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Podcast # 10 – Breaking Boundaries in the B2B Customer Lifecycle


Podcast # 10 – Breaking Boundaries in the B2B Customer Lifecycle

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the tenth episode: Breaking Limits in the B2B Customer Lifecycle. Today, Pau Valdés interviews Charo Olivan , head of digital strategy at Hiberus Tecnología , a company belonging to the Henneo Group that has had giants such as Google, General Motors, Mapfre, Banco Santander, PwC and El Corte Inglés among its clients. Charo is an expert in ecommerce and online multichannel. In fact, she was in charge of the web department worldwide for almost 11 years. In the interview, she explains to us how at Hiberus they have adopted servitization as their main strategy, not only to generate more uae telephone directory , but also to considerably lengthen the customer’s life cycle. Quite a milestone if we consider the difficult nature of the B2B market in the technology sector. Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple Podcasts In this podcast, Charo and Pau talk about:


How to extend the customer life cycle in a B2B technology company?
Most technology consultancies focus precisely only on technology. To extend the life cycle of the B2B client, it is necessary to migrate to a servitization model . In Hiberus, in addition to technological development and implementation, they have teams specialized in business areas to provide a mix of support services to their clients. In fact, each customer account is assigned a project manager at the technical level and a service manager at the business level .What are the two servitization models in Hiberus?
The key to the success of Hiberus is to be a flexible company, which always adapts to the client’s needs. To achieve this, it offers two models of servitization:One model is the absolute management of the entire ecommerce project . From technical development to its launch to the public and Betting Email List  continuity (content management, promotions, customer service, etc.).The other model is that of accompanying the client’s internal team . In this case, Hiberus offers permanent support to those responsible by the client in terms of commercial management, KPI design and measurement, up-selling and cross-selling strategies, among other areas.
What impact do B2B alliances have on generating demand?
Hiberus has established commercial alliances with the best positioned ecommerce platform manufacturers in the world market (SAP, Salesforce, Magento, Drupal, Liferay, among others). Part of the benefits of these agreements is that these corporations send high quality leads to Hiberus . That is, customer accounts that need the services of a technology partner.How does the technical department influence business success?
At Hiberus they have 100% specialized technicians in each of the leading brands in the market mentioned above. Thus, by having certified equipment in all these cutting-edge technologies, the company manages to meet the needs of many types of high-level clients, which allows it to gain a greater market share compared to its competition. The key is to focus and specialize in as many of the most powerful tools as possible, leaving out the least performing ones.Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like t.You can also check all the episodes of Marketing Leaders here.If you have any questions or have any questions for Charo or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so that they can solve them for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form.


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