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Organic positioning: SEO


Organic positioning: SEO

Learn from the voice of Professor Luis Gasca why it is important for digital marketing professionals to know about this topic.
Companies, agencies and professionals in the digital world are increasingly aware of the importance of a good SEO strategy and the need to know how search engines work without being influenced by various “magic tools” or “revolutionary systems” of doubtful effectiveness. . Luis Gasca , SEO & Web Analytics at RACC , has helped us to lay the foundations of a good knowledge about how search engines work; know what is really important for the positioning of a brand and what Google penalizes the most and that will be very counterproductive if you want to reach a target audience through name of customer using mobile number . Video player Search engines give the possibility of entering the home of your potential client thanks to satisfying the needs of their search , but you need a good strategy to achieve it and always under the “legality” of Google.
Next, the professor explains the key points of the sessions in the master and shares an important reflection on the SEO world:
LuisGasca4“In class we have seen how search engines work and the key elements to position : Accessibility, Indexability, Relevance, Importance, Panda, Penguin and all the other factors. From there, we have worked the most important thing to manage a project.


I suppose that the majority of people who leave this master’s degree are not going to be the ones who are working exclusively in SEO; however, they must have a good understanding of what factors serve to position or not when managing a project correctly . They must be clear about the metrics that they have to measure in cases of success.In the SEO world , in the end there are many agencies, a lot of ‘charlatan’ who have Betting Email List methodologies; that sells tools that do ‘nonsense’ (like automatic links or things like that) and that don’t make any sense. In the end, what I have seen in my short professional career is that there are very good managers in digital projects, but the ignorance of technical things and how things work, lead them to guide teams on the wrong paths.The approach that I want to give in the class is that they have above all the nose to know what are the factors that they can improve within their website to gain traffic and above all to evaluate suppliers and people within their team to be able to do so. We have seen tools and technical elements … and in the end SEO is not complicated to do, but rather a lot of basic things that anyone on the web can do, but you have to know how to prioritize; as there are so many tools, so many factors, not prioritizing work is often one of the things that kill SEO projects . “

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