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Positioning a CEO with digital marketing: 10 tactics


Positioning a CEO with digital marketing: 10 tactics

How to position a CEO with digital marketing?We know that digital marketing has endless tools to achieve many objectives, but among all of them, social networks and content CIO & CTO Email List are essential to raise the perception of a manager; And if you mix it up with a little reputational marketing , the result can catapult you to unsuspected heights.How to position a CEO with digital marketing
We mention within the arsenal of digital marketing to social networks and content marketing. The first are well known but the second term is a bit more specific … so before continuing, let’s define what content Marketing is .Content marketing is the creation of content ..constant (periodic),consistent (always of the same quality)y valuable (useful, entertaining or inspiring)
focused on a target group, in order to attract it, make it a recurring consumer of it, a customer and finally a recommender.It is clear that content marketing for a CEO does not seek to sell anything … what it seeks is to position him as a leader in his area .Ah, so you want an example, you incredulous marketer! OKAY. You can keep an eye on Richard Branson.

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Richard Branson
Richard Branson’s leadershipRichard Branson is the CEO of the Virgin group, a collection of several prestigious companies in many sectors.All right. Why is Branson also one of the most beloved leaders in the global business arena?The English businessman has a carefree, bold, charismatic personality … but beyond that, Branson has known how to exploit digital channels like few others. We could say that he is an expert in positioning a CEO with digital Betting Email List. Let’s do an analysis.The strength of a blog
Branson has his own blog , and do you want a piece of information that will make your legs shake feeling like you have to work harder? Branson posts on his blog almost daily! about what? Well, obviously from what you want to align your image.It is not uncommon then to find content with titles such as: “The best tips to align work and well-being”, “Visiting the Virgin trains”, “Our last souvenir from space”, “My top 10 phrases to think better”.That is, its content is his personal vision of different achievements and activities that he carries out as a person and as a businessman … but always with an inspiring and constructive sense.position a CEO with digital marketingAnd social networks …And what do you do on social media? Exactly the same!This is for example the cover of your Twitter currently.How to Build a CEO’s Reputation with Digital MarketingTake a look as although he talks about his book in the main image, the first of his tweets is about aeronautics, one of Virgin’s strongest lines of business.It is easy to see that without the help of these tools, Richard Branson most likely would not be the business rockstar that he is today.

That said, Branson and his team have been pioneers and experts on the topic of positioning a CEO with digital marketing.Could you position a CEO with digital marketing?Could you as CEO or as a senior executive of your company do the same? Of course yes!All you need is the right compass and the right people to help you build it.build the image of a ceoWe refuse to believe that Branson writes his blog, his book, and also spends his time on social networks taking selfies and uploading content … It is not feasible being the busy businessman that he is. There is strategy and people behind!Now, beyond the ability of digital marketing to sculpt a manager’s image by hand, is there any benefit for the company it represents?Let’s take a look at some data.Does what is posted from the CEO online affect the business?
One of the reasons that the same companies should be concerned about how to position a CEO with digital marketing is what is happening in the very realm of business,In the past, CEOs were pretty calm about their reputation online. In fact, most have very little online presence. Just 50% of CEOs have a personal bio on their website, and only 1 in 5 CEOs have a social media account.Absurd? It seems to us that it is. Completely!And here is the problem:The reputation of the CEO directly affects the image of the company.That means that if a company director gets bad press, the company will generally get more negative news as well.Many CEOs now realize how valuable a solid reputation is. In fact, 50% of current executives expect the CEO’s reputation to have an even greater impact on their company in the coming years.And what is the expectation of a manager today? According to the Reputation Institute , the profile of a CEO should be:

Ugh, personally I think MANY fail at this.
Values ​​that influence the reputation of a ceoAs if that were not enough, executives attribute that the reputation of their company is highly influenced by the reputation of its CEO as a person. Those are high stakes to place on the shoulders of a single individual, don’t you think?
Aaaahhh! Do you think it is exaggerated? Keep reading…Examples of CEOs, reputation and digital marketingElon muskAsk Elon Musk if the joke at Tesla was expensive when he smoked marijuana at a radio station.Tesla had its worst day on the stock market in years, after its director took that puff of marijuana.Gary VeeIn Gary Vee’s case, it’s the opposite; We could talk that his own companies, VaynerMedia and VaynerSport s, were built thanks to the contents of this genius of digital communication who began his meteoric career making videos about wines on YouTube thanks to his father’s business.
Today, Gary Vee has a colossal presence on major social media, posting videos like grass and doing, above all, background reflections on his blog .If you really want to learn how to position a CEO with digital marketing, Gary Vee’s networks are your best guide.But that does not happen with the directors of SMEs… or yes?The reality is that yes. A few days ago we put this tweet …Tip to Build a CEO’s Reputation with Digital MarketingThe interesting thing is that within the responses there are those who pointed out that they had lost clients for expressing their political positions on their social networks.This simple fact highlights the importance of paying attention to how to position a CEO with digital marketing. It expresses the urgency of developing content that works the image of a manager in front of his audiences, regardless of whether they are from a SME or a corporate one.

