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Prepare for the upcoming Christmas campaign: this is what your business should be aware of


Prepare for the upcoming Christmas campaign: this is what your business should be aware of

When does Christmas start? You might think that Christmas will not start until the end of next month, when the streets of the cities will be filled with lights and Christmas carols, or even, if you put a more specific one, you could say that Christmas will not begin until the middle of December. The truth is that in commercial terms Christmas starts much earlier and, if you analyze when that season begins for those responsible for establishing the strategy of the brands in that field, it will be discovered that the holidays should have already started. how to get a chinese phone number is a crucial time for brands, which record a very important part of their sales during those days. Consumers are also launching themselves with products almost without restrictions. As a recent study pointed outChristmas shoppers dislike carrying a shopping list with them to do their Christmas shopping and are therefore more prone to impulse when making purchasing decisions. The sectors that benefit in addition to the purchasing intentions of Christmas consumers are many and varied. Not only do you buy food and sweets, but you also consume products from all kinds of sectors, from clothes for the Christmas holidays to toys or electronic products that are common gifts on these dates. For brands, it is therefore crucial to achieve a prominent position during the Christmas campaign and, therefore, reach consumers and become the protagonists of those purchasing decisions. How to achieve this is one of the topics that usually becomes material for debate during the period, although the truth is that the trends and the elements that work to convince consumers are not the same year after year. What will work in 2015? In Business2Comunity they have carried out an analysis to establish the general lines of what brands should not lose sight of this year and from there it is possible to extract a few trends.



Email marketing will continue to be essential Although there are many analysts who have pointed out in recent times that email marketing was destined to disappear due to the increasing push of new forms of communication, such as social networks, the truth is that this tool is still very effective to reach to customers. Buyers continue to open the commercial emails they receive and these continue to serve as guides for their purchase decisions. At Christmas, email Betting Email List is a very powerful ally to encourage sales. As they point out in the analysis, it is a highly effective tool. It could be added that Christmas gives material and gives many excuses to do mailing campaigns. Ecommerce, increasingly important Online shopping is becoming an increasingly fundamental part of consumers’ purchasing processes, who use the Internet on an increasingly recurring basis to find what to buy and to close their purchases. The Internet is an ally when it comes to doing market research and when it comes to closing purchases, and more and more of these are Christmas. According to estimates for the US market, online shoppers will spend 16% more on their purchases than the average consumer. Brands are also encouraging this type of behavior and making it increasingly easy to convince consumers that they have to close their purchases online. Cyber ​​Monday, which began in the United States and is now a fairly global custom, pushes consumers to get more products online. Other initiatives during the Christmas period, such as days without shipping costs, increase the weight of online in Christmas shopping. But it is not only e-commerce, it is also m-commerce … The boom in electronic commerce and the fact that consumers are buying more and more on the internet does not have a direct impact only on sales via PC. Consumers buy more and more from more devices and m-commerce is a clear and emerging trend in the Christmas campaign. According to IBM predictions, in fact, online purchases made from mobile terminals are expected to rise by 15% during the Christmas season. Why is this happening? The Christmas campaign is no exception to the rest of the processes that move the market. Purchases from mobile terminals are increasingly popular and consumers are buying more and more products from these devices, which makes a growth peak in this segment. To this is added the fact that consumers always carry their mobile terminals with them, which means that they can use them while they are on the street to compare products (and buy them) and also that these have become the access door for elements such as e-mail, which is read from mobile terminals and therefore encouraes making purchases from these terminals. … and s-commerce The e-commerce revolution is not only marked by the things that are bought from mobile terminals, it also has another turning point in social networks. Consumers spend more and more time on social networks and are increasingly influenced by them when closing their purchases. Therefore, it was to be expected that electronic commerce would end up being linked to them. The appearance of purchase buttons and the weight that brands are giving to social media tools makes the weight of s-commerce slightly greater than in the past and allows us to speak of an emerging market. Christmas shopping isn’t just for Christmas Another element that brands should not forget (and one that has already marked the Christmas campaigns of recent years) is that Christmas shopping is not done only at Christmas. Consumers are increasingly buying before and therefore making products much earlier. It is not only that nougat and polvorones reach supermarkets earlier and earlier, it is that consumers – eager to get good prices – start consuming earlier. Some estimates indicate that 25% of consumers start their Christmas shopping even before Halloween. What does this mean? Brands have to be faster when it comes to creating special campaigns and when it comes to reaching out to Christmas consumers, at least some of them.

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