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Podcast # 32 – Facing Adversity with Creativity and Marketing Experiments


Podcast # 32 – Facing Adversity with Creativity and Marketing Experiments

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the 32nd episode: “Facing Adversity with Creativity and Marketing Experiments.”list_altIndex of contents
What’s the key to getting amazing results with inbound marketing?
Successes and mistakes when managing conversion funnels
Today, Pau Valdés interviews Oscar Fuente , founding partner and director of IEBS Business School (the # 1 online business school according to the CSIC), he is also a mentor at SeedRocket (the first technology startup accelerator in Spain), and an investor and mobile phone country list angel in important international projects such as Glovo . Oscar explains to us how IEBS managed to manage the 2020 business crisis due to COVID-19 through an inbound strategy that generated more than 30,000 leads for the school in just 2 months. This was 10 times more than the number of leads that the company normally captured, and the most interesting thing is that to achieve these results the investment in marketing was almost 0 euros .


On the other hand, Oscar and Pau were the ones who designed the first inbound marketing master’s degree in Spain more than 9 years ago. This means that this podcast is a masterclass by two expert pioneers that you should listen to.Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple Podcasts
Next, Oscar and Pau talk about:What’s the key to getting amazing results with inbound marketing?
The key to obtaining results as surprising as those of IEBS is knowing how to identify and take advantage of the needs of the audiences in a timely Betting Email List . To achieve this, it is essential to combine 3 secret ingredients: 1) understand the current moment, 2) identify market needs and business opportunities, and 3) think creatively to design solutions that allow the market to be captivated effectively.”The world is one of those who are quick to catch opportunities on the fly and execute them.”Oscar FontLet’s look at the IEBS example . During the start of the confinements, this business school set itself the task of looking for spaces in which it could add value to its audiences via online. In this process, the company knew that the majority of entrepreneurs suffered a severe setback in their projects due to the paralysis of almost all activities at the national level. Then, IEBS launched a free daily webinar program called ” Startup homeschool” , through which they taught entrepreneurs to resume, maintain, improve and scale their projects.Afterwards, the school identified that there was too much uncertainty in the business sector, so it created another webinar program called ” Risk Management in Times of Crisis , specially designed for business managers. Also, IEBS discovered a need in SMEs that were seeing the discontinuity of its businesses, for which it created yet another webinar program with the aim of teaching micros and small entrepreneurs to get the most out of basic platforms such as WhatsApp, Amazon, WordPress, LinkedIn, among others, to maintain the continuity of their business.On the other hand, in the following video Oscar tells us how IEBS managed to optimize business continuity during the first months of confinement:Returning to the analysis of the IEBS example, the creation and dissemination of all these types of free webinars as part of an inbound marketing strategy was what produced the school more than 30,000 leads in 2 months. Of all these, 3,000 leads became MQL , and of these about 1,500 became SQL, of which about 150 became end customers (students); extraordinarily positive results considering that the investment was almost nil.If you want to know more real statistics like these, we invite you to download our Inbound Marketing 2021 Study for free , in which we give you a detailed analysis of the results that companies of different sectors and sizes can obtain when implementing an inbound marketing methodology.Successes and mistakes when managing conversion funnels
Normally, when a user enters the conversion funnel for the first time (thus becoming a lead ), they are still very far from the purchase decision. Therefore, you have to start implementing lead nurturing strategies , which allow you to advance the lead through the different stages of the funnel until it becomes a customer, and one of the most used techniques for this is email marketing automation using platforms such as HubSpot , for example.If you want to know more platforms, download our Compariso Guide of the most popular marketing automation tools .In this sense, to try to improve conversion levels, there are companies that design different funnels according to their different types of potential customers, in order to automate the sending of personalized content. For example, IEBS designed several conversion funnels based on the theme by which a user became a lead within the website. In this way, the school had a funnel specially designed for entrepreneurs, another for SMEs, etc.Based on that design, IEBS automatically sent content highly adapted to each topic and type of lead in particular. In addition, the school had a more generalist funnel, whose contents covered everything related to digital business.

However, over time, the company discovered that many of the leads that came in on a topic weren’t really interested in just that specific area. Consequently, introducing them into a highly verticalized funnel in a single topic did not achieve a good level of conversion . On the other hand, the more general funnel did give better results.Considering this situation, IEBS began to create mixed funnels (with more horizontal and less vertical thematic spectra), thus managing to further improve its conversion results.Undoubtedly, a very common mistake is to segment leads very rigorously before spending enough time to get to know them in depth. The advisable thing in these cases is to ask them directly what areas they are interested in and use web analytics tools to identify what type of content they consume the most.In the podcast, Oscar also explains to us how artificial intelligence can help us optimize conversion funnels , and why it is important to diversify marketing investment to obtain better results and rduce campaign risks .Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .If you have any questions on the subject or you have a question for Oscar or Pau, we encourage you to leave it in the comments section so that they can solve it for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.

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