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Re-view & Re-start: The Marketing post coronavirus


Re-view & Re-start: The Marketing post coronavirus

Marketing after the coronavirus will be radically rethought
80% of Spanish companies plan to reduce their investment in marketing by the second quarter of 2020
The use of social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has increased by 50% during the crisis
Source: Statista.com

Coronavirus , confinement and crisisThey have become the three words that haunt us every day. We live immersed in conversations that revolve around the same topic, we get up every morning with the same news as the day before and we have been held in the same physical space for more than 40 days. The world economy and most sectors are hitting bottom without the depth of the debacle being glimpsed. It seems that we should throw in the towel, lock ourselves in the cave and leave as soon as they allow us. However, now is the ideal time to stop and try to turn the situation around. Although writing it is easy and sounds like a worn out cliche, standing still and falling into conformity will be counterproductive. The objective of the article is to reflect on how companies and projects will face thesituation immediately after COVID-19 focusing on the modifications that will affect marketing strategies .

RE-VIEW: What have we done and how have we done it?
digital Belgium Phone Number List strategies during confinementMaking decisions lacking successful guides or manuals and undergoing a lot of pressure is not easy at all. These are the moments that force everyone to put themselves to the test. The COVID-19 is a huge challenge for all companies, their infrastructure and their departments. And the drop in results is already seen in most of them regardless of whether the answer has been the correct one or the best that could have existed. In this sense, learning and thoughts about the reaction to these extremely interesting situations can be verified:


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Speed ​​and agility in transformation
What we have seen very clearly is the need for agile teams that can quickly adapt to new situations and add value. This translates into marketing departments that know how to organize, create and innovate. Working with Scrum or Agile methodologies can facilitate the dynamics of adaptation within the moment in which we cannot find. In addition, in the same way as what happens with teams, we must also adapt our communication with customers. In any case, it is vitally important that this contact is made quickly and transparently, helping to generate confidence and security in us.

Opportunism, run away from here!
Currently any business decision impacts all communication and brand valuation. A controversial or poorly communicated action can undermine our corporate image. Betting Email List must focus on helping customers, employees and the team that makes them up. The communication of good real measures will always be easy and you will get greater notoriety for the veracity of the facts and their contrast with reality. Taking a reactive or containment approach, using preventive or helpful measures to clean up the brand image, will only make the situation worse.

Crisis management, a new challenge
We were not prepared for crisis management, but this experience will help us address future contingencies . In extreme situations, we become aware of many things that we used to think about. One of them is that, in most companies, there were no protocols, procedures or emergency committees to know how to properly handle a situation of this caliber. If anything can be learned from the current situation, it is to anticipate further crises and design appropriate management plans, starting with monitoring our channels in order to reduce these risks as soon as possible.

Channels will once again be judged on their profitability
The current standby situation informs us that the time has come to re-evaluate what we do, why we do it, how we do it and what results we obtain from it all. Given the forecast that 80% of companies in Spain plan to reduce the budget allocated to marketing this second quarter of 2020 , this will imply that the investments they choose to maintain are much more studied, verified and supported by objective data. More than ever the Return of Investment ( ROI ) and Return on Ad Spend ( ROAs) will become the metrics that will pivot marketing strategies. In addition, all those actions that do not imply a direct investment in advertising media such as process innovations, disruptive messages or improvements in the usability of pages and applications will gain strength. Making the most of your own channels by refocusing and optimizing them will be key for the coming months.

Know our First-Party Data
The analysis of First-Party Data, the data of first source collected by own sources such as those generated through the web page, is not something new for most. However, the analysis of this data will have to be reviewed by the metrics that were being used previously, and we will have to assess whether it is convenient to add new metrics that previously did not seem so interesting to us. For example, attending to the favorites list of an eCommerce and not the volume of conversions made within it, could now have more value and provide us with more information for our actions. We must also consider the periodicity , which will be an important point to improve due to the immediacy required in this new situation. In addition,Comparison periods that were routinely used will no longer be valid and will have to be rethought using both pre-crisis and post-crisis data.

RE – START: Let’s not wait to start again
new ways and strategies to do digital marketing

The change has already started
We shouldn’t be talking strictly about a post-lockdown plan. Said plan could be extended for an indefinite time and it could be subjected day after day to many conditions that reformulate it. On the contrary, it would make more sense to speak of micro strategies proposed in the short term and adapted to the situation of the present moment, always accompanied by a global vision. Getting stuck with planning could slow us down and ultimately cause us problems fitting our product together. The watchword is to get down to business right now. In addition, if we extend our period of action, we will run the risk that everyone wants to reinvent themselves simultaneously. Therefore, our future clients will be very susceptible to the offers they may receive at that moment of collective bombardment,

Diversifying lowers risk
Offering different services or products of a different nature will help us survive in the coming months. Focusing all our strategies on a single product is going to be complex in terms of results, as well as being a too risky strategy that we could regret. For this reason, it will be convenient to rethink services and variants in the business models we are betting on.

In most industries the upper part of the conversion funnel has not suffered as much as in the narrower phases of the funnel. That is, brands continue to generate interest but do not sell. Users continue to search, inform and evaluate their next purchases. However, these do not arrive. In this way, focusing on strategies of notoriety and consideration is a propitious strategy that we must value. Likewise, the use of social networks has experienced a growth of 50% in Spain, which opens a new channel for us and can facilitate the task of finding in Social Mediathe channel through which to generate this notoriety. Finally, in the near future we must not forget to draw reactivation strategies with all those clients who were left at the gates of conversion due to the coronavirus.

The offline offside
There are many who said that the Offline would never cease to exist, but now we observe with amazement that the offline world is about to become a memory of the past . Far from being able to hold events and conventions in person, the prevention measures that will be imposed during the remainder of the year (and probably the next) will force the cancellation or notable reduction of mass events. To face this setback, they will have to be rethought and redesigned in new online formatsthat allow its realization and without preventing the loss of potential public or notoriety. Seen from another perspective, it is a good opportunity to develop better technologies that allow us to establish much stronger digital contacts than we have right now. Also, there will not only be a recession in events. Why should we invest in outdoor advertising that is not going to have the same impact? Why should we make announcements in the written press when their reach is less? Why should we do buzoneo if people are afraid to touch your mailbox?

Does it work or not? The constant questioning
Does this campaign make sense, with this creativity and with this message in the current context? We must repeatedly ask ourselves whether what we are promoting is in line with the needs of the present and the future. Our potential clients are constantly changing their approaches and we have to adapt to this logic. This new stage that is beginning the speed in the analysis and the agility of the change will determine the success of the marketing actions. In the coming months, we will see how fast results will be required and we will see which tools such as Google Data Studio, Zapier, If This Then That will become our best allies.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of keeping ourselves informed and updating our knowledge about marketing. Experts like Neil Patel or renowned blogs like Moz can be useful inspirations to rethink, rethink and refocus our marketing strategies to face the new times. Now more than ever, staying up-to-date with emerging trends and observing our surroundings will be vital to respond with solvency to the challenges that are presented to us.

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