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Personalization and security will set the e-Commerce trends in 2016


Personalization and security will set the e-Commerce trends in 2016

Electronic commerce has grown again in Spain according to data extracted from the Annual Study on B2C Electronic Commerce 2014 (2015 edition) presented by the ONTSI (National Observatory of Telecommunications and the SI). According to these figures, B2C online commerce has risen in Spain by 11.3% with a total of 16,259 million euros. Although these figures represent growth, the estimated increase in turnover is lower than in previous years, where it reached 18% and 13.4% in 2013 and 2012 respectively.verage spending per buyer has also increased and stands at € 876 per person. It is estimated that the rise in this and two other variables will result in a growth of 11.3%. Thus, the number of Internet www canada phone number , which is estimated at 29.9 million euros, and the increase in online shoppers, which would now reach 18.6 million euros, have also influenced.Taking these data into account, Jordi Vives, Country Manager at Trusted Shops, points out that “Online users will continue to grow in number this 2016.” Likewise, Vives points out that “Today’s online shoppers have a great shopping experience. on the internet, in addition, we will see how in the coming months the offer will expand with the acquisition of more diverse products ”



Vives envisions a very positive horizon for online sales this new year. The most purchased by Internet users in 2014 were transport tickets with 43%; followed by clothing, accessories and sports articles that reached 39%. In third place are the reservations of accommodation and tourist packages (37.4%) that in previous years had been the most purchased by Internet users. Vives also assures that “Electronic commerce in Spain has a positive and stable growth rate and for it to continue like this and even increase, businesses must become more involved in the online channel.Likewise, Vives analyzes the market and shares what will be the main trends in electronic commerce during 2016:Personalization thanks to big data: Data analysis helps provide a personalized offer based on buyer behavior. In this way, users receive information that really interests them and is Betting Email List to their needs. In addition, it must be borne in mind that there is no single online buyer profile, in fact, in the coming years it will be increasingly diverse, something very much for e-Commerce, since this way they will have a wider range to target.Buyers value website security: The number of buyers who value that a store adheres to a quality seal has increased. Safety when buying online is a fact that consumers value very positively.
Device adaptability: More and more users are accessing web pages from different devices, so if the web is not responsive, the only thing it will do is hinder the user experience, which can lead to cart abandonment. and get penalized by Google at the same time. By adapting the web pages, the customer experience will be improved, so that sales will be more satisfactory and customers will repeat.
Importance of RR.SS and customer evaluations: Social networks are fully integrated in the day to day, and as it cannot be otherwise, they are also in electronic commerce. In addition, it must be taken into account that users often resort to corporate channels in case of doubt. The RRSS allow to personalize the service that is offered to the consumers so it is a way to retain them and have a direct deal with the client. In the same way, customer ratings will become important in the store itself. The opinions of other users are very important for customers, so creating a space for them is something very positive for online stores.
Strengthen the presence of e-Commerce: The first shopping channel for Internet users are stores that only have an online presence, so merchants have seen an opportunity in their presence on the web. Buyers often also turn to e-Commerce that have a physical establishment, so the alliance between both channels can become the best asset for entrepreneurs. In addition, you have to be aware that omnichannel is a reality. In this way, the trust provided by offline shopping is unified with the convenience offered by purchasing over the internet.
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