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Podcast # 24 – A Little Known and Effective B2B Demand Generation Strategy


Podcast # 24 – A Little Known and Effective B2B Demand Generation Strategy

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twenty-fourth episode: “What are lead marketplaces and how to use them correctly?”list_altIndex of contents
1. Lead marketplaces, what are they and how do they work?
2. Keys to keep in mind when working with a lead provider
3. White brands + third brands: an unstoppable strategy!
Today, Pau Valdés interviews Manuel Asla , director of marketing, sales to SMEs and Lithuania Phone Number List at Edenred Spain , a company that markets the renowned brands of Ticket Restaurant , Ticket Nursery and Ticket Transporte . Manuel has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, and is also in the top 16 of the most influential in human resources in the country, thanks to his leadership of multidisciplinary teams in highly complex corporate campaigns.In this podcast, Manuel explains the experience he had when designing and executing a very innovative marketing and sales strategy that broke the paradigms of typical email marketing, SEM, SEO and RTB tactics . In fact, thanks to this strategy, Edenred managed to achieve almost 40% conversion rates from leads to end customers.Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple PodcastsNext, Manuel and Pau talk about:

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1. Lead marketplaces, what are they and how do they work?
In order to create a low-cost customer acquisition campaign that would have a very fast return on investment, Edenred began working with lead marketplaces for the first time , a concept completely unknown in Spain at that time.A marketplace of leads is an online platform where you can get and hire the services of different providers leads , which are companies, agencies or professionals who specialize in capturing leads qualified demand of its customers.Imagine for a moment the Amazon or eBay platform, but instead of seeing the offer of products for sale, you can see the offer of services to capture leads for your company, regardless of your commercial sector. This is just how a lead marketplace is.In the case of Edenred, the Betting Email List had to look for lead marketplaces in other countries, since this business model was not developed in Spain. By doing so, the team was able to start working with a lead provider who took responsibility for delivering qualified leads based on Edenred’s buyer persona and their business goals.The results of hiring the lead provider were so positive that the sales team developed the ability to start calling leads one to two minutes after the provider entered the lead data into Edenred’s CRM, which meant an unprecedented increase in the business productivity of the company.“ – Before the campaign – We would call a B2B client in two days.- During the campaign – We managed to improve the conversion rate by calling in a minute and a half to two minutes by 200%. “Manuel Asla.2. Keys to keep in mind when working with a lead providerBasically, a lead is the most important asset for a business. Therefore, going to a marketplace and hiring a lead provider is a process that requires great care, analysis and precision, since you are leaving the responsibility of taking the first steps in capturing your futures in the hands of a third party. customers.In this situation, and based on Edenred’s experience, you must take into account the following keys to success when working with a lead provider:Clearly define your needs: it is not about telling the suppler “I need qualified leads”. You must make sure that the provider fully understands what a qualified or valid lead means to you, depending on the buyer persona of your business and the requirements of your sales team.
Identify the responsibilities on duplicate leads: the responsibility must be bi-directional. On the one hand, if you do not contact in a timely manner a lead that the supplier has given you, and then he gives it back to you as a duplicate, the responsibility falls on your hands, since the supplier has done his job and it is you. the one that has been slow to address the lead the first time. On the other hand, if the provider generates two equal leads from the first moment, the responsibility is his and you should pay only for one of them, not for both.Establish the conditions on exclusivity: since the provider will be capturing leads that are also of interest to your competition, it is important that both establish an exclusivity policy. In the case of Edenred, the conditions were that if the seller planned to sell the leads, the first offer had to be made to Edenred at least 2 days in advance.Encourage synergy and team communication: by working with a lead provider, they become part of your company’s team. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the marketing team, the sales team and the supplier always participate synergistically in strategic workflows, all three as a single entity pursuing the same objective. In this sense, it is also necessary to maintain constant communication , preferably daily, between the three teams to share indicators, progress and analysis in real time.If you want to create a high-impact work team, we recommend you visit our article Marketing and sales: how to create a joint inbound strategy?” We had to put in the entire sales team, the entire marketing team and the supplier to have complete information, because although we relied on data, we had to take smell into account .”Manuel Asla.3. White brands + third brands: an unstoppable strategy!
Although the strategy of going to a lead marketplace can be very effective, it is never advisable to depend on a single campaign to attract customers. With this idea in mind, Manuel led a parallel strategy based on the creation of private labels and third-party brands . In other words, apart from the brands that Edenred already had and that were recognized in the market, other different brands of those same services were created in such a way that they functioned as “false competition”.In this way, thanks to those other brands that were false competition, customers had the feeling of being able to choose between different companies . However, all those brands belonged to a single company: Edenred.Thus, having already built an entire ecosystem of supposedly different brands, Edenred invested the necessary efforts to position them all in the main Google SEM results . Therefore, whatever brand a client hired, they would always fall into Edenred’s client portfolio. This same strategy was applied in display and email marketing campaigns , also using the database generated by the lead provider .Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .If you have any questions on the subject or have any questions for Manuel or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so they can solve it for you.And if you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.

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