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Psychology on the Web


Psychology on the Web


Last Updated January 7th, 2020 at 12:16 pm

Which of these two web pages do you like the most or seems more trustworthy?

We all have different values, so there are things that we like more than others. That depends on each. Of course, the same thing happens on the Internet. At MD Singapore Business Phone List Digital we wanted to understand what happens when designing a web page, so that potential clients can feel comfortable visiting our site. Only the question remains: How is it done?

We find the answer in the following three steps:

1) Meet your client:

For this we carry out an analysis on the behavior and preferences of the client, thus discovering some secrets.

Who is online and why?
How do they make their decisions?
What are the characteristics of my prospects and what do they like?
Once the answers are found, it is important to analyze the culture of my potential clients.

2) Communicate convincingly

People are more likely to communicate when they feel comfortable, safe, and in an environment of trust. The elements that can be used to achieve this mission are:

It is advisable to use the elements that reflect the interests of my clients. For example: The color red gives the feeling of encouragement and on the contrary, the color blue provides calm and generates confidence.

3) Sell with integrity

The business should have a good reputation on social media , whether through letters of recommendation or reviews. Profiles with many followers generate security and potential clients will feel comfortable, will see that it is a trustworthy company and will not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, we must not forget to verify that the information that is being displayed on the website is up to date.

If the potential client feels comfortable and safe, they will make an inquiry, leaving their contact information in our private database.


In conclusion, it can be said that the golden rule is:

Tips for designing your website

Note written by:

Felix augenstein
Felix augenstein
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