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Podcast # 27 – Inbound with short-term results: ABM, inboundization and POI


Podcast # 27 – Inbound with short-term results: ABM, inboundization and POI

n our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twenty-seventh episode: “Inbound with short-term results: ABM, inboundization and POI.”list_altIndex of contents
1. Online inbound advertising (POI)
2. Account based marketing (ABM)
3. Inboundization of current assets
Today Pau Valdés interviews Xavier Pla , who has been a professor of postgraduate, master’s and digital marketing programs at the renowned business schools ESIC , Inesdi , IEBS and EADA . On his own, he has pursued high-level studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Cameroon Phone Number List (MIT) , IESE Business School, and KSchool .Xavier has been with our InboundCycle team for 7 years . Throughout that time he has held multiple key positions for the organization, even becoming the agency’s director of operations . So this is a specialist who has been involved in hundreds of inbound marketing projects .Xavier is currently the COO of DIYInbound . An innovative initiative developed by InboundCycle that consists of offering companies support and training so that they themselves can develop and manage their own inbound marketing projects. Hence the name “DIYinbound” (Do It Yourself inbound) .

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Next, Xavier and Pau talk about 3 specific inbound marketing techniques to achieve short-term results , thus breaking down the myth that this methodology can only be focused on the medium-long term.Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple Podcasts1. Online inbound advertising (POI)
Digital advertising has always been one of the most powerful resources to achieve marketing and sales results in the very short term, almost immediately. In this context, traditional online advertising (POT) refers to that advertising that has been implemented throughout life in the digital world and that has been characterized by pursuing more than all transactional objectives . For example, to promote the purchase of a product or subscription to a service.Seeking to replicate the effectiveness of POT to accelerate results in inbound Betting Email List , what is now known as online inbound advertising (POI) has been designed . Instead of focusing on the product or service, it focuses on the content , thus maintaining the basic principles of inbound marketing. For example, a POI ad is one that can encourage the download of an ebook or the reproduction of a podcast, in exchange for the user simply leaving their contact information. So the POI is not aimed at getting sales but at capturing leads.

Thus, for the user, the difference between traditional and inbound advertising is that with traditional advertising the user may feel that the company is always trying to sell him something, while with inbound the user feels that the company is seeking to help and accompany him. with valuable content.In this way, through the POI, the benefits of digital advertising (at the level of immediacy) and inbound marketing (at the level of lead capture and user experience) are combined.2. Account based marketing (ABM)
The account based marketing (ABM) or account – based marketing is a technique that seeks to transfer the effectiveness of sales in traditional cold to the world of digital marketing B2B (business to business). Therefore, the ABM is very focused on the end of the conversion funnel, which is where the transactional stage of the sale is.The objective of account based marketing is to close commercial agreements with potential accounts (companies that have been prospected as potential clients). To achieve this, the ABM seeks to identify and approach the people who are related to decision-making in the purchase process within the target account.The difference between the traditional sale and the ABM is that in the latter the approach that is made to people is with valuable content that is of interest to them, which can only be accessed if each person leaves their contact information, becoming, thus, in leads.After the capture of leads, an automated lead scoring and lead nurturing process begins with more valuable content, with the idea of ​​helping those people to advance in the purchase decision in a natural and genuine way. The opposite case occurs with traditional sales, which focuses on approaching potential customers with 100% commercial offers and messages.If you want to know more about this point, you can also listen to our Podcast # 3 – “Sales from 0 and without investment, mission impossible?” (with Álex Ríos, CEO of Happyforce ) or visit our article Account based marketing and inbound marketing: do they complement each other?3. Inboundization of current assetsOne of the most fundamental and widely used inbound marketing techniques to accelerate your results is inboundization . This term was first coined in 2016 by Pau Valdés (CEO of InboundCycle ) and Berta Hernández (CMO of DIYinbound ).Inboundization consists of analyzing all the assets that a company has to do digital marketing (contact databases, web pages, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.), with the aim of determining how these assets can begin to work for the capture and conversion of leads .For example, a company that has high levels of traffic to its website but has not implemented any mechanism to capture the email of its visitors is missing the opportunity to capitalize on all that traffic . This is where the inboundization of the website comes into play, which could consist of creating valuable content to encourage visitors to access them in exchange for leaving their contact information, thus becoming leads that will later enter a flow of lead scoring and lead nurturing .Inboundization is excellent for generating immediate results , as it consists of taking advantage of the assets that the company already has, instead of having to create them from scratch. In the previous example about web traffic, with inboundization, visitors would begin to capitalize that day. by day they are already entering the page, so there is no need to wait time or invest effort for the traffic attraction stage of the conversion funnel.Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. Also p ou can check here all episodes of the podcast Marketing Leaders .If you have any questions about the subject or have any questions for Xavier or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so that they can solve it for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.

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