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Podcast # 29 – Unexpected Targets: The Solution in Times of Pandemic and DATA


Podcast # 29 – Unexpected Targets: The Solution in Times of Pandemic and DATA

n our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twenty-ninth episode: ” Unexpected targets : the solution in times of pandemic and DATA . “list_altIndex of contents
1. Unexpected targets: an unusual, but very powerful targeting technique2. How to apply storytelling to content marketing?
3. What to do when a campaign has an unexpected impact on the audience?In this chapter Pau Valdés interviews Pablo Carmenado , a graduate in Philippines Phone Number List and an expert in negotiation and sales tactics, with a master’s degree from ESIC Business & Marketing School and another from KSchool. Among the companies he has worked with are “la Caixa”, Banc Sabadell, Telefónica, Vodafone, Mercedes, Ford, Renault, British Council, Powerade, Nike, Land Rover or Adidas , among others.In this podcast, Pablo explains to us which were the most critical aspects in the marketing campaigns of Edenred , Bugaboo and Sevive Viajes , three of the clients of Alcandora Publicidad (an agency for which Pablo currently works). Using these great brands as an example, we are going to learn how an unconventional targeting technique works, how to implement storytelling in content marketing and how to take advantage of a communication crisis to successfully retain customers.

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Next, Pablo and Pau talk about:1. Unexpected targets: an unusual, but very powerful targeting technique
In most cases, when working on a market segmentation, it is done thinking about certain parameters of the end user (age, sex, geographical area, etc.). However, when Alcandora worked on the launch campaign for the Ticket Restaurant mobile app (an Edenred product), they applied a segmentation technique which they call “unexpected targeting”. This Betting Email List of radically changing one of the parameters of the target audience, so that the campaigns no longer focus only on the end user, but also on a potential buyer close to that end user (family member, friend, among others).For example, let’s say we want to launch a campaign for a women’s clothing brand. Then, conventionally we would segment the market based on the end user (women), applying other criteria of age, tastes, places, etc. Instead, with the unexpected targeting technique , the segmentation would no longer focus on women, but on men.Thus, the objective of this technique is to reach men who may have the need to give clothing to women in their family or social circle at any time of the year. Even, not only can the criterion of sex be changed, but also that of age, so the campaigns can be directed at boys or girls who want to give something to their mothers, for example.It is true that in this way a much smaller market niche is reached, but it is also true that in these niches there is less competition, causing the reach and conversion ratios to be much higher than normal.If you want to know more about the strategies implemented in Edenred, then listen to our Podcast # 24 – A little-known and effective B2B demand generation strategy , in which Pau interviews Manuel Asla, Edenred’s director of marketing, sales to SMEs and communication. Spain.

2. How to apply storytelling to content marketing?
The market for babycare products is extremely emotional. When a person finds out that they are going to be a mother or father, they begin to have a fairly high emotional charge and, in addition, they develop the need to educate themselves on multiple topics. This is where content marketing becomes essential to educate the audience , but combined with storytelling to also connect emotionally through the same content.

An example of the impact of storytelling + content marketing can be seen with the campaign that Alcandora developed for Bugaboo , a manufacturer of baby strollers. In this case, the agency coordinated an active listening strategy that consisted of holding 3-hour conversations with pregnant women and people who were mothers or fathers of children from 0 to 3 years of age.

During those conversations, they never talked about the product (of the cars), but about everything else that motherhood and fatherhood entails, from the moment of receiving the news until the baby turns 3 years old, including all decisions that the mother or father must take throughout those years.

This detailed active listening revealed a lot of pain points, including those related to making decisions to purchase baby carriages.

From all this information, content based on storytelling could be developed that effectively transmitted to mothers and fathers the implicit message of “ Bugaboo understands you. Bugaboo speaks your language. Bugaboo knows what you are going to go through, so we want to make it easier for you to choose the stroller so that it doesn’t give you a headache ”.

Thanks to the content with storytelling, a very powerful emotional connection was established between the audience and the brand . In fact, with this campaign, Bugaboo increased its brand recognition by more than 30%, visits to its landing improved by 24% and followers on social networks grew by more than 28%.

If you want to know another success story about the ecommerce sector in the children’s market then listen to our Podcast # 20 – Bebitus.com: a pioneering ecommerce in content marketing , in which Pau interviews Guillem Sanz, who was the founder and CEO by Bebitus.

3. What to do when a campaign has an unexpected impact on the audience?
Marketing management during the current global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been quite difficult for most companies. This is an overly sensitive subject and you have to know how to work with great tact.

On the one hand, it is true that organizations cannot be paralyzed and need to maintain the continuity of their businesses and their campaigns. On the other hand, it is also true that all people are going through difficult situations, so they deserve a lot of respect and empathy when sending them a commercial message.

This is a lesson that Alcandora learned with one of his campaigns for Sevive Viajes , an aspirational travel agency for paradisiacal places with long stays of 2 to 4 weeks. The campaign, launched in February 2021, consisted of starting to motivate the audience to take this type of trip once the restrictions imposed on the tourism sector due to COVID-19 were lifted, which was supposed to happen in some following months.

The audience feedback on this campaign was quite negative . Many of the responses that the brand received from the recipients is that they did not want to know anything about travel while the health crisis lasted.

Faced with this situation, Alcandora acted quickly and strategically to avoid continuing to affect the reputation of the brand and, on the contrary, try to retain the audience that had given negative feedback.

To achieve this, what was done then was to immediately cancel the campaign, thank the recipients for the feedback they had given and apologize to them for the company’s commercial message, clarifying that the intention was to accompany and support them whenever they wanted. travel in the future. Likewise, the travel agency offered them a free excursion or a restaurant that they could enjoy when travel restrictions were lifted, with the aim of transforming the communication crisis into a loyalty opportunity.

Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .

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