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Podcast # 7 – Hypersegment or Die: The Secret to Successful B2B


Podcast # 7 – Hypersegment or Die: The Secret to Successful B2B

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the seventh episode: “Hypersegment or die: the secret of successful B2B”. Today, Pau Valdés interviews Raquel Figueruelo , Interxion Spain’s marketing director , who, as an expert in corporate communication and business intelligence, explains to us how she has managed to multiply the acquisition of B2B customers through hypersegmentation. Interxion is a technology company that provides services for giants like Netflix , Telefónica and Astel . The funny thing is that it uses manual and traditional methodologies to segment its potential belgium contact number and accelerate its sales cycles. Quite a business feat in the era of automation. Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple Podcasts
In this podcast, Raquel and Pau tell you about:


What are the keys to segmenting powerfully?
It is no longer effective to act as if companies have a single target segment. You have to analyze the needs and fears of the database leads. By doing so, we can discover micro niches with different needs within the original target segment (hypersegmentation).What methodology does Betting Email List use to hyper-segment?
The companies in the database are analyzed by manually investigating factors such as what type of events they attend or what type of clients they have. This allows leads to be sub-classified into smaller groups of companies that share the same technological need.Why Hypersegmentation Revolutionized Interxion Marketing
Thanks to hyper-segmentation, Interxion was able to start executing the “industry events” strategy. Events created by themselves and directed towards very small groups of companies that share a need. This has shortened sales cycles that typically span 12 months to 5 years.Why Big Events May Not Be Marketing Effective
Large events, such as trade shows, are very effective for business models that need to impact massive and heterogeneous audiences. For B2B companies, these types of events are not effective in attracting leads, since they need a very specific and homogeneous audience.Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.You can also check all the episodes of Marketing Leaders here.If you have any questions or you have any questions for Raquel or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so they can solve them for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.


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