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PPC or Pay per click: what is it, advantages and main platforms


PPC or Pay per click: what is it, advantages and main platforms

When we hear the term PPC ( Pay Per Click or Pay Per Click ) we refer to the possibilities of attracting customer traffic to our website through advertising and publicity.
We are all told that we have to create content on our websites but if that content is not seen by our potential customers it is not useful to us. For this reason, PPC campaigns have become necessary for many clients.
Once we have created our website, PPC Belgium Business Phone List helps us achieve our traffic goals faster than if we wait for the SEO or positioning techniques of a website to act.
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¿ What is PPC (pay per click)?
The PPC or pay per click is to model digital marketing or online advertising where advertisers pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad. In other words, it is a system in which you pay for the real impact of your message.

Before, advertising was sent in other systems that did not allow us to measure the impact in detail. Think of a brochure received on the street, a sign posted on an avenue or highway, or a typical TV ad. In all of them, we can estimate the public that has seen or read it but for which we do not have a personalized record of each of the impacts.

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In PPC systems we have that information in detail because with each click we know at what time it was made, from what geographic location, by what means (computer or mobile) with data from operating systems and even models of the mobile used, age range visitor and if we have our website well tracked with Google Analytics we know what activity they have carried out when they have entered our website If you have seen a video or if you have visited other pages or if you have seen the ad and left.

The essential advantage of the PPC system is that we are sure that the client who enters our website is interested in the product or service we offer. If the campaign has been designed well obviously.

Then, you will buy or not, or want more information or not based on the information and feeling you have when entering our website.

We know that when someone searches, nowadays, in an internet search engine or on social networks , they want to satisfy a need for knowledge or related to their interests. He wants to know. And our web page for receiving the message must be geared towards responding to that need.

If we are able to connect with the client who is looking for a product or service that we offer, we have made the first step of the commercial relationship. This is the biggest advantage of the system but we are going to relate them and of course, there are also disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of PPC
Controlled budget because we only pay for the visits received. We have all the Betting Email List and a direct relationship between clicks and visits. This allows us to control the budget by determining a maximum cost per day minimum of one euro with which we can adapt to any type of company or business.
Segmentation because we have a lot of information about who clicked and at the same time we can determine when, where and to whom to show our ad.
Campaign optimization because we can create multiple ad possibilities and quickly assess which one works best to eliminate the worst options. Campaign optimization is periodic and allows you to quickly detect any type of deviation from the original objectives.
Flexibility and reach because today PPC campaigns are adapted to all search engines, social networks or selected websites.
High cost in certain niches and sectors such as insurance companies, loans, locksmiths or some training niches where the CPC or cost per click has skyrocketed in recent times
Without a budget, the results disappear. If the budget runs out, we stop getting the traffic that came to our website.
Main PPC Platforms
We are going to see some of the main PPC platforms although there are many more possibilities that we will see in other subsequent posts. In the end, each of them has its characteristics and possibilities. Your strengths and weaknesses.

Our usual mission, in the strategies and design of SEM and PPC or PAID Media campaigns , is to choose in each project the one that best allows us to achieve the objectives and goals of our clients.

Google Adwords or Google Ads
Google Adwords or Google Ads is theusual PPC in search engine-oriented campaigns . It is the largest platform as it is linked to the Google search environmentand connects with all its products.

Adwords allows a great possibility of solutions for advertisers by integrating solutions for the search engine network , plus added solutions for the Display network . It also adds specific solutions for the video network whose maximum exponent is YouTube , for the Shopping network and the network of applications or apps for mobile phones .

Google Ads uses artificial intelligence to, through its algorithms, catalog and display ads that provide solutions to its search engine visitors. To do this, it uses a classification based on the ranking , which considers the CTR or number of clicks compared to the times the ad has been shown, as well as the quality of the ad itself .

Ads are essentially classified by keywords or keywords defined by each advertiser.

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Other solutions to advertise is Bing Ads through the Bing and Yahoo search engines, which has been growing quite recently as they are both linked to the Microsoft group. We can also consider as options to carry out PPC campaigns : Yandex Advertising and Baidu Advertising .

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is a PPC system based on social networks by using the enormous potential of the Facebook groupthat integrates solutions such as Instagram or WhatsApp, among others.

The essence of the system is similar to the one we have seen but contact with customers occurs while using their own social networks.

It allows a wide variety of ad formats like the Google system.

The essential difference with the Adwords system is that here you are going to search for the potential customer through their likes and uses of social networks to show them the advertisement of your product or service.

At this time, between Google Adwords and Facebook Ads they account for more than 90% of the online advertising market today.

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Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising or DSP is a demand platform that allows advertisers to buy video and display ads programmatically. It is a great opportunity to sell more products online in the Amazon store .

It comes to try to unseat the 2 major previous platforms: Google and Facebook. Amazon is slowly trying to show that they can also manage PPC campaigns .

It works essentially through keywords as in the idea of Google Ads to show suggestions between searches for products from the Amazon store .

The search Amazon are aimed at buying and so your browser will show the organic results of the store and just ahead suggestions paid results.

A great solution for virtual store managers on Amazon.

What do you think of PPC Marketing? Do you want to start creating a PPC campaign and don’t know where to start?
We take care of creating PPC campaigns on the main platforms that we have seen. We have been doing it for several years but we also understand that you want to try to see results. For this reason, and only for a limited time, we have a 15-day offer to manage your PPC campaigns without the cost of our work.

Any digital trafficker strategy should dominate these types of campaigns.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page .

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