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Parents’ Guide to Instagram Download it!


Parents’ Guide to Instagram Download it!

A guide created by Instagram and external collaborators, experts in security and emotional development
What will you find in this content?
What do teens use Instagram for?
Instagram guide for parents
Manage privacy
Manage interactions
Manage comments
Manage time
See your activity
Mute Push Notifications
You are up to date
Instagram glossary … for dads
Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for teens. If we had to define it in one sentence, we would say that it is a social media application for sharing photos, videos, and messages. The minimum age to have an Instagram Venezuela Phone Number List is 13 years old… and if you are reading this, you probably have children… why else would you look for an Instagram Guide for parents?You can download the Parenting Guide to Instagram in PDF or take a look at the note.

What do teens use Instagram for?
Do teens use Instagram to celebrate big milestones, share everyday moments, stay in touch with friends and family, create supportive communities, follow influencers, and meet other people who share their passions and interests.If it sounds so innocuous and fun, why make an Instagram Guide for Parents? It is simple. From various research, it is possible to know that many parents have concerns related to the safety of their teenage children on the internet and it must be admitted, kids are rebellious and secretive at this age and it can be difficult to understand what they do on the internet and why they spend so much time on their phones.It’s hard to know how to have an open conversation with teens and keep them safe while we ourselves, as adults, learn to navigate this environment.

The people on Instagram are no different from you or me and they share these concerns, which is why they created this guide.We feel a great responsibility to make sure Instagram is a positive community where teens can connect and share, and we want you as a parent to feel informed and have
the tools to help guide them. Instagram Instagram guide for parents Regardless of whether or not your child shares what he sees on Instagram (which is ideal for him to do so), there are several tips that you can share with him to protect him. Take note!Manage privacy You can share various tools with your teen so they have more control over their identity and presence. One of the first things you should discuss with your teen is whether their account will be public or private. Making sure teens understand that they can control who can see and interact with the content they post online will allow them to feel like they can be themselves on Instagram.Account privacy The first decision you can make with your teen is whether the
account will be public or private. If the account is private, you can approve people who can follow you and remove followers at any time.

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Having a private account means that the content is only visible to people who are approved. If the account is public, anyone can view the content published in the feed, Stories or Live, and follow the account without approval. If your teen has a public account, they can make it private at any time, as well as make it private to public. You can also remove followers, choose who can comment, and more. You can also turn off the “Show activity status” option so that your friends cannot see when you are online.
Block unwanted interactionsYour teen can block accounts they don’t want to interact with. This prevents those people from viewing or commenting on your posts, stories, or live broadcasts. When an account is blocked, that person does not receive a notification. Accounts can be blocked at any time.Instagram guide for parents Manage interactions Bullying is not supported in any way on Instagram, and creating an account, posting photos or making comments to harass or bully a person is against the policies. Make sure your teen knows that if they see an account, photo, video, comment, message, or story that claims to harass or bully someone, they can report it from the app.To do this, you need to touch “…” in the upper right corner of the post or profile, swipe left on the comment or touch and hold the message, and then touch “Report”. The reports are completely anonymous. Your teen’s information is not shared with the person who reported it.

Manage comments
Your teen controls who can comment on their photos or videos. In
the “Comment Controls” section of the application settings, you can choose to allow comments from anyone, from people you follow and their followers, only from people you follow, or only from your followers. You can also delete comments from your posts.Block comments and accounts
Teens can block accounts they don’t want to interact with. Comments from blocked accounts will not be displayed. Teens can disable comments on all posts or on individual posts.Instagram guide for parents
Filter Comments Controls are in place to help manage the content you see and determine when a comment is offensive or is intended to bully or harass a person. Instagram develops filters that automatically remove offensive words and phrases and bullying comments.Your teen can also create their own list of words or emojis that they don’t want to show in the comment section of their posts. To do this, you must go to “Filters” in the “Comment Controls” section.Manage time When it comes to spending time on Instagram, there are no right or wrong answers as to how long is too much or how long is adequate. There are several tools that can help you understand and control the time your teen spends on the app. You can work together to decide what is the right balance for your family.See your activity
The “Your Activity” panel shows the teen how much time they spent on Instagram the day and the previous week, as well as the average time they spent on the app. The teen can tap and hold the blue bars to see how much time they spent on Instagram on any particular day.

