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If we look for the definition of virtual in the dictionary we find: That it has an apparent existence and not a real one.

Consequently, is everything that happens behind the screens of our mobiles and Kuwait Phone Number List less real than what we see without screens in between? Is the digital / virtual world a non-real world?

Although these questions may already seem a bit repetitive, this debate is still open between parents and children, friends, grandparents and grandchildren, etc. I am not here to say who is right, but what I do know is that there are many actions that transcend the screens and it is everyone’s responsibility to be attentive and use the tools we have to generate conversations, now that it is easier than never.

I will explain myself with two completely different examples:

The safety of minors on the Internet is a very sensitive issue and there are acts such as groooming, happy slapping, etc. that many children suffer daily around the world. Many of these acts transcend the screens, cross the virtual and real worlds and generate suffering for entire families.

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It is true that these cases are condemned many times, but to be able to identify and report it as quickly as possible, the first thing we have to do, from my point of view, is to be aware that we cannot separate the virtual from the real and that many times the virtual is much more real than the non-virtual.

I do not have children so I have not found myself in the situation of educating a minor in the use of the Internet, but as Sebastian Bortnik explains very well in his talk The conversation we’re not having about Betting Email List child abuse, it is important that they adults are interested and know the environments in which their children, nephews, etc. they move and build themselves, because only in this way is it possible to fully understand their reality.

Changing the subject entirely, another case that has recently gone from the “real world” to the “virtual world” in the form of a spot is the latest Pepsi ad . With the aim of transmitting a message of unity, peace and understanding as they themselves comment, what they have achieved is to devalue movements such as “black lives matter”, among many other errors, which has generated an immense debate on the networks .

As we can see, then, it is in different aspects that the real and virtual worlds are confused, in different ways and with different consequences, and at no time has there been an attempt to compare, but only to remember that everyone, companies, people, diverse entities We must be prudent and responsible, since now, with these two worlds or a larger world, it depends on how you want to look, actions transcend many more barriers.

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