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Personal CRM: The future of Social Relations?


Personal CRM: The future of Social Relations?

What is CRM?
Let’s start from the definition of a CRM from marketing: it is a customer management solution, mainly aimed at managing business relationships, New Zealand B2B Phone List , after-sales service and customer service. These tools will be in charge of collecting, analyzing and categorizing relevant customer data, allowing the brand to allocate actions to improve customer service and potential customers. Likewise, customer service functions help to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction, resulting in a positive impact on recurring and cross-sales.

How does this look in the realm of social relations?
Since it became clear what a CRM is and what it is for, how would this tool be raised in a personal sphere? Today there are some CRMs for personal use and are called PRM (as indicated by its acronym in English, Personal Relationship Management ). These platforms allow users to record the information of their personal relationships; from activities carried out with family, friends, debts, pending gifts to be made, task management, among many other possibilities. It is as if it were a personal assistant, but at a more advanced level of detail, since it seeks to improve and strengthen relationships with the social circle.

With a personal CRM we will be receiving updates and notifications to connect more with our friends, family and closest acquaintances. Here is an example:

Ask Francisco how he is doing with the delivery of the TFM for this June 23.


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Remember: you are requesting Spanish citizenship in order to formally apply to your job.
Warning: he had a skating accident a few months ago and broke his knee.
Keep in mind that Josefina will have her tonsils operated on next Friday, June 26.

Alert: she broke up with her boyfriend in March and she’s not in very good spirits.
Carlos has been looking for a flat for 2 weeks.

Remember: you are also looking for a drone on sale.
It also helps you remember key details about people you have just met and who can be of great use in the future:

Beatriz: loves Italian cuisine, does yoga, works in a law firm and has two cats.
They are an infinite amount of details almost impossible to remember by oneself that, in the end, will help to build a stronger connection with the friends and acquaintances with whom we are interested in connecting.

The PRM Monica is one of these exponents of personal CRM.

What will happen in the future 5G?
Now, if we highlight everything that is coming with the 5G revolution , we will be facing an immense possibility of innovative ideas that, Betting Email List  without a doubt, will change the way we live. The amount of data that can be captured and used in real time is unimaginable. We will see it with the implementation of the IoT ( Internet of Things ) in many of the objects that we use in our day to day, radically changing the way we relate to our environment in everyday life.

6 steps towards you
Let us put in evidence the theory of the 6 degrees of separation ; it says that absolutely all people in the world are connected by a chain of acquaintances. More than 11 years ago, this theory was proven by Microsoft’s research department , where they analyzed 30 billion electronic conversations from approximately 180 million people from a wide variety of countries around the world. As a result, they found that the minimum number of contacts in the chain to connect each person in the 180 million sample is 6 contacts.

Putting this theory in context and taking into account the rapid evolution of technology and communications, the following question is proposed: what if, with the mixture of a personal CRM and 5G technology, we could meet and connect with anyone of the world?

Let’s take an “exaggerated” example of just 4 connections to see how it might work. Alejandra tells her PRM that she wants to meet Rosalía . The platform will collect all the existing information and in real time to show the following result:

Rosalía works with Raül , her music producer. Raül is Alberto’s cousin ; the 29-year-old red-haired man you met on August 30 for your friend Claudia’s birthday , with whom you go almost every Thursday at 6:30 pm to have a beer at the tapas bar on the corner of your house . Alberto lives very close to your house and he usually goes on Saturdays around 10 am to have a coffee at the CARGO Café bar.

If you go on Saturday at that time you can meet him “by chance” and start a conversation with him, because they already know each other about Claudia’s birthday. Alberto is a fan of good coffee and cooking, which is why he frequents the Cargo Café. If you praise the local coffee and good food, you can connect with him immediately and create a good friendship.

Once you know Alberto, you will eventually become friends with Raül, since he is very close with Alberto and they see each other almost every Thursday to play poker and cook. After a few months of friendship with Raül, you will have enough confidence to ask him to invite you to a recording session, and finally, you will meet Rosalía … and who knows, suddenly you will also get a boyfriend Alberto, who is still single than you.

Today the approach of this proposal seems absurd, but in these times where technology advances faster and faster, cookie policies and the use of data will fall short for everything that can be done within the reach of a click. This is a futuristic vision in the great style of Black Mirror , where what today we call stalker behavior , could become the future and the new normal of social relationships.

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