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Programmatic Buying Success: Segmentation


Programmatic Buying Success: Segmentation

Studying your target well and creating truly personalized messages is the challenge to achieve better results.
The programmatic buying is without any doubt one of the most important elements for the current VP Audit Email Lists advertising and in the future. The extraction and processing of data in real time is one of the great advances in Marketing, clearly benefiting advertisers with more profitable and successful campaigns .

What about your target? Does it favor them or does it just bother them? It all depends on your cleverness in selecting targeting and personalized messages …

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As Johan Eriksson explains in the article “ Opening the programmatic ‘black box’ ” by Think with Google, the most important and relevant thing in programmatic buying campaigns is reaching your audience with personalized and appropriate messages .

For this, it is essential to study your consumer well and determine what they are looking for and what they do at each moment of the purchase funnel to segment it. This phase is vital for the effectiveness of the campaign, since you must find the right point between a very large Betting Email List segment and one that is too small to be able to create personalized messages that have an impact on your audience and are profitable.

For example, a programmatic “sandals” campaign directed at women who have visited fashion websites will not have the same impact as the same campaign directed at women who have visited trend items in summer footwear. As discussed in the Think with Google article , programmatic buying is assimilated to Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) but with a focus on the customer rather than concentrating on words.

In short, study your target well and think carefully before launching into programmatic buying. The success of your campaign depends on it.

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