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Podcast # 5 – Why are your intermediaries a threat?


Podcast # 5 – Why are your intermediaries a threat?

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the fifth episode : Why are your intermediaries a threat? Today, Pau Valdés interviews Mario us mobile phone number database , doctor in Business Administration and professor at IESE Business School , who, as a specialist in ecommerce and Go-to-Market strategies, explains to us how and why retailers are adopting the Direct- trend . to-Consumer (DTC) . Direct-to-Consumer is a retailing strategy that consists of eliminating as many intermediaries as possible between a brand and end consumers. The objective? To be able to reach buyers much more quickly, efficiently and economically.Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple Podcasts
In this podcast, Mario and Pau tell you about:How is DTC implemented in businesses?
Eliminating all the players within the value chain that are unnecessarily located between the brand and the consumer, and creating an adequate ecosystem so that the end customer can buy directly from the brand.


What is the impact of the DTC on sales and marketing efforts?
This model optimizes marketing and sales results by streamlining the customer journey and improving the user experience (UX), both in the purchase processes and in the rest of the interactions.Why is the DTC so much more profitable than the traditional distribution model?
In the traditional model, most of the profits go to retailers and distributors. In the DTC, since there are no intermediaries, the profits go directly to the company.What channels are used in the DTC? Online or offline?
Reaching “direct to the Betting Email List ” is possible through both types of channels. There are companies that are relying on ecosystems 100% online, but there are others that are having amazing success implementing flagship stores, for example.Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.You can also check here all the episodes of Marketing Leaders.If you have any questions or have any questions for Mario or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so they can solve them for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.


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