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Positioning on Amazon: 7 practical tips to improve your visibility


Positioning on Amazon: 7 practical tips to improve your visibility

Amazon is a US-based company founded in 1994 that today largely dominates the global internet retail market .Its business model is based on gradually expanding its product catalog, and nowadays it is very difficult to how to get usa phone number any good that is not sold by Amazon , thus confirming the company’s motto: “From A to Z” ( From A to Z).list_altIndex of contents
What is SEO on Amazon and why is it important to work on positioning?
What does Amazon take into account when positioning your products?
7 Practical tips to improve your visibility
Amazon SEO has its own rules
Another of its great achievements has been to establish independent websites in many countries of the world , offering the specific or most demanded products of each of them.It is a huge online sales platform where you can find practically everything. Its customers number in the millions around the world, and its sales volume is impressive and constantly growing .But precisely for this reason it has a drawback: due to its large size, our products may not have sufficient visibility or go unnoticed by potential buyers. That’s why doing SEO on Amazon is so important : to get the best positioning .


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What is SEO on Amazon and why is it important to work on positioning?
The SEO in Amazon is characterized by being focused on achieving a clear goal: to optimize organic positioning (ie, no payment ) of products in the Betting Email List platform, a large virtual showcase where we can find endless articles of all kinds.The importance for brands and for all Amazon sellers to work on the positioning of their products is fundamental due to the immense catalog of products and services available on this spectacular platform, the undisputed world leader in online sales to the end consumer.Today, on Amazon we can find practically all the products on the market , of all classes, models and versions. Hence, as with a web page or blog on Google, achieving a good position in the results that Amazon throws after a query from a user has become essential . An essential factor to have visibility and achieve good sales rates.New Call-to-action
If you want to sell on Amazon, you cannot be satisfied with registering your product , but you must implement a series of SEO techniques and strategies so that it appears in a prominent place after the possible client’s searches. This factor is crucial for your subsequent sale.At Amazon, the competition is fierce, and SEO is the factor that will surely make the balance of the purchase fall towards our side or, on the contrary, to that of our competitors.Following the SEO recommendations on Amazon is essential , since the position in which the product appears after the search will be decisive for the sale: only then is it possible to stand out among competitors and obtain a good position in the search results it confers visibility to our products.What does Amazon take into account when positioning your products?
Although SEO on Amazon shares common elements with SEO that is performed to position in Google, there are a number of differential factors that distinguish it.Although it is true that, as with SEO in Google, to position on Amazon we must consider content around one or more keywords or keywords as the main optimization factor , in Amazon another series of factors are also very important. when determining the position of a product after the search. For example, an issue that has a very direct influence on positioning is the number of sales a certain item has.At Amazon, visibility is especially important , that is, the number of times an article appears in user searches. This is the key fact: the more times our product appears, the more options we will have to sell it.[FREE GUIDE] Find out all the details about Google BERT: what it is, how it works, how it affects SEO and technical aspectsThe factors valued by Amazon
Another fundamental and key issue of the Amazon search engine is that it prioritizes above all commercial intention , so in the formula (algorithm) that determines the position, Amazon takes into account the following factors:

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Rating stars
Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 8.33.50 AM
Average score
Total number of comments
Total number of verified comments
Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 8.33.34 AM (1)
Keyword mentioned in text review
Qualitative factors
7 Practical tips to improve your visibility
1. Optimize your keywords
Through specific search and keyword management tools on Amazon , such as the Amazon tab within the Keyword Tool or Amazon’s Autosuggest, we can find the keywords most used by users to search for products like ours and assess the level of competence.

Keyword Tool Youtube

2. Choose the best title
It is important that you use exact search phrases that include your keywords . Our recommendation is that you use the most relevant keywords at the beginning of the title and then a large number of additional keywords for the product: brand, size, color … Finally, remember that the more convincing the title, the better the rate. clicks on your product.

3. Write an optimal description
A good description will be the perfect element to position the product in the most appropriate way . In this section we must enter data such as weight, color, what it is made of, size, materials … The result will be optimal if, in addition, we include in the description those search terms that we have used for the title.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 8.33.00 AM

4. Add goals
These are words that, although they will not appear in the information that the user receives and the customer will not be able to read them, they will be evaluated by the Amazon search engine . Use the keywords and search intentions in both the singular and plural, and add secondary or complementary keywords. You can even cite competitor brands to rank among their branding searches.

5. Pay close attention to the pictures
Images are one of the most important factors in increasing our sales. You won’t get big sales without good visual content . Amazon has its own rules and not all images are allowed. Try to upload as many images as possible and make sure they are of quality so that the user can zoom in and see the product they want to buy in detail.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 8.33.15 AM

6. Try to improve your sales ranking
The sales ranking or Sales Rank is the determining factor in the performance of the products offered . The higher the sales ranking, the more visible the product will be in searches carried out on Amazon. It also shows the sales patterns of an item compared to all those in the same category. Thus, the product that has Sales Rank number 1 will be the one that makes the most sales within that category. The only way you have to improve this ranking is to sell more and more frequently than the competition.

7. Get customer reviews
Ratings also add up in Amazon’s algorithm . Encourage people who have already bought your products to value them by sending them an email and, in case of negative opinions, try to discover the reasons and try to remedy them so that they do not happen again.

8. Use Amazon pages
Amazon pages are a form of advertising offered by Amazon Marketing Services . Thanks to them, brands can create a personalized landing page that increases the visibility of a certain seller.

Amazon SEO has its own rules
A good SEO strategy on Amazon will help you achieve that your offered products are positioned among the first entries of the search results. And this translates into a greater number of sales.

However, you must be very clear that SEO on Amazon should not be conceived in the same way as organic positioning in general search engines . As we have seen, in the Amazon marketplace, in addition to strategies based on keywords, a series of other factors intervene that have a lot to do with the number of sales, the quality of the seller or user ratings.

Are you already clear on how to do SEO on Amazon? If you have any questions I will be happy to help you. Let me know in the comments!

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