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Podcast # 28 – Imature Demand Generation Formulas as a Growth Lever


Podcast # 28 – Imature Demand Generation Formulas as a Growth Lever

Today, Pau Valdés interviews Josep Casas , a renowned strategic consultant for e-commerce projects, who also has an MBA from IESE Business School and another from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In 2014, Josep founded Naturitas , the main ecommerce for naturopathic products in Spain.At present, Bahrain Phone Number List operates in a total of 12 countries (including Italy, France and Portugal), it has an assortment of more than 65,000 products in stock and, by 2020, it closed the year with a turnover of more than 44 million euros .In today’s podcast, Josep explains to us what is behind the dizzying success of Naturitas and its international expansion , considering that it is a company that allocates between 6% and 10% of its total budget to its marketing strategies, depending on each country where it operates.

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1. The secret of knowing how to take advantage of online recruitment channelsIt is not easy for an e-commerce company to become the national leader in its sector, even more so considering that for years the market has been saturated with dozens and dozens of ecommerces. For example, when Naturitas was founded (2014) it already had an average of 150 competitors in Spain. Despite this, it did manage to dominate the market, but how did it do it?Naturitas’ strategy was and has been to seek and take advantage of customer acquisition channels that have not yet been sufficiently exploited . Proof of this is that in 2014 most of the traffic obtained by e-commerce was organic ( SEO ). So what Naturitas did was to start venturing into payment channels ( SEM ), such as Google Shopping , which was launched by Google that same year.At that time, Naturitas was one of the first e-commerce companies to upload a fairly extensive Betting Email List catalog to Google Shopping. Because it was an under-explored channel, the company was able to achieve a CPC of just 3 to 4 cents per ad. Currently, the CPC of an exactly the same ad has multiplied, reaching from 20 to 30 cents. This is because Google Shopping as a payment channel is already saturated.

The strategy of taking advantage of an acquisition channel that is in an initial phase allows optimizing the CPC of the ads , until the moment when the channel is saturated and the CPC shoots up. In this context, it must be taken into account that every year new recruitment channels emerge, the key is to identify them in time and to exploit them to the maximum while cheap CPCs can be obtained.On the other hand, if you want to know how an ecommerce can take advantage of organic channels, then we invite you to listen to our Podcast # 20 – Bebitus.com: a pioneer ecommerce in content marketing.2. How to optimize the stock in an intelligent and scalable way?
The naturopathy market has several complexities. It is a sector characterized by a highly personalized demand for products, since diets and natural treatments are adapted to the needs of each person. Within this situation, it is difficult for the average consumer to find all the products they need in one place.In this context, Naturitas’ main value proposition has ben to offer a highly assorted product catalog, in order to try to ensure that none of its customers have to go to the competition to complete their shopping list.This is where the question arises “in what way has Naturitas managed to build such a wide catalog and, at the same time, manage the stock efficiently at the cost level?”. It is also worth asking “what can other ecommerce do to replicate that feat?”Josep explains that the company’s strategy has been to avoid the traditional procedure of buying thousands of products from manufacturers, selling them and waiting for the stock to rotate little by little. This process is neither agile nor economical. Instead, what Naturitas has done before entering a new country is to analyze the main players in that market in question (leading e-commerce stores, large suppliers, wholesalers, etc.) with the aim of discovering how their respective stocks evolve to sales level.

Thanks to this strategy, the company has always been able to know which products rotate the best. Based on this information, not only are decisions made to improve the internal availability of that merchandise, but also the bids in Google Shopping are optimized to make the listings of those products have more impact and greater reach.

If you want to know more about what an ecommerce can do to expand agilely, then listen to our Podcast # 17 – Internationalization of an ecommerce to accelerate growth.

3. A very common mistake when managing costs in content marketing
When planning content marketing campaigns , a mistake that many companies fall into is that when evaluating costs, only those associated with the production of content are taken into consideration, either with regard to the writing of articles, ebook design, podcast recording, video editing, etc.

For example, in 2019, Naturitas launched the El Click Natural project , which consisted of 24 episodes of testimonials from people who had managed to benefit from the natural lifestyle. However, after producing the episodes, the company faced the challenge of distributing that content. Why was it a challenge? Because from the beginning, the investments that had to be made in order for said content to reach the audience they had to reach had not been considered.


Therefore, when planning any type of marketing action, absolutely all the associated costs must be evaluated, in order to guarantee a good result of the efforts invested.

Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .

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