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Phones and smartphones, more to search and compare than to buy


Phones and smartphones, more to search and compare than to buy

Mobile phones have become an essential tool to buy, but maybe not in the way you think. And is that despite the growth of m-commerce, only 7% of consumers would choose to make a purchase via mobile compared to other devices such as tablets or computers, according to data from YouGov and Ampersand. In a world where most companies understand conversion as sales, these numbers paint a bleak picture. But the truth is that mobiles do help to convert, only that the conversion does not happen on the device itself. Here again, it is essential to talk about a customer journey that is multi-channel, especially if we take into account that the mobile is a device very prone to china phone number . Thus, more than half of the respondents had used the mobile to find information about the location or hours of a store, and 37% had investigated a product on the mobile with the aim of buying it later using a different device. How can retailers improve conversion?


As we said, the main thing is to change the idea of ​​conversion; Brands should not think about how to make the purchase finalize on this same device, but rather a broader strategy must be devised that revolves around how to improve the mobile experience so that the purchase is completed, regardless of the channel. .And for this, the main thing, without a doubt, is to have a website with a mobile-friendly design. And here, most of the companies analyzed approve: only 11% lack a resposive Betting Email List .Beyond that, we must take into account the needs of the consumer and offer the information they need in a simple way: the information about the location of the stores and the opening hours must appear clearly on the websites and mobile apps, and many companies are not. According to the same study, there are 12% of stores that do not publish information on the opening hours and 39% that do not offer geolocation services. In addition, more than a third of the stores that do have a store locator have it hidden in a hidden menu, and 20% in the footer. By not offering that classic information, they are sabotaging the conversion on other channels.Another area that consumers find very useful is information on the availability of products in store, but only 23% of stores offer this service in its mobile version.But the mobile is not only used to start a customer journey that will culminate in the physical store, but also to investigate products that will later be purchased from the computer. And for this, it is essential to allow the user to save products or create lists that can later be retrieved from other devices, something that only 41% of the analyzed stores offer.And although we must bear in mind that due to the use we make of the mobile (during the day, in dead minutes, to entertain ourselves, while we do other things, with interruptions) it is very likely that we prefer to complete the purchase at another time and device, too You have to work to offer a good experience to the customer who does want to finish the purchase via mobile.Problems such as the difficulty to write in the miniforms or to see the products in detail are still common when buying on the smartphone. There are many who do not propose solutions such as specific keyboards (40%) or zooms on the products (49%).The mobile is also used while we are in the storeThe smartphone accompanies us throughout the purchase process, even when we are already in the store itself and, in theory, we do not need it at all. The truth is that a study by HookLogic and Market Tree showed how the use of mobile phones in stores was in full growth, as consumers searched online for information in real time. Thus, 71% use the mobile to compare prices with other stores, and 60% to see opinions about the product they want to buy.at almost half of consumers close their purchases on a different device than the one they use to research products.


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