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Podcast # 30 – How to turn a red ocean into a blue one through innovation


Podcast # 30 – How to turn a red ocean into a blue one through innovation

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the thirtieth episode: “An example of how to turn a red ocean into a blue one through innovation . “list_altIndex of contents
How to make an innovative brand known in a market saturated with competitors?Why is content marketing key for innovative products?
What not to do during the internationalization of a brand?
Today, Pau Valdés interviews Indonesia Phone Number List Castells , professor of advertising, public relations and communication at Pompeu Fabra University. Also, for more than 5 years, Mariona has been working at Lékué , developing the brand’s communication strategies for local and international markets such as Spain, the United Kingdom and France, among others.Lékué is a leading company in the gastronomy industry due to the fact that it manufactures all kinds of innovative, ingenious and highly functional kitchen utensils. Today, the company is present in more than 70 countries on 5 continents, and has more than 1,200 distributors around the world.In this podcast, Mariona tells us what communication strategies Lékué has implemented to position itself as a pioneer brand in different markets, based on the fact that since its inception the company has been characterized by developing and marketing such innovative products that no other brand has. . However, having an innovative product is not enough to achieve success, and this makes communication strategies play a key role there.

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Next, Mariona and Pau talk about:How to make an innovative brand known in a market saturated with competitors?
When a company creates a highly innovative and disruptive product, it has to face a huge challenge: to awaken the interest of an audience that does not know what it is, what it is for or how it is used. This is what happened to Lékué. More than 15 years ago, the company launched the “steam case”, a rather ingenious product for the time that allows you to steam food in the microwave.inbound marketingHowever, the Betting Email List 
was not only to provide consumers with a kitchen tool that they still did not even know existed, but also that the company had to compete, in a certain way, with very traditional products deeply rooted in the population (pots, pans , plates, etc.).Lékué was very clear that it did not matter if the steam cases were placed on the best shelf in the best retail in the country. No one was going to be interested in something that was strange and unfamiliar to them.

Faced with this situation, a strategy that generated very positive results for Lékué was to carry out experiential actions (such as demonstrations) at the points of sale. A company team made up of different professionals (cooks, nutritionists, etc.) went to the points of sale and presented the product live to buyers, showing them in real time how it was used, what it was for, what recipes could be prepared. , what were its benefits, among others.

Consumers actively participated in these demonstrations, interacting with the product and with the company’s professionals. Quickly, the vapor cases were no longer unknown in the whole market and they gained a good acceptance due to the fact that the novelty of their functionality had been communicated very well.

Why is content marketing key for innovative products?
Since most Lékué products are novel in terms of functionality, the buyer needs an explanation to help them use them correctly, easily and satisfactorily. This is where content marketing comes in .

Lékué, hand in hand with InboundCycle , has been developing an inbound marketing strategy for more than 5 years, through which it has created a large amount of explanatory content and creative ideas so that brand buyers know how to get the most out of it. maximum benefit to the products.

On the one hand, these contents have allowed the brand to gain very good online visibility thanks to SEO techniques, which in turn has helped generate more and more demand from audiences. On the other hand, the contents have also been key to retain and retain buyers, as it is a way for the company to continue offering solutions to each customer through constant support, even after purchasing the products.

In this way, the creation and distribution of highly useful digital content has led the brand to position itself as a benchmark in the industry, thus placing itself in the top of mind of buyers.

What not to do during the internationalization of a brand?
When a company decides to expand to other borders, it must understand that each international market is different. The type of potential customers varies, as do their consumption habits, their buying culture, their preferences, their needs, etc. In this sense, a very common error in companies is that when they decide to enter a different country, they believe that there they can implement the same commercial strategies as in their country of origin.

For example, Lékué was born in Spain, and the first country where the brand became international was in France. At the time, the company did not bother to thoroughly investigate the French market it was entering with its innovative products. The brand erroneously assumed that the same strategies that were successful in Spain could be replicated without problems in France , as they were certainly very powerful strategies. However, the result was not what was expected.

When venturing into this second market, the company realized that its flagship products, such as the steam case, were not generating demand. In fact, when investigating the cause of this problem, Lékué discovered that many French people did not even use a microwave, which is an essential tool for using steam cases. On the contrary, what the French were demanding in large volume were the brand’s pastry utensils.

This taught the company that it is absolutely essential to analyze the culinary culture of each country before entering it with its products. From then on, and always keeping this learning in mind, the brand was able to begin to develop more personalized strategies according to each destination country, understanding what consumers wanted and how they wanted it.

This shows that market research is necessary to know how to adapt the product, the message and the strategy to the different international audiences.

Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .

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