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Real estate marketing: keys + 11 examples of effective campaigns


Real estate marketing: keys + 11 examples of effective campaigns

The real estate market is changing. After the economic crisis and the bursting of the real estate bubble, we lived through a period of chicha calm in which the real estate professionals who resisted had to champion the slogan “renew or die.”And without a doubt, this renovation involves doing good real estate marketing and understanding that the sale is the consequence of the marketing actions we carry out.So real estate professionals must be prepared to face the future and specialize to make a difference. Real estate marketing is the best key to an effective sale .In this article, you will learn strategies, buy usa number , tips and tips on real estate marketing so that you can implement them in your business and make it take off. Shall we start?Real estate marketing strategies: offline actions
It is clear that nowadays digital marketing is the trend and it comes stomping, but you cannot forget the offline actions of real estate marketing that you must carry out in your business.Only by combining the best offline marketing and online marketing strategies will you succeed and be the king of your real estate market.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Just because it’s offline marketing doesn’t mean it has to be stale or too traditional. I share with you some offline marketing ideas that you can work on. Get inspired!


If you are going to advertise on traditional paper, look for designs that are attractive, that impact and that invite reading, so that they do not end up in the bin. Flee from the real estate clichés before the crisis.
Hold workshops in your offices on topics that do not have to do, in principle, with your sector. For example, organize a cooking workshop and invite potential clients, and make them know you and trust you in a relaxed Betting Email List . You will have a lot of cattle!
Sponsor local sporting events . But do not leave the sponsorship only in stamping your logo on a t-shirt, get involved and go on the day of the event, set up your stand and take the opportunity to do some good networking.
Organize a sellers workshop where, for free, you give them tips and teach them how they can sell their home. In this way, instead of going with the fishing rod, we will go with the network and we will be able to contact potential and predisposed clients.
Throw a party in your office and invite your clients . Tell them that they can come accompanied by whoever they want, in this way you will be making a mark and you can easily get referrals.
Put your services into a guide that helps you as a tool to attract sellers.
Edit a real estate magazine .
Work with collaborators in your area . You will be able to carry out joint actions with them, obtain quality referrals and make a brand in your area.
real estate_magazineThe good news is that most of these actions can be shared in the digital world, increasing, in turn, their impact. Test it!Content marketing for real estate
The content marketing is to provide information of value to our customer . It is information that is distributed for free in different marketing channels.If you want to sell, educate first. And if it’s free, the better. For this, it is essential that you study your target audience and define your buyer persona in great detail to know what content will interest them. The content of real estate marketing must be focused on helping the user . Remember it!What we seek with content marketing is to offer relevant content for the buyer or seller, in each of the phases that they will go through during their purchase process . If you put valuable information at their disposal and they see you as a reference and an expert in the sector, it is much more likely that they will give you the exclusive in the sale of their home, for example.We must also work on the emotional connection with our target audience through real estate content marketing. Take the opportunity to connect with the emotions of your customers!Content marketing is key in real estate marketing today, and that is why I am going to leave you several ideas to work on it so that your agency is a magnet for sellers and buyers. Do you want to know them?Real Estate Blog
Without a doubt, he is the king of real estate content marketing. And don’t think: “I already have a website, why do I want a blog?” Precisely so that customers come to your website.The blog is a brutal web positioning tool if it is well worked with your keywords. But it also allows you to offer high value content for your potential clients, content that they are looking for on the internet and for which you can offer them an answer that will help you increase their chances of becoming a customer.So get on your feet and work on your real estate blog, then share your articles on your social networks and thus attract qualified traffic to your website.You can talk about millions of things on your real estate blog: sector news commented and explained from your point of view, home decor, tips to prepare your home for hot or cold weather, local news and events, unique houses, dictionary of real estate terms … and even cooking or plant care recipes!New Call-to-actionFree ebook or guides
You can write a free ebook that serves as a downloadable lead magnet from your website . The user who wants this free ebook must fill out a form with their data, in this way, you will be increasing your database with qualified leads to work with later.

The ebook can be a “Seller’s Guide” explaining the ins and outs of selling a home. It can be titled, for example, “Guide on how to prepare your home for sale” or a collection of tutorials on decoration.ebook_inmobiliarioAttractive real estate copies
Do not fall into the cliché of “Great and bright apartment in …”, give life to your texts! In real estate portals the image is the queen, that is clear. But you must attract with the image and seduce with the text.Ultimately it is about people, not houses . So use storytelling and tell the story of that house or an anecdote that the owners have lived and that connects with future buyers, or talk about special moments that future buyers can experience.And, of course, talk about the environment, describe what a day is like in that neighborhood or that area, what its neighbors are like or the activities you can do.Here are some examples of Monapart Real Estate that I love for their originality. They are specialized in “nice houses” and that differentiates them from the rest.copys_inmobiliariosTutorials: Serial Videos with Informational PillsYou can make a series of short tutorial videos on different topics of interest to your audience, from information pills on real estate terms to a DIY on how to turn a pallet into a table. Imagination to the power!Infographics
Much of the content you generate for the blog, your ebooks, pamphlets and videos can be captured in a schematic infographic, in which the user can understand at a glance the idea you want to convey.Infographics are very fashionable, it is content that is shared very well and that can reach new users and potential clients. You can, for example, make an infographic about the expenses of buying or selling a home, or advice on what to do on a visit with buyers.

PodcastThere are more and more podcasts , this is a fact, and one of the main reasons for their popularity is that they are content that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want.Go ahead and be the first real estate agency in your city to have a podcast channel where you talk about real estate news.You can talk about how the real estate market is in a certain neighborhood or the latest homes you have sold, and return to offer valuable content for your client.Did you know that almost everyone likes to know how much their home would be worth if they decided to put it up for sale? Take advantage of that to attract customers.With all the content that you are generating in your real estate marketing actions, it should not be difficult to convert the content of your blog or your downloadable guides into audio into a 20-minute weekly podcast, for example.You can also bring guests to talk about different current affairs, decoration, home staging, architecture … or people from your locality who you can invite to talk about the Land Management Plan of your city, local festivals or new business openings.I’m sure you will succeed with your podcast!Webinars
You can organize the owner workshops that we have seen before in offline real estate marketing actions, but in a webinar format instead of in person. Interested users will connect to this online session, prior registration, so that you will have their information to be able to contact them once the webinar is over and prospect them.We can also do webinars dedicated to the training of other professionals in our sector, so that we can position ourselves as experts and gain knowledge authority.Click here to download the guide “How to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign”
Videomarketing for real estate
The videomarketing is here to stay, it is one of the current star of the real estate marketing trends.We already know that, as a general rule, the user prefers to consume video before any other format. This is a perfect way to connect emotionally with your audience!Here are some examples of how you can implement this trend in your marketing strategy. Can you think of others?Promotional videosYou can promote your company in an original, fresh and close way thanks to video. Talking about the values ​​of your brand and letting your work speak for you is much easier if we use video marketing .Here you can see an example of a real estate company that has opted for this action:Promotional videos for housing
What better way to show a home than on video? Make a good production and use storytelling to tell a good story while showing the house.Use drones to show your location, the environment, talk to neighbors or even current owners to explain the benefits of the neighborhood and invite a buyer to be new to the neighborhood. You can also make live video on social networks and create excitement around the acquisition of a new home.


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