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Pau Valdés at # INLeaders19 explains the results of the EIM18


Pau Valdés at # INLeaders19 explains the results of the EIM18

Continuing with the summaries about the Inbound Leaders 2019 event , this time I bring you the preview of the talk “Results of the Inbound Marketing Study 2018” , developed by Pau Valdés , CEO and co-founder of belgium phone number .In his presentation, Pau explains in a very practical way what the results obtained in the 2018 Inbound Marketing Study are due to, an analytics project that, due to its depth, is the only one of its kind in the entire Spanish-speaking market.But what can Pau tell us about the past Inbound Leaders 2019 event? Let’s look at a short interview in which he notes that all the talks at the event were designed to attackthe main marketing pain points that modern companies have:Most companies want to obtain results already in the first months of implementing an inbound strategy, but, as Pau mentions, the word “results” is subjective. For some businesses, getting 30,000 visits is a good result, but for others, a good result is 3 million visits .



For this reason, the EIM18 arises , a study that offers a real and proven forecast of what are the results that can be obtained with inbound marketing, according to the business model of each organization and the sector to which it belongs.Here are some of the most revealing ideas from the talk “Results of the Inbound Marketing Study 2018” by Pau Valdés. Surely you have ever considered them!Is it necessary to execute an inbound marketing strategy?
Pau explains that all online platforms are striving to reduce the organic reach of web pages and blogs. For example:YouTube cuts video descriptions just before links to external sites.
LinkedIn limits the scope of posts that contain links to external content.Google is Betting Email List its zero click results to the maximum. Thus, users see exactly the information they are looking for in the SERP, without having to visit the web pages that appear there.
These large companies want users to remain browsing within their own platforms, and not to visit your website . Inbound marketing is proving to be the most powerful strategy to counteract this phenomenon, and we can see this in the Results of the 2018 Inbound Marketing Study .Do you want to be aware of the latest news from Inboound Leaders 2020? Sign up in this form!
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What does the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018” contribute to companies?
The objective of EIM18 is to answer the three questions most often asked by decision makers when investing in an inbound strategy, when considering the idea. And they are the following:How long will it take to get results?
How many leads will I get?
How many sales am I going to close?
To answer them, in InboundCycle we carried out, together with The art of measuring , a rigorous analysis of 59 inbound marketing projects that we executed from 2016 to 2018. These projects belong to companies of different sizes (startups, SMEs and large companies), with different models business (B2C and B2B) and the following sectors :

How long will it take to get results with inbound marketing?
All inbound projects, executed correctly, achieve sustained and unstoppable growth semester after semester. However, results vary depending on business models and business sectors.For example, our B2C projects got more than 86,000 visits in the first half and then reached more than 1 million visits in the fourth . In contrast, B2B got more than 18,000 visits in the first half and then more than 370,000 in the fourth .Although the numbers change, the growth trend is the same.Other factors that impact the growth of organic visits are the following:Competition in the market: if you are in a sector where there are huge companies dominating the market, growth is slower.
Market language: organic growth in the Hispanic market is faster than in the Anglo-Saxon.
Content creation culture: If each company does not consistently generate content, growth will be very slow or nil.
Domain authority: if the project has a very recent web page, the domain authority will be 0, so the growth will be slow at first; then it speeds up.How many leads are you going to get with inbound marketing?
In the EIM18 downloadable you can see the total number of leads that we have obtained in the different projects analyzed. However, to understand the data, Pau highlights the importance of distinguishing between what is known as registration and MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), being the MQL the one that is really qualified for sales.For both records and MQL, the same thing happens as with organic visits. The trend in inbound projects is that all visits, registrations and MQLs are increasing month by month , as long as the conversion tactics are managed correctly.The interesting thing about this is that, as time goes by, the CPL or cost per lead is less and less . Therefore, inbound is the only marketing formula that, using the same resources from month to month, achieves higher , cheaper and better end results .How many sales are you going to close thanks to inbond marketing?
In most cases, it is very difficult for inbound marketing agencies to manage final sales data. This is mainly due to the following three factors:Lack of communication: the sale is a process that is usually executed by each company, and not the agency. The obstacle is that many companies do not want to reveal the amount of sales achieved thanks to inbound.
Attribution criteria difference: when should a sale be attributed to inbound marketing and when to an Ads campaign running in parallel? Some companies take into account the first user-company interaction. Others, the last.
Difficulty in the systems: there are clients who do not integrate their CRM systems with the inbound project, so it is not possible to monitor any attribution criteria.
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So what is the solution to be able to control final sales?At InboundCycle, what we often do is execute inbound sales projects . In this way, the sales process is the responsibility of the agency.The most interesting thing about the presentation is that Pau has explained very relevant data, analysis and trends that cannot be found in the EIM18 downloadable .If you want to delve into all the points summarized in the article, access the full recording of the presentation in this Udemy content .As you will see, the level of expertise in Inbound Leaders 2019 was tremendous. If this was our previous edition, imagine how amazing our Inbound Leaders 2020 will be .If you have any questions about growth forecasts with inbound marketing or about the event , we encourage you to leave them in the comments section to solve them.Finally, if you want to be up to date on the rescheduling of Inbound Leaders 2020 due to COVID-19 , subscribe in the following form and we will send you a message when we have news that may interest you. You add up?

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