Schedule Reminder
Your teen can use daily reminders to limit
the time they spend on Instagram. Talk to your child about how they feel about using the app. Does it make sense when they don’t get that much in return? Setting a daily reminder together can be a good way to talk about your teen’s use of Instagram throughout the day Mute Push Notifications Your teen can use the “Mute Push Notifications” feature to mute Instagram notifications for a period of time. When the preset time expires, the notifications return to their normal settings without having to do it manually.
You are up to date Teens may feel pressured to see all their friends’ posts and interact with them. When they scroll through all the posts in their feed made since they last connected, they will see the message “You are up to date”.This way they will know that they are up to date with the news from their friends and their communities.Instagram guide for dads

10 Questions to Help You Talk to Your Teen
Instagram partnered with Ana Homayoun, social media and education expert, psychologist, and author of Social Media Wellness to create a set of ten questions, in addition to the parenting guide for Instagram, that you can use to lead the conversation with your child ) teenager on Instagram.The intention is that you use them to learn more about the adolescent’s use of the platform and to ensure that it is positive.What do you like about Instagram?What would you like me to know about Instagram?
What are the five Instagram accounts that you like the most to follow?
What things do you think about before posting something on Instagram?
If you have multiple Instagram accounts, what do you share on each one?
How do likes and comments affect the way you feel about a post?
Do you know your followers? (If your teen has a private account, ask how they decide who follows.) What do you do when someone you don’t know tries to contact you with a direct message?
What do you think about the amount of time you spend on the internet?
Have you ever felt uncomfortable with something you saw or experienced on the internet?
What would you do if you saw one person bullying another on Instagram? (Are you familiar with Instagram’s offensive comment filter and reporting tools?)
parent’s guide to Instagram – inclusion
Instagram glossary … for dads
To block”Block” is a tool that teens can use if someone bothers them on Instagram. When they block someone, the other person does not receive a notification, but will no longer be able to interact with them.

A comment is a reaction to the content that a person posts on Instagram. Comments are displayed below posts on the teen feed and can include words or emojis.Community StandardsInstagram wants to promote a diverse, inclusive and positive community. Everyone who uses Instagram must adhere to the Community Guidelines, which are designed to create a safe and open environment for everyone. These include various guidelines, such as the prohibition of nudity and hate speech. Failure to follow these Rules may result in content removal, account disabling, or other restrictions.DirectInstagram Direct is where teens can send individual or group messages to each other. They can also share photos and videos with the people they message.To exploreThe “Explore” section is where teens view photos and videos of accounts and tags that may interest them. This section is different for each teenager, since the content changes according to the accounts and hashtags that each one follows.FeedThe feed is where teens can see posts from the accounts they follow. Teens often view feed posts as more special or festive, and these can be photos or videos.Instagram report for parents
IGTVIGTV is a place to watch vertical videos for up to an hour. Teens can find videos from their favorite creators and post longer content. IGTV is an independent application, as well as a section within Instagram.LIVE AND VideoChat
Teens can live stream and share content with their followers in real time. When they go live, they can invite friends to join, host a live session together, leave comments, or send hearts. They can also video chat on Direct with up to four people.

A post refers to the multimedia content that teens show in their feeds or Stories, be it videos or photos. Profile The teens’ Instagram profile is where their friends and followers find their posts and access their stories. It also includes personal data. If the teens’ profile is private, only their personal data and their main profile picture can be viewed.report Reporting is a way for teens to tell Instagram that a post,
account, or comment is inappropriate. They can report any post or comment they think violates our Community Guidelines.Stories Stories disappear from the app after 24 hours, unless teens activate the archive, which makes expired stories available only to them. They can then share themin the featured stories. Anyone who can view your teen’s stories can take a screenshot of the content.For more tools like this parenting guide for Instagram or other resources that can help you discuss healthy social media habits with your teen, visit parents. instagram.com .If you want to keep up to date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create better brands , develop digital communication strategies , you can receive the contents at the door of your mail …And if you need training in digital Betting Email List or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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