But nobody cares about positioning a CEO with digital marketing
The truth is, managers who don’t build or neglect their image online are essentially allowing others to dictate their own narrative.Anyone with a social media account or website can make statements about anyone regardless of the facts … even if that someone they are talking about is a manager.Instead of allowing others to control your story, you can create a positive online presence that protects your reputation from harmful content. (You can read the Nike story on how the content saved it from a reputation crisis.)How to survive a reputation crisisBenefits for a manager of building his image online
Positioning a CEO with digital marketing has many benefits. Regardless of building a strong image for a person, it also protects them and the company against:Negative comments on social networks (false or real)Harmful media coverageCriticism on websites or blog postsUnfortunately, few take this reality seriously and use their social networks as if they were personal, in addition to the fact that they lack a blog where they can build a solid positive perception that gives them a permanent presence on the web (remember that social networks are ephemeral , but blogging is permanent).

Drowned the child, we plugged the well
Unfortunately, executives often wait until they are faced with a problem before acting. Instead, they should work to develop positive content before facing a crisis.build a director’s reputation with digital marketing
Positioning a CEO with digital marketing is simple if you have a blog, active participation in socialnetworks, personal profiles and other tools … but you have to know how to do it.What does it take to position a CEO with digital marketing?What does it take to establish a solid reputation base as a CEO or personal brand? Historical research indicates that these are the most important factors in building a CEO’s reputation:Clear vision of your companyInspirational and motivational contentHonest and ethical personalityGood internal communication with your companyGenuine concern for the well-being of your employeesGlobal business outlookGood external communications and public relations
DecisionCustomer focus

10 tactics to position a CEO with digital marketing
1 Be visible and active
Consumers, investors and the general public are no longer satisfied with executives who run their companies with a lot of privacy. Instead, they want transparency. They want to see active engagement with the media, networks, contributors, and the public.Research indicates that 81% of global executives agree that it is important for directors to have a visible public profile.This tweet from Mariaté Arnal , director of Google in Mexico, thanking Life & Style magazine can give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

2 Possess effective communication skills
Managers should feel comfortable talking to the media. Your external visibility should include public speaking, activity in your local community, visibility on company channels, accessibility for the media, sharing information with the public, and holding leadership positions beyond the company.
Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks is a master of this and teaches how to position a CEO with digital marketing.

3 Own your domain
Make sure you have the .com for your name, along with .org, .net, .info and all the related domains you can think of. This will ensure that only you have the power to post content to sites with your name on them.

4 Own your name
Don’t stop with your domain name when you register online. Like domains, social media and other brand outlets are essential to claim as soon as possible. If you don’t, someone else can.

5 Do good
As CEO, doing charitable or award-winning work not only benefits your reputation, but also that of your company. 34% of global executives indicated that it is essential that CEOs win awards for their company or for themselves. Corporate social responsibility can also win hearts and minds after an incident, so be sure to amplify your good deeds.Miguel Ángel Laporta , Coca-Cola’s director of sustainability, follows part of these recommendations through his Linkedin account.Example of how to Build the reputation of a CEO with digital marketing

6 Monitor your results
Set up a Google alert for your name and your business name. You may not like everything you see, but it’s better to learn about bad news early and face it head-on rather than letting things get out of hand.
This is just one of many ways to monitor your results online and start the process of positioning a CEO with digital marketing.Tool to Build the Reputation of a CEO with Digital Marketing

7 Mitigate negative press
This is often easier said than done, but staying out of trouble is critically important. Today, it’s easier than ever for negative press to hog search results and go viral on social media. Arrests or other regrettable actions can be quickly picked up by the media and could remain online for years after the event has passed.Do you remember the case of Kevin Spacey who, even without being proven, cost him his participation in House of Cards?

8 Tweet responsibly
What you say online can and will be repeated, captured in a screenshot, and shared online with or without your consent. Do not trust privacy walls: everything that is uploaded to the web is public. FINISH. Think carefully about how your words or photos can be perceived and interpreted before posting.

9 Post positive content
If you don’t do anything else, do this. You should always post positive information about yourself and the business. Consider contributing to the company blog. (Here’s another one that will make you feel embarrassed… At 86, Bill Marriott continues to contribute to company blogs .)example of how to Build a CEO’s reputation with digital marketingEstablish an online identity with a bio on your company website, as well as active and attractive profiles on social media. A basic step when positioning a CEO with digital marketing.Another great way to earn positive content is to lend your experience as a thought leader or industry expert. Talk to the press, get blog quotes, and make good use of your expert status to share your name online.

10 Get involved with employees
A CEO’s reputation begins with what employees think of you. In fact, employees can become your biggest cheerleaders. Avoid being inaccessible. Take time to connect with them and communicate personally with as many as you can.Make sure you are creating goodwill among the people who drive the organization… The sin that costs the most is ingratitude… you never know how many turns life can take around the corner.Do you remember when the CEO of Linkedin took a selfie next to the photo of a collaborator and published it on social networks? … Why did he do it? Because the employee in question had left him a note explaining that she would be on vacation and that she was very sad and frustrated because she would not be able to meet him when he visited the offices.That’s the kind of leadership that inspires and is expected of a director!inspiring marketerKeep it legit and professional
Your reputation as a manager is a high-stakes game, you must resist any temptation to any illegal move or to bend the rules. False reviews, misleading accounting, and tricks up your sleeve should be avoided. Not only are they wrong and against all ethics, but they can come back to hurt you.conclusion
So here it is … the recommendations to use digital tools (and some other offline) to build the reputation of a manager … an asset in which only the most visionary leaders have taken care and commitment … and the results are more than visible .Are you ready to position a CEO with digital marketing? If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail marketing strategies, communication and reputation marketing , you can receive them at the door of your mail … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing , give us a scream. We love hearing from you.

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