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Pinterest: the network of a thousand ideas


Pinterest: the network of a thousand ideas

Pinterest is a kind of google of inspiration. In this network you can find ideas to decorate your room, your bathroom or any space that you feel needs another air.

The network works based on “boards” that are a kind of folders where you keep everything that interests you. And based on that, the Bolivia Phone Number List is delivering content similar to your searches.

The other peculiarity of this network is that for example, if you want to go for walks during the weekend and take good photos, here you can look for inspiration and surely you will find places that have not yet been explored and that are waiting for you to free yourself from the burden. Another option is in case you want to learn something, about decoration, crafts and everything your mind can imagine.

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Pinterest in numbers

Currently, the platform already has more than 250 million users who are waiting to hunt down their next idea. And although in Spain, it is not as popular as the rest of the world there are 22% of active users of the Betting Email List , but if we go to world figures according to an IAB study, Pinterest already has more than six million users.

One of the latest updates of the network is a perfect focus for advertisers and brands, since through the Lens, a way that allows you to search the network for a similar product only by focusing on it with the mobile camera.

Although this network does not enjoy as exponential growth as in its beginnings, it is expected that it will continue to be a great bank of ideas.

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