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Public relations and content marketing


Public relations and content marketing

The line between public relations and content Founder Email Lists continues to blur as digital becomes the rule when it comes to promoting a brand.Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to understand behavioral changes in their audience and create awareness for their brand in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded and noisy.In this circumstance, the data becomes crucial; Public relations professionals (PR), as well as content marketers, must have measurements and KPI analysis behind the telling of each of their stories and the promotion of their brands.But while many articles look to the future and predict that Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will change the way PR and branded content work, we must focus for the moment on the current reality and see how we can use the tools and data with those that we already have.Entrepreneur recently pointed out three key elements that are indisputable in the new paradigm of public relations and content marketing. Here we break them down and also add examples to explain it better. If you work in the world of PR or digital marketing , you should keep an eye on:

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1 Visibility on Google matters more than ever
As public relations moves from traditional magazines and newspapers to digital media, a critical factor is the visibility of the content in search engines, that is, Google.The future of press releases and public relationsWhen PR agencies place content or news in the media, they are used to generating reports indicating how many their client’s note was published in. With all the hearts that we will break, it must be said that today that is irrelevant per se. Why? Because quality matters more than quantity. Let’s think … if none of these media appeared on Google when the user did a search related to the news, it is as if they had never existed … but to make it clearer, let’s look at an example.An example of how PR and content marketing interact todayA few months ago, the digital marketing guru, Ann Handley , came to Mexico . We were within the group of media that would promote the event. We develop relevant content and optimize it with SEO. Which it was the result?When the search was done on Google: Ann Handley in Mexico, we appeared in position 1, even before WOBI, organizers of the event.Public relations and content marketingWe repeat then … if a brand hires a PR agency to place its content in digital media, but this content does not appear when the user makes a related search on Google, what good is it that it has been published in 32 digital media or more? Quality over quantity.

Another example of public relations and content marketing
We did the same job with the LGBTQ bottle that Bud Light just announced. In this case, we were not part of the contracted media, however, it seemed to us a relevant case of reputational marketing and we wanted to show it to you on the site and explain it. What do we achieve by working this content well?Appear in position 2 on Google, even above many media, when the Bud Light LGBTQ search was performed.how public relations and content marketing work You may wonder … and why should it appear in searches? We will respond.Why is it important to appear in the first places of Google?
Just as data we will tell you that the first 3 Google results in the SERP or results page, take almost 50% of all clicks. If your content does not appear on the first page … and preferably in the first places, what chance does it have of being found and read?Content marketing, publishers (media, blogs, vlogs) and public relations are no longer separate entities. PR must consider this reality and work accordingly with them if they want to be on top of searches, which is one of the most common activities the average person does from their mobile phone. (See what are micromoments ).Advanced Google searches
And if you still do not believe it, let us tell you that the main traffic channel to the sites is not social networks as many believe … it is organic search!SEO, content marketing, and digital PR share a common goal of getting your brand message in front of your customers when they actively seek it out.An extra benefitWhen content on a well-positioned blog or on a prestigious media site talks about a brandand links it, it gives it credibility in the eyes of readers, but also in the eyes of Google. When several media link to a brand’s site, search engines begin to consider it as more relevant and raise its rating, so in the future, this site will tend to appear more times and higher in searches.So if 10 well-positioned sites talked about the Miniso plush campaign , the brand’s site will grow in authority and automatically start to appear more times in Google searches. This is another benefit of creating good content and linking it to the brand’s site.linkbuilding to create domain authority

2 Expertise increases with in-depth content
Before distributing an article to all media, blogs and influencers, it is imperative that brands have various valuable content on their own site; contents referring to the themes in which they wish to position themselves.To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out a good keyword research and develop long-form and in-depth content. This means specialized content on a topic that is relevant to the brand’s users. They are called long forms because they usually have more than 2 thousand words … and are appreciated by Google because it believes that broad content better solves the audience’s questions, in addition to statistically they also achieve more links and are also shared more on social networks.In-depth content marketing and public relationsTo illustrate the previous point, let’s think of an electric car manufacturer that plans to invest heavily in public relations to position itself; This brand should have on its own site with several long and in-depth content on the subject: content on electric models, comparisons, advantages, tax deductions, mileage per charge, charging stations, etc.These contents can have different formats in order to better capture the attention of users (infographics, photos, e-books, etc.), but most of them must be texts and videos, because it is what appears in Google searches. .Once these contents are made, you can start working with the media, bloggers and influencers so that they in turn develop content with mentions and links to the brand’s site and there is coherence.A real example As an example of the above is The Home Depot, who have a blog on their site, about construction and decoration. All this content positions the brand well in its niche and makes the communications that The Home Depot continually sends to the media on topics related to its industry credible.Example of content on siteWhen the media publishes them, there is coherence in the communication because users perfectly place The Home Depot as an expert brand on these issues.PR and content marketingIn an opposite example, if a brand that has never talked about innovation, wants to start positioning itself as an “innovative company”, the road it will have to travel is very long because it lacks positioning, reputation and confidence in this matter.Another point about the importance of creating content. Reputation marketing is worth taking a look at here .

3 Influencers are more confident than many media
The Edelman Trust barometer has found that traditional media has lost its appreciation as a trusted institution around the world. With the rise and emergence of fake news, people no longer see them as a reliable source of information. This makes the job of journalists, PR professionals, marketing and creatives more difficult.Fortunately, there is a solution on the horizon. The Edelman study also found that the word spoken by experts, successful entrepreneurs, and CEOs is taken seriously by clients, industry colleagues, and society at large. This is a reminder that audiences highly value the knowledge and ideas shared by “influencers” in each industry. Note that we said influencers from each industry … because here we are not talking about YouTubers who create content for teenagers, but about niche influencers … let’s see an example.An example of a niche PR influencer When Starbucks had serious accusations of racism last year, the prestige of its CEO, Howard Schultz, brought it to the fore by showing his face and writing a public statement (you can read Howard Schultz’s letter here ). Schultz is one of the most respected businessmen in the world and today he is even a possible candidate for the US Presidency. He is an influencer… that is, a person that people like to listen to and listen to.benefits of being a socially responsible company

And for SMEs?
Of course, not all brands have their own influencer like Starbucks, so they must hire well-positioned niche influencers , so first you have to find them. With them, the public knows that the voice they hear is informed and, more importantly, will give an honest opinion even when paid. This is how it works today.
Niche influencer exampleLike search engines, social media is an inseparable part of your overall digital strategy; and influencers have a lot of authority in them. Having them on your side gives access to a large receptive audience base, therefore it is obvious that brands need these new personalities in order to gain more trust and credibility in their niches.It depends on you…Now that you have a clearer aspect of public relations and content Betting Email List, you know that trends have gone digital, have taken on a dynamic nature and are constantly evolving; Certainly… it is a huge challenge, but if you master the three aspects that we discuss here, it will be much easier to successfully communicate your brand message in 2019 and beyond.If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain marketing and communication strategies in detail, and be part of the community, you can receive them at your email door … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing give us a shout out We love hearing from you.

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