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Podcast # 23 – How to generate demand in a market with few target customers but with great potential


Podcast # 23 – How to generate demand in a market with few target customers but with great potential

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twenty-third episode “How to generate demand in a market with few target customers but with great potential”.list_altIndex of contents
1. What is the best strategy to attract such large and exclusive clients?2. The “tests” in inbound marketing, an effective tactic to generate leads and brand positioning
3. When to invest in advertising in specialized press and when not?
Today, Pau Valdés interviews Luis Mestre , co-founder and CEO of Primer Impacto , an agency specialized in “field marketing” strategies to help companies improve the impact of their products at points of sale , such as retails, pharmacies, banks or toy stores, among others. It does this through different services such as the audit of the points of sale, Paraguay Phone Number List installation of exhibitors and shop windows, optimization of the visibility of the products on the shelf, and training of the sales force in the field.The area of ​​action of Primer Impacto is quite interesting and little known. It is a B2B business model aimed only at very exclusive brands, as some of the agency’s clients are multinationals such as Coca-Cola , Johnson & Johnson , Bayer , Nivea , Samsung , GoPro , L’Oréal , Nike or Unilever .uis Mestre explains that, unlike many other businesses, the objective of Primer Impacto is to work with few business clients, since each of them represents a large-scale implementation project, having to manage the strategy in thousands of points sale at the same time.

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In this podcast, Luis and Pau talk about:1. What is the best strategy to attract such large and exclusive clients?
When it comes to such a demanding and hard-to-hit niche, word of mouth always works best. Large companies such as those that are First Impact clients only feel trusted by those suppliers that are recognized and recommended by the managers of other large companies.In this context, to generate recommendations within the sector, a word of mouth marketing strategy must be developed .Interestingly, the most effective and economical way to do this is not by focusing on marketing, but on offering the most satisfactory service possible for the customer. This under the premise that a satisfied manager can become your brand ambassador .To create brand ambassadors and promote word of mouth recommendations in these types of markets, what Primer Impacto has done is invest more time and effort in generating added and differentiating value for its customers.How did you do it?Mainly, providing useful and interesting material fro the early stages of negotiation . For example, through consulting , diagnosis and counter-briefing processes through which the agency helps the company (potential client) to detect opportunities for improvement at its points of sale. For this, Primer Impacto usually analyzes the company’s competitors, evaluates the market and makes strategic recommendations by territory, interviewing experts from each type of channel or product in question, among other actions.2. The “tests” in inbound marketing, an effective tactic to generate leads and brand positioningPrimer Impacto developed the Doctor Perfect Farma tool . It is a test that companies can access online to answer a series of key questions about their business models, products and points of sale. Based on the responses received through the tool, the agency generates a diagnosis and basic strategic planning for each company free of charge within 24 hours to help improve the impact and sale of its products.Field marketingDoctor Perfect FarmaThis little-known tactic is very effective in capturing qualified leads and, above all, in positioning agencies and businesses as leaders in their sectors . In the case of Primer Impacto, the Doctor Perfect Farma tool is helping it position itself as specialists in field marketing.The same happened with the Website Grader tool , developed by HubSpot , through which a website administrator can make a free technical diagnosis of a web page by simply entering its URL.Another case of success is that of the Digitalselling.es platform , developed by online sales guru Álex López . At Betting Email List .es, sales professionals can take a test to assess their digital sales capabilities. At the end of the test, the platform produces a results report, indicating the areas that the professional must improve and, in addition, it shows a comparison with the results obtained by the rest of the users.If you want to know more about the success story of Digitalselling.es, access our Podcast # 15 – How to build large audiences that belong to you and generate business for you .3. When to invest in advertising in specialized press and when not?
Carrying out advertising campaigns in magazines and specialized press can be effective in some sectors, markets or types of business, but not so much in others, as in the case of Primer Impacto. The key to identifying whether or not this strategy can be effective is simply to measure the return on investment. If the ROI is not positive, it is advisable not to continue investing in this type of campaign.Something that you must bear in mind is that the publishers and sellers of advertising space in the specialized press will always try to take advantage of what is known as FOMO (fear of missing out or fear of missing something). The FOMO refers to the feeling that you may have of wasting an “opportunity” by not publishing your brand in all the places that have been and have been. This feeling causes you to make unnecessary and non-strategic advertising investments.So when an editor or marketer tells you that you should advertise in their media outlet just because your competitors have already done so, you should avoid making an emotional decision and start to analyze the situation objectively, without getting carried away by pressure and evaluating if strategically it is an investment that really suits you or not.If you determine that this is a campaign that does not suit you, then congratulations! Welcome to the JOMO (joy of missing out).Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .If you have any questions on the subject or have any questions for Luis or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so they can solve it for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.

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