” in which we share information about the company: culture and values, benefits of working in the company, information about the different departments, attractive visual content that helps candidates to get to know us better and, above all, the job offers that we have active. Make sure that the job offers are well structured and explain not only what we are looking for and the requirements, but also what the person could learn in this position.
hubspot personal selection

Activate the online application on our website, so that candidates can enter the selection process automatically from a form on the offer page. In InboundCycle we create the landing pages of the offers with HubSpot. In this link you can see an example.
recruitment process with hubspot landing pagesPublish vacancies on corporate social networks. Depending on the audience, the corporate Instagram can be a speaker that helps us spread how we are inside as a company, who our employees are, what teambuilding activities we do, etc. I invite you to visit the InboundCycle Instagram to see what we do to take care of this aspect.person selection process hubspot instagramAdvertise your vacancies on LinkedIn Jobs.
Collaborate with schools, universities and other organizations to find talent through their job fairs, Recruiting Days, their job boards, etc.Consider activating a bonus to those people who recommend friends and acquaintances. It is important to thoroughly define and delimit this type of incentive.
Phase 1. Data collection
To automate the first phase, which consists of collecting data from the people who aspire to be part of our staff, we have used a landing page , accompanied by a HubSpot form where we request all the data we need.It is very important that in the forms we put all those fields that later will help us to automatically filter the candidates of interest from those that are not because they do not meet the requirements of the Betting Email List . For example, the level of English, the level of studies, the years of previous experience, etc.people selection process hubspot formOnce the candidate fills in the first form, HubSpot detects, thanks to the HubSpot workflows that we have created previously, whether or not this person goes to the next phase. Candidates who pass are automatically sent an email with the information of the next phase. Those who do not pass automatically receive a dismissal email.All this information is automatically saved in HubSpot , and each time we need to consult them we only have to go to the candidate’s profile .Phase 2. Metrics testThe second phase of our selection process consists of a metrics test . Thanks to the automation of HubSpot, we have taken a very important leap in quality, going from having to correct the tests by hand and send an email to each person informing the result to fully automate the process with another landing and a form .Now the candidate can answer the questions in a form and HubSpot automatically takes care of:Correct all tests.
Send an email to each candidate informing about whether or not they have passed the test.
Phase 3. Interview (by video)
Through Spark Hire , an automated interview program, each candidate can send the answers to the questions we ask them by video , with enough time to prepare and record it wherever and whenever it suits them best.Once the candidate uploads the video, in the talent department we receive a notification that informs us of the new video. The tool also allows us to review the video interview when it suits us best during the week in order to give it the attention that this phase deserves. This phase allows you to meet the person before the interview and assess their fit with the company and the position.If the person passes this phase, we indicate it in their HubSpot profile, which makes the same software automatically detect the information we have entered and send the candidate the email that explains the next phase. In case of not exceeding it, we also enter the information in your profile and an email is automatically sent to you informing that you have not passed the phase.recruitment process hubspot video interviewPhase 4. Analytical test
Candidates who pass the previous tests go on to the next phase, consisting of an analytical test that we previously carried out in face-to-face sessions in our own office , in groups of 15 people.To automate this phase with HubSpot we have created another landing in which we have recorded a series of videos with all the information that we previously provided in person. With this new system, the candidate can watch the video and read all the information calmly and then answer the questions through a form.Subsequently, we receive the responses by email, correct them and automatically inform each person about whether or not they have been selected for the final phase.Phase 5. Personal interview
In this phase, the talent department has an in-depth interview with the candidate. The interview usually lasts about 45 minutes.After the interview is completed, the candidate also receives an automated response. If you follow the process, we will explain in detail the structure of the interview that you will have in the next phase, the final one.We previously did this explanation in this interview or by email manually, which has saved us some time.New Call-to-Action
Phase 6. Final interview with the team
Finally, the people who have passed the interview with the talent department have a final interview with talent and with the heads of the department to which they are applying.I hope this post has been useful and helps you automate any phase of the selection process of your company. In future articles I will explain in more detail how we have used, in InboundCycle, the different elements of HubSpot for each phase: landings, workflows, forms and lists.If you want to tell us about your experience with the automation of a selection process or to express your doubts about any of its aspects, we re still here to continue commenting on it!

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