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Podcast # 1 – Content is King … Now Branding!


Podcast # 1 – Content is King … Now Branding!

Marketing Leaders begins today !, The InboundCycle podcast designed for those who want to meet the marketers behind the most successful strategies.In each episode, lasting about 15 minutes, Pau Valdés (CEO and co-founder of InboundCycle) interviews a recognized marketing leader to tell us what his most effective strategies have been and which ones have not brought him the results he expected . Thus, we want to explore the strategic formulas that have already been tested in the market.Our goal is to give you powerful pills on experiments and discoveries by the brightest minds in Hispanic active us phone numbers .In this first episode, Content is King … and now so is Brand! , Oriol Bel, Marketing Director of InboundCycle, explains in detail how he has helped the pioneer inbound marketing agency in Spain and Latin America to grow more and more, and how other companies can repicate the keys to this success.Listen on Spotify ❘ Listen on iVoox ❘ Listen on Apple PodcastsInbound marketing is a strategy sometimes surrounded by myths and paradigms , but when it comes to marketing, not all is said or done. Oriol Bel and his team have promoted inbound with collateral strategies and have demystified certain beliefs about content marketing.


In this podcast, Pau and Oriol tell you about:1. Quality vs. quantity: what to focus on when starting to create content?When starting a business blog, achieving a high volume of content is very important. In those cases we can sacrifice perfection, but not quality!2. Inbound vs. advertising: does online advertising have a place in inbound marketing?They are two very different strategies and each has its limitations, but by using them boldly in a complementary way we can get the best of both.3. Predictive lead scoring: a great promise that had no futureTrends or “booms” are not always a guarantee of success. As Betting Email List we can experiment with everything, but without trusting anything. There are no magic tools or strategies.4. Branding as an SEO factor: is it possible to outperform the big brands?Google’s algorithms value the reputation of brands when positioning content. We must learn, then, how to beat the big brands when it comes to SEO.Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.If you have any questions or you have any questions for Oriol or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so that they can solve it for you.If you want us to notify you of each new chapter of the Marketing Leaders podcast, subscribe in the following form and we will send you a message every time we have news that may interest you.

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