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Online platforms for sustainable mobility in Barcelona


Online platforms for sustainable mobility in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a level of pollution higher than that recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and this means a serious Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List problem for its inhabitants and the tourists who come to visit the city.

On the one hand, there is a pollution problem with too many emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and for this reason a nebula is contracted in the air of Barcelona, ​​which is still a bubble of polluting gases. According to a study carried out by the Consistory, the reduction of suspended particles would prevent about 650 deaths per year in the city. For this reason, I believe it is convenient to help and contribute to the sustainable mobility of my city.

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On the other hand, there is a problem of too much traffic of polluting vehicles in Barcelona that causes an oversaturation of traffic in the city, unleashing stress and chaos on the city’s inhabitants and that also leads to high pollution due to the use of vehicles that use gasoline or diesel.

For these reasons, more and more online platforms for sustainable Betting Email List appear in Barcelona to help reduce these problems. Some of these platforms, or the most popular ones, are Ecooltra, Scoot, Mobike, Donkey Republic, Yego, Coup, Movo and Reby. But I’m only going to focus on two of them, since I’m a user and I can speak about the experience in the first person: Ecooltra and Reby.

Ecooltra is an online platform for renting electric scooters in Barcelona that charges you per minute of travel. It is a very good way to get around Barcelona, ​​enjoy it and feel free.

Reby is also an online rental platform, but instead of electric scooters, it is electric scooters. It is also another way to get around Barcelona.
Thanks to all these and other entrepreneurial initiatives, we are helping to reduce the 2 main problems of the city of Barcelona: the high level of pollution and the excessive traffic of polluting vehicles.

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